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    ADN nursing student in MA can I sit for LPN exam?

    some states will not allow a rn student to sit for the lpn test, new york comes to mind but i guess there are others i have never heard of a state allowing you to sit after 5 years cna plus pharmacology is this a limited license??

    "End Stage" Untreatable Obesity

    END STAGE may refer to those whose weight has adversely affected their vital organs and general health to the point that they can not be helped with the procedures now available it takes a long time to lose 800 lbs and some of those on Discovery Channel have at least that much to lose and their body just gives out if you haven't walked in a long time your bones have lost calcium, your heart is straining to pump blood etc the sad thing about so many of these people are that they don't really see to enjoy a meal...they just push the food in as fast as they can and don't really taste it

    Pandemic Awareness/Preparation

    on another note the cholera epidemic in zimbawee [sp] the death rate is running about 5% these people have so much to put up with and this is another hardship

    Pandemic Awareness/Preparation

    indigo, thanks for keeping on top of something that is so important not only to nurses but the public at large your work is appreciated

    Can other people smell a woman who has BV?

    unfortunately cleanliness will not solve a problem caused by subdermal bacterical infections..a lot of women are ashamed to talk about this with their doctors esp if the doc is not ob-gyn or they are unaware that this is treatable older patiens are using adult diapers more and more now and i am sure that this contributes to the offendering smells noted in general public places

    Suicide On The Ward

    There are thing that you cannot change, a patient's death, whether or not by their own hand, is a part of the job...you cannot change it, death is final..I know of patients who cut their wrists or saved up pills when it was discovered they would look you in the eye and tell you that they will find another way to do it I am so sorry that you were so badly affected by this woman's very unhappy life and the manner of her death you may finish your career and not be presented with something like this...but now is the time put it behind you. I can't think of anything that you could have done that would have affected the outcome GOOD LUCK

    I'm Injections and hitting blood vessels?

    i never hit a vein but i did hit a bone once..scared me to death

    Gross Things You Wish You Didn't See (G-rated)

    there is another thread about obese travelers given an extra seat on canadian airlines..i hope i don't get a seat near one of these mentioned about the head, an ambulance responded to a mva and one of the dead had been decapitated...they looked around for the head and finally had to get down in a water filled ditch and feel around until they found it..

    Gross Things You Wish You Didn't See (G-rated)

    i know i shouldn't have opened this thread yuk yuk agggghhhh

    IM Injection, Hitting Bone?

    if there is limited underlying adipose tissue pull up a pinch..flu vaccines are usually given sub q hitting the bone can cause some site pain

    Doctor fired from trying to give epidural while drunk

    this occured on november 9, 2007 and his license was due to be renewed on jan 1, 2008 but was blocked by the board, he is was required to go to rehab and stay sober for 18 months before being able to reapply for reinstatement he wasn't working w/o a license, which was a plus for the hospital but did nothing to excuse him for his actions if his license had not been in force at that time he probably couldn't have ever been eligible for renewal

    A Heartening Moment

    the second patient even if very good hearted is not capable of determining whether a patient is capable of being fed or not if a patient aspirated or choked to death the responsibility would be the nurse scary


    welcome to AN check with the bon of the state that you are wanting to work in USA they will tell you if your school is accredited and what steps you will take to be licensed hee god luck

    Nurses showing up late for work.

    i was working with these nurses, oneof which had to get her children to her children no earlier than 7a in order to make up this hour she stayed an hour late and held up the nurse who came in at 2p this meant that there were two nurses who were very unhappy the nurse who stayed an hour in the morning and the nurse who couldn't get the books for an hour in the evening don was very fond of the day nurse but she finally had to change the siutation because of the complaints to the administrator

    Hurricane Gustav Psyc Impact

    i hope you are not having gator tail in that spaghetti/meatballs.poor little bubba parading around the neighborhood w/o a tail

    Southeastern LA Students - How are y'all doing?

    rapides parish here...some damage to houses, three deaths, two bad fires including a community playhouse and [avoyelles parish] a historic building in bunkie