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  1. shippoRN

    Any current of past TJU students here?

    Hi Is there any current students or Alumni of Thomas Jefferson University (Jefferson University) CRNA program. Would like to get your thoughts/perspective on your experience. Thanks
  2. shippoRN

    Critical care to periop nursing

    Hi any critical care nurses who transitioned to the operating room? Would love to hear your experiences. Positive and negative.
  3. Hi Is anyone attending NYU or Stony Brook University's masters in nursing education program and can give some insight?
  4. shippoRN


    Hi everyone its been awhile (years) since Ive posted. Just curious if anyone here is in Pbisn RN-BSN program?
  5. shippoRN

    NELRP 2014

    Agreed nurse1959 why would they keep our applications down the last minute if it wasn't some sort of lottery system. But if that's the case why not tell applicants that? On the other hand myself a coworker in my unit and someone else from my hospital applied not sure if it was just the three of us or other people applied too. Either way the third people (who I don't know) got the award. So did they compare all of us, and gave it to the person with the highest DTI ratio? Very frustrating and what's worse next year the applicant pool will be double or triple.
  6. shippoRN

    NELRP 2014

    grandpaj me too. It's discouraging.
  7. shippoRN

    NELRP 2014

    Sorry grandpaj :-( just chin up and reapply next year
  8. shippoRN

    NELRP 2014

    I guess they are sending out the rejections now :-(
  9. shippoRN

    NELRP 2014

    Still under review. I've already accepted that I'm going to have to reapply in jan. :-(
  10. shippoRN

    NELRP 2014

    Been watching this thread for awhile. I found out that someone from my hospital already got accepted to the program so I don't think I'm getting it. Just wish they would tell me I'm denied and put me out of my misery.
  11. shippoRN

    Lost my dream job

    Thanks to everyone for your responses and your support. So if you had told me four and five years ago when I went to nursing school that nursing would change so drastically i would not have believed it. Right now experience doesn't matter anymore. Hospitals in my state especially are not accepting associate nurses anymore, mostly because they are trying to increase their BSN quota due to the emergence of more hospitals applying for magnet status and the whole BS in 10 situation. There are a lot of hospitals in my state that specifically are not looking at ASN anymore and make it known, and every day it seems like more and more hospitals and making decisions not to accept ASN's. Unfortunately a lot of us ASN's are getting caught in the middle of this. As far as the whole BSN completion program goes. I have only have 6 classes left to take to get the BSN ( unless they ask for something additional) i have a ton of classes from previous degrees plus my nursing degree, so nothing was stopping me other than lack of motivation and money. I submitted an application and my transcripts and am just waiting to hear, if all goes well it should take me 6 months if i stay focused, and just do what needs to be done. Its such a disappointing thing to happen to me, but maybe it was the motivation i needed to get off my butt and get it done.
  12. shippoRN

    Lost my dream job

    Tomorrow i go back to work after a well deserved vaca, and I dread it. During my break I got to interview with my dream hospital, for a dream position after two years since graduating trying to get an interview at this place I finally landed one. I prepared for this thing like my life depended on. Bought a new suit, got my hair done nails done, paper work organized, drilled myself on questions over and over and over. I was passed over because I didn't have a BSN. Devestated. Angry. Frustrated. are only a few words to describe how i feel. Going to work tomorrow knowing that I'm back at square one. I am so angry with myself for being to lazy to apply to a BSN completion program I made several attempts to, but never had any motivation to get it together. Now my motivation comes to late because I lost out on a job that I have dreamed about FOR YEARS. Wanna hear what's even more infuriating....all i need is 6 classes to get my BSN. I can't stop kicking myself over my stupidity. Now it's back to work, feeling the same anxiety and dread. The crying, the depession. Knowing i can't up and quit because I have responsibilities. how could i have been so stupid?
  13. shippoRN

    any neuro-oncology nurses

    just wondering if there are any speciality nurses who practice in neurooncology, want to know what it is like?
  14. shippoRN

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    what i wish i could say would get me banned from allnurses
  15. Not quite sure if you will need a scientific calculator, but i'd say to plan as though you'd need one. Start saving so that when class starts if your professor says you will have to get one you will already have the money to go buy it and if you don't need you'll have money to contribute to something else. Just a suggestion. Good luck.
  16. shippoRN

    First year nightmare...

    Thanks for the replys, i have friends in other hospitals trying to help me out. All i can do is hope something comes through. It's tough having an associates (or BSN) with no experience in my city. I really appreciate the support, my family doesn't understand, especially since it took me an entire year post graduation to find a job. Until something happens i just have to suck it up since I can't quit with nothing to go to. Yes its a med/surg unit. I would just like to go to work, and be happy going to work -- although I think nursing ruined me, the other part of me know it hasn't. I enjoy interacting with my patients, i enjoy getting to know them, I absolutely love love love patient teaching, I enjoy comforting them, making sure they are okay while i'm taking care of them, I take pride in it, i really do, but how can i give the best care i can when i have half the floor at times (with my preceptor of course) with no help from the support staff and so many patient's its impossible to keep track. I don't like going to work with dread and fear in my heart, i really don't. My orientation is a joke to say the least. I'll just leave it at that. Hopefully i'll be making a newer happier post in the future. cross your fingers I find something soon.