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Thedreamer has 4 years experience and specializes in PCU/Hospice/Oncology.

Im a kid at heart

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  1. Thedreamer

    Demanding resident-vent

    Some people are just nasty and miserable. Im very understanding and I dont hold it against them. Some patients have just had miserable lives and they are ending them alone in a home someplace a thousand miles from their family. If they want to complain and be demanding and needy, i say go for it. At the end of the day, you get to go home to your family and happy life, she will still be miserable there. :/
  2. Thedreamer

    Docs disrespecting RN's - from the NY Times

    Such an amazing article. I worked at a ALF facility a few years back and I was the new grad on the floor. My first day of doing rounds for my patients I noticed a wicked case of cellulitis in her right leg. I checked her medical record, turns out the Dr had given her the same ineffective medication for a month on a low dose, Dicloxacillin 50mg x 2 daily. (It comes in 250mg so how the pharmacy made this is all on them) I called him up and told him that her condition hadn't improved through all my chart hunting and from conversing with her, and when I suggested that maybe we send her out to the hospital for IV Antibiotic therapy, (Vancomycin) he told me, "You're just a nurse, do what youre told and leave the thinking to us Docs." He said her case was MILD, when obviously he hadnt seen her all month or perhaps did not listen to the reports from the other nurses. A week later guess who was sent to the hospital and then later died? Nothing ever happened to him. I reported the incident and charted everything. Guarantee you that if I had not covered my tuckus they would have tried to fry me for that one.
  3. Edited this because its an open forum. I too am in the cardio class. i can offer help of course too :) I think I have actually talked to some of you before and given some pointers. PM if youd like to get some resources or just to get a better idea of what to expect. I am also on facebook. PM me for those details too ;D
  4. Thedreamer

    Charting Bloopers

    Im an LPN student. This was a morning I was doing clinical on a med/surg floor. Report from the nurse included all the usuals, meds, dx, ect. At the end she simple said while walking away, "Oh and he REALLY likes baths!" Well after I had taken care of everything I figured I would help the CNA out and change his linens and give him a bath. He was able to ambulate quite well but requested I bed bath him. I did section by section till I got to his groin area. I then asked him if he would like to wash himself so that I didnt invade his privacy. He looked at me quite bright eyed and said, "Fella, that'll be the 4th person to play with me in years, so you go on right ahead, Ill just watch." So I charted my nursing note at the very end, "Bed bath given and thoroughly enjoyed" The RN got a kick outta that Always fun to make light of an awkward situation hehe.
  5. Thedreamer

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    @ Jessica, that was a very good story. God does work in mysterious ways!
  6. Thedreamer

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    Hey guys, I will give you my scoop: I am a very compassionate person, and it is in my nature to care for people on many levels. I am the second oldest of 6 kids. (my twin brother is the oldest) and I have three special needs adopted little brothers. I was always the sensitive one that took care of everyone else when mom needed the help. I am also the guy that the family goes to when they need any kinda of help. That is just how I have always been. A few years ago my mom got cancer, started kemo, it was bad. It was really hard seeing that going on to my mom and not being able to help in any way. She kept getting better and getting worse. Also my little brothers all needed to be taken care of med/physically while all this was going on. Needless to say, I began to start asking questions about thier meds, and ways I could treat my mom at home to help her with her problems. At the time I was in film school even though I am a math and science oriented person. With all that going on in my life, I decided it was time to switch majors so that I could learn more about what was going on with my family. I enrolled as a biology major. I was taking 6 classes of math/science/chem ect a term, while taking care of my family. By the 3rd semester I had knocked out all my math core, chem and Biology up to micro and aced them all. A friend of mine told me that since I was so caring about people and so very good at the math/science side of school that I should look into nursing. This was like one of those moments where a little lightbulb went off in my head and said "Well duh, a callings a calling, gratz on finally coming to terms with it." I went home, did some research and I just got this overwhelming feeling of "Wow, this is a job i could love!" So i started applying to nursing schools. I told my dad, who lived seperate from us, what my plans were. All he could say was, "You wanna clean asses and feed people? What kinda of a life is that?" This made my laugh. Human biology is human biology. Someone has to clean up after people, feed them, give them medications, and nurture them with caring support in order for them to get better. Thats just life and who better then me? I had to explain to my dad that those kinds of things didnt bother me because as I stated before, biology is biology. My GPA at the time was 3.6 and I got rejected for 3 terms in a row. But I wasnt going to give up. I am a plan maker, and make back up plans for my back up plans. I kept sending out applications, but in the mean time I enrolled in the local EMT program. This way I would get a taste of the field and see at the same time if i could handle the bloody stuff.(I didnt know about CNA at the time) I did my EMT, aced it, and found out that I loved this "helping people" line of work. A lot of our clinicals were in the hospital, and I would spend hours assessing PTs and talking to the nurses about this and that. I really felt very comfortable in the ER at with all that chaos around me. I learned that I work very well under pressure and stress. It really solidified my wanting to be a nurse, and a damn good one. So fast forward to now. I got my shiny EMT Certificate and took it to the local LPN program here in Broward FL. The staff at the school I applied to was amazing. I already had my AA in nursing, and EMT cert, so they let me skip the 1-2 year wait list. Also they allowed me to buy the books and take the first semester in tests and clep out of it. I passed. So now I am starting in jan. as an 2nd semester LPN student. I am SO very excited. I heard that this is a very hands on curriculum and that really excites me. My plan is to get my LPN, and then do an LPN -> RN bridge program. This will A) put me at my goal of becoming an RN. And B) I can work as an LPN IN THE FIELD till I get accepted to a RN program. and C) I heard it was much less competitive going from LPN -> RN as opposed to the full RN program. Once I get my RN I will get my BSN and then stop for a few years. I want to work with the patients and perfect my skills before I even consider moving on to anything else. This term is med/serg so it will really be a test for me, though I will be frank, I love the hospital and patient care, so I am actually looking forward to this, even though I have read that alot of nurses hate it. What kinda strikes me as funny though, is that ALOT of people I have talked to complain about having to "clean up ****." (mostly nursing studnets) Maybe it is because I am male, or because I am not squemish.. But last time I checked, total patient health care meant TOTAL patient health care. If that was my mom in the hospital bed and you were her nurse, I would want you to keep her clean, medicated, fed, and hell, shoot a smile and a kind comment here or there when you pass by her room. THAT is total patient care.. Alot of these nursing students have the idea that only "lower downs" do the dirty stuff.. Last time I checked, as you got more education, you progressed more. But we ALL start at basic hygiene and patient care. I.e. Poop, pee, and bed changing. Just because they get a shiny BSN off the bat, I guess they assume they are above it? Makes me giggle Anyways, I think that sums up everything. Im a goofball at heart. :monkeydance: - ian