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  1. TazziRN

    Caught stealing drugs

    yep.......i was caught in a routine pharmacy audit. my coworkers were stunned.
  2. TazziRN

    parents please talk to your teens

    A lay person has a sat monitor?
  3. TazziRN


    No, she was pretty much dead when she got hit, there was nothing that would have saved her.
  4. TazziRN

    Have a question..

    Doll's eyes?
  5. TazziRN

    parents please talk to your teens

    You have a sat monitor in your car? 22% is not compatible with life. I've worked ER 19 years and I have never seen a stomach pumped for alcohol. On the flip side, a few years ago there was a teen here who went to the lake with friends, with alcohol t...
  6. TazziRN

    Caught stealing drugs

    I was caught diverting. My drug of choice was codeine. Most people who divert PO stuff choose TyCos or Vicodin. People who divert injectables often go for Demerol and Morphine.
  7. TazziRN

    Twas the night before NCLEX...

    No luck needed, you'll do it on your own merits!!! You can do this!
  8. Unfortunately ERs have learned the hard way never to believe the pt until proven otherwise. We have seen way too many Immaculate Conceptions. Any female on her menses is considered pregnant until proven otherwise.
  9. TazziRN

    And today's specials are...

    I fell into the ER by chance and stayed there for 19 years, before jumping ship and going into home health. I loved the ER and love home health.
  10. TazziRN

    I was slapped by a doctor!

    Doesn't matter where he's from, if he's practiced in the US for any length of time then he should know that we hold a dim view of slapping anyone, no matter who it is. He needs to learn right quick that slapping someone is unacceptable, and the best ...
  11. Contact the company that supplies the bags, they may know of a support group in your area. No special clothing, sorry, the only thing I can think of is wrapping gauze or a piece of material around his body under the appliance.
  12. TazziRN

    I was slapped by a doctor!

    Call the cops and file an assault report. Then file a complaint with the hospital for assault and let it be known that this will not be tolerated. Fill out an employee injury report......yes, I know that a pop like that will not result in any after e...
  13. TazziRN

    Drinking while breastfeeding?

    I'm sorry, I do not consider 2 drinks a day (I'm assuming every day?) to be "moderate".
  14. TazziRN

    Do nurses get mad when..

    Only when they get in the way or disturb the roomie
  15. TazziRN

    terminated over the phone

    Once you are no longer employed you do not have a right to the charts anymore. As for your employee file, you do have a right to see everything in there. Go for it. I was once falsely accused of diverting morphine and was on admin leave for 3 weeks w...