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NurseyBaby'05 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Neuro/Med-Surg/Oncology.

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  1. NurseyBaby'05

    Night shift not charting until 0000?

    Everyone does an assessment at the beginning of his/her shift, even if it's only four hours long, at my facility. Now, if I'm working nights and the person I'm following is thorough, I have no problem charting "Agree with above assessment" and then ...
  2. NurseyBaby'05

    Targeted by psychotic, manipulative patient

    If she gets physical again, call the police and have her arrested. That aside, get another job. Unless you are in the military and on a combat mission or a police officer, the occasional assault is not part of the job.
  3. NurseyBaby'05

    Staying late without pay

    Don't do it. If something were to happen to you, where you would become injured or ill from something at work, you would have no recourse with workman's comp because you weren't on the clock. Not only that, but once your workplace sees that you are ...
  4. NurseyBaby'05

    The Hospital Robot

    We have it at where I work. IMHO it's only as good as the human working in central supply that day. Sometimes it's awesome b/c if there's only one person working down there, they can still get your equipment to you. If it's someone that's going to...
  5. NurseyBaby'05

    Port a Cath for IV fluids

    I don't see why it couldn't be used on the floor. While in the OR you will probably wind-up with one or more peripheral IVs though. I know our ORs want at least two readily available IV's at the ready. So don't be surprised if you wake-up with mor...
  6. Definitely check before applying to a program. It would be a shame to do all that work only to be unable to sit for the NCLEX. Good luck!
  7. NurseyBaby'05

    What I Know About: The PITA Patient

    Definitely a believer that spending an extra few minutes at the beginning of a shift goes a long way. I also found that being straightforward helps. People can tell when you're being fake or trying to feed them a load of bs. The other thing that ...
  8. NurseyBaby'05

    Back to work after a loss of pregnancy...

    Don't know about the work thing b/c I work Onc, but I just wanted to say I'm sorry. :kiss
  9. NurseyBaby'05

    Anyone with positive night shift stories with infants?

    I was able to do it when we just had one. But when he got closer to two and the second one was born, it didn't work anymore. He figured out how to unlock and open the front door. I live in the city so the front door was about a sidewalk width plus...
  10. NurseyBaby'05


    If you feel like you know what you're doing from the beginning, you're probably not going to be a safe practitioner. A small dose of healty fear/respect is a good thing. You won't feel like you know what you're doing for awhile and that's a good th...
  11. NurseyBaby'05

    Will you add your patient in facebook?

    I'm not even friends with people I work with, let alone with a patient. Not that I've done it yet, but if I have a shift where I just need to pop off about something, I want to feel free to do so. Most of the people at work that are friends with ea...
  12. NurseyBaby'05

    'Ignored' patient sues Las Vegas hospitals

    Right, but even just from some of the posts in this thread from people in the healthcare field, those words can so easily be misconstrued as the couple is looking for a payday. People reading about it in that area are potential jurors. Many of them...
  13. NurseyBaby'05

    'Ignored' patient sues Las Vegas hospitals

    their lawyer, jacob hafter, said the couple had hoped to reach a financial settlement with the hospitals. now, hafter said, they want to take their case to a u.s. district court jury in las vegas." their lawyer didn't do them any favors with that sta...
  14. As long as you stay where you're at, no, you won't get a break. What you will get is into a dangerous situation where your license is on the line and an employer that won't give a sh, . . .um, er . . . .hoot. You've only been a nurse for two month...
  15. NurseyBaby'05

    Did I miss the part about the hospital being the drive-thru?

    What frustration? This certainly wasn't the first time he was in the clinic to receive blood. He knew the drill. He's sick, but it's still not okay to be an ass. He always had the option of walking and taking his chances of not being admitted to t...