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NurseyBaby'05 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Neuro/Med-Surg/Oncology.

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  1. West Penn hospital consolidation to cost 1,500 jobs Tuesday, June 29, 2010 By Steve Twedt, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Robin Rombach/Post-Gazette Dr. Christopher T. Olivia, WPAHS president and CEO, discussed the changes at a press conference. The jobs of up to 1,500 West Penn Allegheny Health System employees will be lost when its two city-based acute-care hospitals are consolidated, officials announced this morning at a press conference. Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10180/1069090-100.stm#ixzz0sGWeeCH7
  2. NurseyBaby'05

    'Ignored' patient sues Las Vegas hospitals

    Right, but even just from some of the posts in this thread from people in the healthcare field, those words can so easily be misconstrued as the couple is looking for a payday. People reading about it in that area are potential jurors. Many of them without inside knoweldge of how tirage and hospitals work. His profession requires him to carefully choose his words and I think he dropped the ball.
  3. NurseyBaby'05

    'Ignored' patient sues Las Vegas hospitals

    their lawyer, jacob hafter, said the couple had hoped to reach a financial settlement with the hospitals. now, hafter said, they want to take their case to a u.s. district court jury in las vegas." their lawyer didn't do them any favors with that statement. even if they have a legitimate case, what that putz said is just going to be fodder to be twisted in the hospitals' favor. time for better representation. any legitimate reason they may have had to sue is going to be tainted.
  4. As long as you stay where you're at, no, you won't get a break. What you will get is into a dangerous situation where your license is on the line and an employer that won't give a sh, . . .um, er . . . .hoot. You've only been a nurse for two months?!?!?!?!? Get. Out. Quickly!!!! Not only is the situation bad, it's dangerous for you and more importantly for your patients. To quote Bruce Dickinson" . . . . .Run to the hills! . . . . . ."
  5. NurseyBaby'05

    11 Things Your Nurse Thinks (But Will Never Tell You)

    Fellow Onc nurse here who has had all of the same thougts and more as the OP. People from all walks of life get cancer, including jerks. Their CA diagnoses usually don't erase this wonderful side of their personalities. Occasionally it serves as a wake-up call, but usually not. That being said, social clods and their dysfunctional families that helped to make them that way are an everyday fact of life in my world. We had one that used to purposely move her bowels on the floor and she told the aide (to her face) that she did that b/c she knew the aide would have to clean it up. This wasn't brain mets talking, just pure nastiness. Yes, part of me hoped she would slip and fall in it when she finished. But not on my shift, I didn't need the extra paperwork. :chuckle
  6. What I find more disturbing is the systemic cover-up that went on for years. I almost think they deserve something worse than this guy does. :angryfire: Was nothing learned from the scandal that rocked the Catholic church?!?!
  7. NurseyBaby'05

    Morphine gtt/Comfort Care

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's cruel to let someone suffer his/her last hours in respiratory distress when you have the means to make him comfortable. You did good, Nurse! On the flip side, I have had family members ask me to, um "hasten things" to which I've bluntly responded "We don't euthanize." That starts a storm of backpedaling like you wouldn't believe. Then I point out that the pt is not suffering. Respirations are easy, no grimacing, agitation, appears comfortable, etc. Then I let the family member know that it's okay to take a walk if he needs a break. Sometimes I think people purposely wait until someone leaves to "go." I also jokingly say to my co-workers that I believe that they all know when change of shift is (despite being unconscious) . . . . .
  8. NurseyBaby'05

    Oncology nurses out there I have a question......

    If you're 8 months, you might as well wait until you've had your baby and finished your maternity leave. Someone's not going to hire you only to not have you not be able to work for at least a month or two after you are hired. As far as safety goes, I have a two year old and six month old and they're both fine. Don't take the implants while you're pregnant or nursing. Don't hang chemo. As for handling body fluids, use common sense. Gown and glove. If someone's grossly incontinent, change patients. Not for one of their walkie-talkies either. Not all the patients are receiving chemo or have implants. Making a switch shouldn't be to complicated. Many of them are admitted for complications after they have received their chemo outpatient. The chemo is usually out of their systems by then, but the side effects need treated. For the most part I felt better off on the Onc floor. Because of having neutrapenic patients, we don't get the gross isolations. No shingles, chicken pox, flu, r/o TB, etc. Also, we usually only take isolation patients that are our own. That usually cuts way down. The worst we usually have are a few c-diff's b/c of all the abx these poor people wind-up taking and the occasional MRSA. Follow standard precautions and you'll be fine. The only thing I avoided like the plague was when one of our pt's had CMV in her gut and peritoneal cavity. I didn't clean-up her BM. Another nurse and I swapped Bedside Commode duties when I had her. She used to yell at me for even coming in her room. RIP, Lillian . . . .:redbeathe
  9. NurseyBaby'05

    A Nurse's Very Bad Day

    Sounds like the jerks we nurses hate to baby-sit. He must be pretty new to not realize that many of those "not busy" nurses have saved or will save his tush. He'll get his.
  10. NurseyBaby'05

    A Nurse's Very Bad Day

    This doesn't surprise me much at all. Oncology is so specialized that the docs are reluctant to transfer "our" patients away from us. The smart thing to do would be to decrease the number of patients in a nurse's assignment when he/she has a patient like this, but the powers that be aren't about to let that happen. All they see are numbers. Funny how that happens when non-medical people are making medical decisions. I read the whole blog post and it mirrored many of my shifts. Sometimes I wonder what the he1l I was thinking going into this specialty . . . . . . oh, wait . . . . that's right . . . . . I love it. Just hate the bs like this . . . . . .
  11. NurseyBaby'05

    pregnant woman's weight gain????

    What are some conditions that come-up later in pregnancy that are shown by rapid weight gain? You want to make sure it's not one of these. She's in her last trimester.
  12. NurseyBaby'05

    mild contractions and bleeding profusely????

    Pull out your L&D textbook. Look-up all four options and then make an educated decision. If you're studying L&D, you need to know all of these. You will also learn why you need more information than what is given. If you're just given answers here rather than learning the material, these conditions will not cease to mean just options A,B,C,D Good-luck! :)
  13. NurseyBaby'05

    Traffic in Pittsburgh?

    Carpool and take the HOV lanes when you can. You may have to drive in yourself the first few weeks or so and get a feel for the timing. Are your shifts/schedule going to be consistent? It would be easier to scheudle ride sharing if they are. You could ask around or post signs in the locker rooms for a carpool partner. Out of the four directions, travelling from the North is going to be the easiest traffic wise. A lot of that area was developed later when PennDOT had a more up to date feel for the population. Just be thankful you're not coming from East of the city and having to sit trhough the bottleneck that is the Squirrel Hill tunnels.
  14. NurseyBaby'05

    Student strip searched at school...

  15. NurseyBaby'05

    Student strip searched at school...

    The day this occured in my school district would be the day I decide to homeschool and seriously consider not paying school district taxes. I'm all for safety at schools, but this is an outright abuse of power or maybe just a plain witch hunt. :angryfire
  16. NurseyBaby'05

    Sometimes a patient comes along who gives you inspiration and hope

    I'm' happy your paths crossed. You seem to have had a gamut of those folks from the opposite end of the spectrum lately.