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B.S in chemistry, ASN, RN, going back for BSN and CRNA

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  1. Its so true when you said that if a kid comes up and says he/she wants to be a doctor..they are applauded and encouraged. Even as an 18 or 19 year old inquiring about the medical profession..they are encouraged to do it, but if a 19 year old inquires about the nurse anesthesia profession, they would probably be grilled about their research etc etc. I dont know what it is, thats just the feeling I get from alot of the posters on here. Thats why I barely post anymore. Just sit back and handle my business quietly.
  2. jemommyRN

    CRNAs and bathroom breaks...

    When I shadowed my CRNA, there was about four or five times over a two hour period that someone peeped their head in and asked my CRNA if she wanted a little relief. She never accepted and told me that she is responsible for this patient and she wants to keep her eyes on every moment. She was actually requested to be the CRNA by the patient's mother. I see why now.
  3. jemommyRN

    I actually like being a CNA - should I become an RN?

    RN is a totally different position and although it encompasses some of the things a CNA does, its so much more that takes away from your patient interaction that you may not like it. I think you should follow an RN to see exactly whats involved before you make that huge decision.
  4. jemommyRN

    When you don't agree with the doctor.....

    I agree with this post totally. Ive called MDs to clarify if thats what they really meant and even sumtimes offer other suggestions. Usually what I get is a rationale as to why they want to use what they ordered and NOT what I was thinking. Its usually something dealing with, like you said, an extent of knowledge that I was not aware of. I find that most MDs are open to approach depending on how its suggested.
  5. jemommyRN

    TWU----OLOL-----LSU need advice!

    Congratulations on getting in! I dont really have any goods/bads about the schools but to me it seems it would be easier to accept the position where you live already so you wouldnt have to move and get acclomated to a new place if its not necessary. idk what you should do but whatever decision you make, good luck!!!!!
  6. jemommyRN

    Tired of searching for CRNA Interview Questions??

    I havent interview yet (havent even applied), but a friend of mine who got in said he was asked to tell the difference between dopamine and dobutamine and when would you use one over the other. Also, the financial preparedness question and describe the different vent settings. hope this helps. im still looking for more questions also.
  7. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I need. P.S. I do realize this was posted a couple of years ago, but still valuable information!
  8. jemommyRN

    is she RN???

    Ditto. I know a couple of people who have lied and said they are RNs. It makes no sense to me either.
  9. jemommyRN

    How did you know you REALLY should be a nurse?

    I knew that I wanted to be a nurse from the time I dropped out of nursing school. I never wanted to go to nursing school in the first place. I was supposed to be preparing myself for medical school but became weary and just graduated with my Bachelor's in Chemistry. Six months later, still not knowing what to do, i enrolled in nursing school. Then, second semester I became pregnant and withdrew and decided nursing was not for me. Well, I couldn't sleep because it became an obsession to get back into nursing school. I decided I was determined to get back in no matter what and the second time I entered nursing school I had a much bigger appreciation for it. It wasn't just for the money, like the first time. Once I finally got back in (after almost 2 years because of the storm and all) I went on to finish and never looked back. I love it!
  10. jemommyRN

    Nac I @ Csn

    This is why NACI is very different. This is what's going on with each disorder. For example, you will generally go through each system (Respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, etc) and you will discuss different disorders associated with these systems. For each disorder you will need to know: What it is (the definition, meaning patho)? What causes it? What are the risk factors? What are the signs/symptoms? How is this disease diagnosed (meaning what labs are drawn, etc)? What is done surgically to correct the problem? What complications can occur from the disease or the surgery? WHAT IS THE NURSES (CARE) RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS PATIENT? What nursing diagnosis will this patient have? This is what the big fuss is all about. Please remember ABCs and think about what you will do for this patient. Yes, you will call the MD but that is NOT the first thing you should do. What will YOU DO? Keep in mind, when you call the Dr., you already need to know the current vitals, labs, etc of the patient. An example (and this is just an EXAMPLE of the type of situation), you have a patient who begins to have difficulty breathing, (but they might not say it that way, keep that in mind) what do you do. 1. Call for help 2. Call the MD to get an order for blah, blah, blah 3. Raise the head of the bed, if not contraindicated 4. Increase the O2 via Nasal cannula to 4L/min well, you would raise the head of the bed to see if that helps. A nurse can only independently give 2L O2 so you wouldn't pick that. Maybe you would call the MD but you would do what you need to do independently to cover your ****license*****. As far as calling for help, there are things you can do before you would react in this manner. It wasn't a real question and it will be worded with a bunch more blah, blah, blah, but I hope you get the point.
  11. jemommyRN

    NOLA Student!

    if you go to charity, you could began working quicker and as you said earlier, bridge over to BSN or even RN-MSN. The hospital can then pay for you to bridge over.
  12. jemommyRN

    Great animation site to help you study!

    I will venture to say that this is the best website I've ever seen!
  13. jemommyRN

    Must learn to love the chaos!!!!

    I'm glad you posted this because I was thinking this exact same thing earlier. I wanted to plan out my day to the tee. But, that would only create more anxiety for me so I will come up with another plan.
  14. jemommyRN

    Do you have Senior-itis?!?

    Okay, now i really have. 11 days left and i just can't read one more thing!!!!
  15. jemommyRN

    Nclex Study Tip

    What did you make on the hesi? I have this disk and I won't be able to really STUDY for HESI because it's in the middle of the semester, but you just gave me a great idea about studying using this software. We have to make a 900 and I'm hoping reviewing these questions for a week or so will help.
  16. jemommyRN

    Suggestions on How to Study Using two Books

    From what I have been hearing (when people use two or more books), it seems like they are using Kaplan's (read this one first to teach you how to weed out incorrect answers and what the question is asking), then apply the strategy to Saunders (or any other book with questions)This is my understanding and this is how I plan to study.