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baby&mommynurse has 10 years experience and specializes in OB.

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  1. baby&mommynurse

    Volunteers in the mother and baby unit?

    In our Newborn (well baby) Nursery, we call our volunteers, "Cuddlers". We usually have babies in the nursery for reasons such as: mom went for a tubal ligation or other procedure, she is not feeling well, hospital hold/drug babies, baby is under phototherapy or baby is not stable and needs to be monitored closely. Our Cuddlers usually are there to hold and feed the babies that can not be with mom for whatever reason. They also change diapers, help keep our nurseries stocked with formula and linen, they make up cribs and isolettes, and sometimes they may answer the phone if it's super hectic... which is a big help. We are a busy 600+ a month delivery hospital and we appreciate our volunteers. Cuddlers do not do any paperwork. If they feed or change a diaper, they are to tell the nurse and the nurse must chart. Sometimes we utilize our volunteers out on post partum briefly when we need a discharged mom and baby to be taken down in a wheel chair and a regular volunteer is not available, but usually we have plenty for them to do in the nursery. Good luck...
  2. baby&mommynurse

    Little things

    :redbeathe Thank you for the wonderful post TriageRN_34... it was just beautiful. :heartbeat
  3. baby&mommynurse

    Are LPN's/LVN's real nurses?

    Let's see... LVN... Licensed Vocational Nurse. Yup, uh huh... I'm a Nurse. I'm not just a Nurse, I am a Nurse. And I'll still be one when I become a Registered Nurse.
  4. baby&mommynurse

    Gifts for clinical instructors?

    Between paying tuition, buying books and living on a student budget, what student really has money to shell out for gifts to the teacher and gifts (usually a card and donughts for every hall after every rotation) to the nurses for helping them get through clinical rotations?? It's good to be appreciative and grateful, but what ever happened to just a simple "Thank You"? Instructors get gifts every year/semester from their students... probably even the same kinds of gifts. They are probably more grateful that their students didn't wind up seriously injuring a patient! And although, us nurses are grateful for the box of donughts, we probably don't really need to be eating them! I remember going through this delemma when I was in school. How much do we contribute? How much do we spend? What do we get for everyone? My suggestion? A verbal thank you to each of your instructors from each of you would probably suffice. To make it even more personal, add a homemade card with a group photo included. If you all still insist on purchasing a thank you gift, collect a couple of bucks from everyone and buy your instructor a gift certificate in a reasonable amount to her favorite restaurant. Or you could just all go out to eat together for an end of the semester party and have a good time. When the bill comes, pitch in for her meal. And for the nurses... something low cal please!
  5. baby&mommynurse

    Jay Leno slams nurses!

    Personally, I don't really like Jay Leno. I don't think his humor is funny. I didn't hear him say the comment, joke, whatever... but it doesn't offend me either. I'm thinking that most of the public who did hear it, probably laughed then didn't give it a second thought. If it was some other profession that he slammed, any of us probably would've laughed, too. But since it was about nurses, some of us may have took it too personally. No matter how much we "advocate" for ourselves, no one is going to know what nursing is truly about unless they are working in our shoes because most people are more concerned with their own selves.
  6. baby&mommynurse

    I shaved off a patient's mustache. Was I wrong?

    I feel a little differently about this situation. Although, I'm sure NebbyLPN was acting in the "best interest" of the patient and he did nod yes when she asked him if it would be okay to shave his mustache off, she should've known about his dimentia. Perhaps she should've checked with the supervisor and the family before doing so. Family members do like to be involved with what goes on in their loved one's care, even if it is just an issue grooming. I'm sure the daughter would be more understanding though if she knew the situation about the difficulty of keeping his mustache clean... and maybe next time, she could be involved with that part of the care.
  7. baby&mommynurse

    Gay Nurses... help!

    Tweety always has some good advice. :) It also all depends on your own comfort level with people about being open about it, too. It's difficult sometimes to be open with your "sexual preference" when you don't know how someone will react to it. There are still people out there who may not be comfortable with working with a gay co-worker or having a gay nurse... but that is their problem. All you can do is be honest and do your job well. Where I work, it doesn't seem like much of an issue anymore since I work with a few gay doctors and nurses and we even have same sex partners having babies.
  8. baby&mommynurse

    Reality" show on travel nursing -cast has been chosen!

    They ask for your e-mail addy when you sign up for updates, not your phone number. Anyway, I hope it's not like most Reality TV... full of drama... the bad kind, I mean. I hardly watch TV these days because that's all the networks show anymore.
  9. baby&mommynurse

    Anaheim, Saddleback, Fountain Valley, LB Memorial

    I sent you a PM.
  10. baby&mommynurse

    Day 8 and I'm expected to take 4 patients?

    I have a few questions for the original poster... what is your nurse patient ratio for your unit and did you know before hand what kind of orientation you would be getting and how long? I'm not by at all means saying that 4 patients is appropriate for a new grad/new hire to have alone after 1 week, but I'm just trying to understand the situation. It seems to me, if you're not even getting the breaks you should be getting, clearly, no one is helping you out. Something is very wrong with this picture... and you do need to speak to your manager about it.
  11. baby&mommynurse

    Day 8 and I'm expected to take 4 patients?

    I'm sure they aren't expecting you to be as good as the experienced nurses or in any way perfect, but it's true, "you have to take four sometime." You have been training for over a week and you do need to learn how to manage your time on a full assignment... in some departments, you'd have to take more patients. The other nurses are still there to answer any questions that may arise or help you if your hands are too full. All you have to do is ask. I've been at my current job for over 6 years and I still need to ask questions or ask for help sometimes. BTW, Welcome to all nurses.com and good luck, it does get easier.
  12. baby&mommynurse


    Oh, man... who doesn't work with a dying swan?!
  13. baby&mommynurse

    A Happy Announcement

    :balloons:Congratulations, Alison and welcome Baby Miriam! :)
  14. baby&mommynurse

    IT's A GIRL!!

    :balloons:Congratulations! I'm glad your hospital experience was great... aside from those "boob nazis". I agree. Encouraging breastfeeding is one thing, but pushing it to the extreme past mom's and baby's pace is another. Good luck with successful breastfeeding and well wishes to you and your new little one! :)
  15. :yeahthat: I agree with all the previous posters.
  16. baby&mommynurse

    Will they make her cut her hair?

    I suppose it all depends on how strict or what the guidelines are for dress code and appearance at your school. I know a pediatrician that has dread locks, but she always has her hair pulled back and it never interferes with her work or her physical assessments of the babies.