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New fun thread. Please finish the sentence: NO she/he did not: Mine: NO SHE DID NOT WALK INTO CLASS WITH a RED THONG CLEARLY SHOWING UNDER HER UNIFORM!:smackingf... Read More

  1. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Quote from Julielpn
    No she did not....
    put medication in a deceased residents mouth and walk away....

    Happened to a QMA that is still passing meds to this day (and very well shouldn't be!!) The resident was "found" by a CNA about 5 minutes later..pills neatly laid on his tongue ready to be swallowed! DUH!
  2. by   ER-RN-2B
    No she did not draw up Mylanta in a syringe and bring it into the pts room--the needle attached, before being stopped.

    (Rumor from one of my clincal sites.)
  3. by   DCCCRN2Bn05
    No she did not (a 1st year ADN student) just ask the anestestiologist (SP) "shouldn't i be pushing that epidural, she is my pt. after all!" I kid you not, she is no longer with our class as we are about to graduate, thank goodness
  4. by   hangnon
    No she did not have her stethescope slip off her neck and fall in the patient's commode full of poop! (Yep! :uhoh21: )
  5. by   KRVRN
    No he did not cause a frail LOL to fall out of bed onto the floor (with bed in highest position) while trying to turn the poor woman... and then merely lift her back into bed and not report it to anyone!
  6. by   baby&mommynurse
    No she did not come in ready to deliver with a birth plan and then test positive for marijuana after we found out about her hx of drug use!

    Yes she did!
  7. by   HisTreasure
    No she did not...
    Ask me "where is his penis?" *across the awake patient* when giving an overweight patient peri-care following a BM change. THEN found it, took it between two fingers and say "I found it! How could he have sex if it is so small?!"
    SERIOUSLY! It was my patient and I about DIED of embarrassment!

    (Fortunately, she failed our last Mastery and was asked to leave the program. Unfortunately, she is eligible to petition the school for re-admission next Fall. :uhoh21: )
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  8. by   jaymee77
    no he did NOT put an ink pen into a styrofoam cup and then into the microwave to make pastel paints so he could paint mom a picture!

    (i work at a drug treatment facility where a client tried this in all earnest albeit unsuccessfully):chuckle
  9. by   Alitia M
    No she did not describe the purulent drainage as "*****" in her nursing notes.... :chuckle
  10. by   mercyteapot
    No, she did not get confused when a mother described her child as "autistic" and make a comparison to how her own child enjoys coloring and painting and is himself very "artistic". Not quite the same thing, dearie....
  11. by   RainDreamer
    Quote from Alitia M
    No she did not describe the purulent drainage as "*****" in her nursing notes....
    I have done that exact same thing!! Sure gave me a good laugh though, but sheesh :imbar
  12. by   lapoueze
    No she did not pull the curtains back exposing the deceased patient for the whole ward to see.
  13. by   HyperRNRachel
    No she did not.....
    While practicing giving injections and using a "darting movement" (with much to much enthusiasm ) that the sound, once the needle hit the mannequin, was so loud it silenced an entire class full of students and to this day is known as "the shot that was heard around the world".

    No she did not...
    Tell a blind man that his "breakfast sure looks good"!

    No she did not...
    When the blind man said I wish I could see it, reply by saying well, then you would have to see some ugly nurses! Good thing he had a good sense of humor.

    No she did not...
    While being a caring and compassionate student, sat on the bed of a dying old lady, only to sit on the poor lady's foot. :stone

    No she did not....
    Accidentally e-mail an instructor some x-rated cartoons. Thankfully the instructor had a really good sense of humor and even told me that she had seen all of them before. In fact, she said some were more than 20 years old!

    No she did not join a sorority (more like a drinking club) named omega stoma phi, in which we have homemade t-shirts for all members including the instructor (honorary member; instructors do not socialize with the students) who I sent the x-rated email to.
    No she did not tell the honorary member instructor that "full contact stoma football" is the official initiation into the group. :hatparty:

    No she did not...
    Tell a very rude floor nurse to stop rolling her eyes at the students! :angryfire