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  1. some states will not allow a rn student to sit for the lpn test, new york comes to mind but i guess there are others i have never heard of a state allowing you to sit after 5 years cna plus pharmacology is this a limited license??
  2. "End Stage" Untreatable Obesity

    END STAGE may refer to those whose weight has adversely affected their vital organs and general health to the point that they can not be helped with the procedures now available it takes a long time to lose 800 lbs and some of those on Discovery Chan...
  3. "End Stage" Untreatable Obesity

    trauma, good luck with your surgery my dd had the bypass surgery and she had some rough spots but has lost over 100# and she says she would do it again in a heart beat...she had tried every diet w/o success she looks so good and she can exercise dail...
  4. Dangerous nurses

    a patient had a high potassium level and the doctor ordered kayexelate but she did not d/c the k+ and for two days the nurses gave the patient both the potassium and the kayexelate i have worked with so many lazy, incompetent nurses i have lost count...
  5. Pandemic Awareness/Preparation

    On another note the cholera epidemic in zimbawee [sp] the death rate is running about 5% These people have so much to put up with and this is another hardship
  6. being honest and up front you may want to reapplying if the other does not work out this is a thing that happens all the time good luck
  7. Pandemic Awareness/Preparation

    indigo, thanks for keeping on top of something that is so important not only to nurses but the public at large your work is appreciated
  8. we have more doctors who are foreign born than nurses, usually if you are on a floor where they frequently have patients you learn what they are saying and can relay this to a patient too many times they will learn to speak to the minimal skill...the...
  9. CPR Question: Rescue Breaths

    if patient is lying on back doing a heimleich, a thrust beneath the ribcage will push out the air from the lungs and then the fresh air will rush in to take its place you need to keep that blood flowing thru out the body to make sure that the importa...
  10. Dangerous nurses

    only one with that combination but i have met several who were incompetent or inadequate as nurses, and some who could not work up respect for patients some lazy as all get out the constant pattern in all of this was that in most cases the TPTB thou...
  11. Is Being Loyal Worth It?

    nasty situation as noted above you have to fall into a certain catagory, whether or not you are 'good' or not if tbtb are deciding who falls where in this ladder thenyou are at the mercy of someone who doesnt know what is going on in many cases i kno...
  12. Would this have happened to a boy?

    i never had either but pain is a warning sign and should not be ignored...if the pain has not abated you need to take action when something goes wrong the doctors say 'well that was a learning experience'
  13. I have a silly question

    i agree with belle about getting established in one job before taking on another may work out to be more hours than are available now my personal opinion is that a pool-nurse should be a more experences takes a lot of adaptablity to...
  14. Anonymous Complaints - Have you ever received one?

    not against me personally but the hospital that i worked for sent a questionaire home wit the paitents in which they were to report the goods/bads part of the visit on on sheet that was returned there was a remark that the aids would come in and take...
  15. trouble getting RN license

    be honest and up front during interview the office will know that you are on probation and it is imperative that they know what the offense was and that you are not a danger to patients good luck finding a job