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  1. landonsles

    Delivery tables

    Our techs set up our delivery tables in the OR (they gown/mask/sterile glove to do so), and then cover them with a cover that is included in the pre-packaged vag del kit. The tables are then kept in our sterile supply room until we need them. Once ...
  2. landonsles

    Getting called off

    I never thought when I became a nurse that I would have to pretty much fight for my hours...drives me crazy. Because of the way the nurses on my unit are scheduled and the feast or famine nature of L&D, there have been times that, as a full time...
  3. landonsles

    L&D nurses? Are you all for natural births?

    No--you don't look like the ***** who swatted at her nurse...LOL. Your nurse should've respected you and backed off. It's pretty sad when nurses get so wrapped up in tasks/interventions (and, unfortunately charting to CYA) that they forget their pa...
  4. landonsles

    L&D nurses? Are you all for natural births?

    I don't care if a woman is in the throes of nurse deserves to be "swatted at" or kicked for doing his/her job. That being said, I do prepare my pts for whatever task I am about to do and will (usually--unless baby is in trouble) wait for ...
  5. landonsles

    Would you give birth at the hospital where you work?

    I'm going to sound like the poster above me...LOL I will be delivering on my unit in October, too. And this will be my third on this particular unit. My youngest two were delivered there before I worked on that unit; I loved the care I rec'd, so dec...
  6. landonsles

    They sent us a 1 week postpartum pt...we do openhearts!

    If mom has been d/c'd from hospital already, then she goes to ICU. If she has not yet left hospital, then she comes back to us on L&D.
  7. This is from when I worked at a very small dental office---I had a pt "Mrs. X" who, at the beginning of her appt, told us all (including the dentist) how at her last dental office, she had the cops called on her b/c she had pitched such a fit when it...
  8. landonsles

    How smart are you?

    I graduated #11 out of 550 people in high school. Would have graduated in the top 10 if I wouldn't have "slacked off" my last year. I graduated nursing school with a 4.0, and was valedictorian. I thought nursing school was pretty easy. I didn't have ...
  9. landonsles

    Any Info on Grayson or NCTC?

    I graduated from NCTC the semester after TCDTX did. I have heard horror stories about her 1st semester, but they removed the teacher who was causing all the commotion from 1st semester. My first semester was pretty easy compared to hers. Her class ...
  10. landonsles

    Affectionate terms

    That is so sad...wonder what happened to spark that rule?
  11. landonsles


    The 25th was the earliest I could test in the area I live (North Texas). As of two days ago, all spots until 6/12 were already filled. It really depends upon the area that you will be moving to & how many testing centers vs nursing schools are ...
  12. landonsles

    How many May graduates?

    Count me as a May grad, too!! I graduated May 11th--Valedictorian (had to throw that in b/c that has been my goal since before school and I am darn proud of myself!!). Will take my NCLEX 5/25, and then I am off to deliver my third baby sometime the...
  13. landonsles

    How long for ATT to come? How long to study?

    I graduated 5/11/06, and rec'd my ATT (via email) 5/16/06. That's pretty darn fast if you ask me!! I have scheduled my test for next Thursday 5/25. (I had to do it very soon b/c I am in my last month of pregnancy). I am using Saunders to study, ...
  14. landonsles

    Start nursing school while pregnant?

    If you were PG now, when would you be due? Jan/Feb?? Maybe you could take a semester off--or if you had a good support system, you could have the baby and be back at school the next week. (I have known quite a few people who have gone this route--har...
  15. landonsles

    So how long did you study before taking the NCLEX?

    :yeahthat: I would highly encourage you to take the NCLEX before the baby if at all possible. I, too, am due in June (6/22 to be exact, but babies are never "exact" LOL) and I have scheduled my test for next Thursday 5/25. Also--since this is your ...