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  1. The Bell Jar

    skeptical of another nurse

    Update: she ended up getting fired.....
  2. The Bell Jar

    Med error during a code

    Like another poster said, don't beat yourself up about it. You sound like you have very supportive co-workers.
  3. The Bell Jar

    Running low on soap

    I worked in a place once where we had to beg admin for each trash bag,because someone was 'stealing' them. You had to give a detailed explanation of where you used your last trash bag you were given. I found it degrading actually. Also they only had body soap for hands,body and hair. And no barrier creams lotions etc.They counted on the nurses buying it.These places just take advantage of everyone from the patient to the nurse.
  4. The Bell Jar

    skeptical of another nurse

    I'm going to talk to someone about it. I would have never left this person if they were totally alone with the patient. There was a family member spending the night.And a facility charge nurse who did rounds and had control of the med cart keys. I'm afraid of what might happen if this person was sent to someones house and there was nobody watching her......
  5. The Bell Jar

    skeptical of another nurse

    That's what I was wondering if somehow this person was sleep deprived. But still not a good situation. Actually every other nurse from this agency has been really wonderful,maybe thats why I'm so shocked. Also,this person did not seem to grasp what PRN meant and I had to explain it. No I don't really have a 'strong' relationship with management, because I'm new. BUT I've been a nurse for several years.
  6. The Bell Jar

    skeptical of another nurse

    I don't even know what to do, if anything at all. The on coming nurse -a nurse whom I've never met comes into the patients room, and announces to the family and myself that she is from XYZ agency and that she works 24 hour shifts. The family is shocked are like "how is that even legal?" And she didn't say anything and I said " Um maybe she means 12 hr shifts (the scheduled shift)" She was like "oh I guess that's what I meant." This nurse was supposed to replace me for one on one nursing. Things got weirder when she expressed that she didn't know what the pulse oximeter was. I showed it to her. This agency says they require 6 months experience.I'm seriously asking...do some schools not have these in clinicals? Then I was trying to give report at the bedside on this patient (family had left the room). This had been a 13 hr shift for me at this point.I was giving it succinctly and SHE INTERUPPTED ME and said that she was going to put her stuff in the break room.....downstairs....across the building.AND that she needed to introduce herself to all staff on duty. I was just shocked! She wandered off... and the family wanted my attention and I had other things to chart. When she came back she began doing a full set of vitals and I thought okay,maybe things will be OK......then she yelled "I need someone to write these vitals down STAT!!!" On a peacefully sleeping elderly patient. Um remember them or write them down on a scrap piece of paper like everyone else? Then she wanted to write her notes in military time, and asked me how to do it. I explained to her how to do it, but she still struggled with the 'math' of it. Next she began asking me what descriptive words to use in an assessment. I'm not joking it was like she had never done even a basic assessment.She kept asking me what would I write.....we're talking LTC not an ICU. There is more but I'll leave it here. Am I getting old and crochety or is this cause for concern. There was something 'off' about this person. I really want to say something to the agency but WHAT? I know how small nursing circles are and I don't want this to come back and bite me in the you know what.I just feel that the agency needs to know the situation, because like I said, there is more. On the other hand, these types usually disappear or get fired quickly, should I say nothing and let things take their course?Mind my own business?
  7. The Bell Jar

    Mo to Tx licensure endorsement question

    Ok I've been on the phone with the Texas BON for on hour and cant get through.My question is that my current primary state licensure is in Mo.I got a job offer in Tx while still living in Mo.I am applying for a permanent license in Tx.They say you must declare Tx as your primary state of residence in order to get a permanent license. But it says you can only list the state where you vote,pay taxes,and have a drivers license as your primary state -which is Mo for me. The FAQ states that if you live in another state and are moving to Tx and wish to apply for a permanent license-you should start the app one to two months before moving there.So what do I do?That obv entails stating my primary state as Tx right? Just declare Tx as my primary state now because I will get a Tx drivers license,vote,and pay taxes once moving there?I think I read somewhere they may require proof now......
  8. I need help with these problems and the book and websites like purplemath.com are confusing me even more. 1) 2x+3y=6 8x= -12y+24 2) x-4y=6 3x-12y=16 3) y=3/4x-2 3x-4y=8 4) x=y+8 3x+7x=-16 5) 2x+5y=0 5x=4y
  9. The Bell Jar

    A&P I ......3x!?!?!?

    contact your school,some have rules that you can only take it twice...and some do not have any.
  10. The Bell Jar

    Other Students Repeatedly Asking me for things....

    ok,I have to ask...what does muffin man mean?
  11. The Bell Jar

    85% > required in A&P for RN school

    I guess at least I've seen this material before.Also,they are giving me credit for nursing classes,so thats good at least.
  12. The Bell Jar

    85% > required in A&P for RN school

    I got greater than an 85 the first time but it wasnt a class the college would accept because my teacher of A&P in LPN school didnt have a masters
  13. The Bell Jar

    85% > required in A&P for RN school

    My college has just changed their requirements Spring semester that you must have an 85% or greater in Anatomy and Physiology to get admitted to the RN program.It used to be 79%. I took it in LPN school and they are making me retake it this semester because mine "wasnt in depth enough" and my LPN teacher didnt have a masters degree.I am dying over here. ETA:I became an LPN at a vo tech with no pre reqs needed.(Thats why I have to take these now)
  14. The Bell Jar

    Too Many Docs, Not Enough Nurse Volunteers in Haiti

    oh Cammer-I was being sarcastic.Perhaps I should have added this ------->
  15. The Bell Jar

    Too Many Docs, Not Enough Nurse Volunteers in Haiti

    Chaya-well thats what I was wondering,why cant they if its an emergency and they're already there...
  16. The Bell Jar

    Too Many Docs, Not Enough Nurse Volunteers in Haiti

    I don't have the time off from work,nor can I afford it-to volunteer in Haiti.I wish I did,but I don't.

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