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New fun thread. Please finish the sentence: NO she/he did not: Mine: NO SHE DID NOT WALK INTO CLASS WITH a RED THONG CLEARLY SHOWING UNDER HER UNIFORM!:smackingf... Read More

  1. by   cebollita
    -No she didn't just tell that young blood clot prone patient living in a half way house that she should keep her embryo instead of having an abortion, because "lots of people would like to have babies"
    -No she didn't just ask the patient the correct medical terminology for her condition, because she was unsure.
    Haha I'm not even in nursing school yet, these are just things I've witnessed from nurses in the past few years.
  2. by   OrthoFNP
    NO she didn't ask me what renal means!

    No she didn't tell our instructor that you aspirate on insulin injections after telling us for months about how she gives her brother insulin injections therefore, she knows what she is doing.

    SAME PERSON...This thread is hysterical!
  3. by   andeam
    she did not just ask the instructor if you could live without LUNGS!!!!!!

    or if you could be a blood donor/organ donor if you have HIV/AIDS

    same girl asked both, unbelievable, i swear
  4. by   OrthoFNP
    OMG! Live without lungs? Donate blood if you have HIV/AIDS? Where do these people come from and how do they get accepted into nursing school????
  5. by   DesertRN2
    No he did not come out of the room and ask me to check the notes to see how much packing was used on the last wound care to a perianal abcess because he had used almost the whole bottle of iodoform gauze in the wound, i said they used 3 cm....OOOOPS! the patient did not say anything while having his rectum stuffed full of iodoform.....Hilarious he never lived that one down.
  6. by   HartfordSPN
    no she did not..
    did 2 no calls no shows for clinical during a single rotation (not back to back i should add)(received a warning for each of them) and asked the instructor during post conference how many times she can do this before she gets kicked out of the program......

    no he did not..
    just lied and said he gave the patient a bed bath and the patient's bath pan was there dry with paper towel stucked to the bottom of the inside. should i add that the patient was a+o x 3 and said "no you did not".
  7. by   knittingmonster
    No she did not crush up a pill, attempt to dissolve it in water and then inject it IV. This student wasn't in our class, but our lab coordinator threatened us if we ever did this.
  8. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I don't remember if I put this before or not,

    No she did not tell the student nurse she can take a BP around the patients neck since the SN couldnt get it from the frail little elderly womans arm.

    A CNA at the nursing home told this to one of the NS!
  9. by   ballerinagurl
    No she did not complete a head to toe assessment, hand it in to the instructor and then could not answer why she should be worried about chest pain and respiration rate of 34...
    (I think I was more pleased than shocked though...she walks around like a big shot during our first clinical and then tells us that we are stupid for being nervous. Karma anyone?)
  10. by   pca_85
    OMG I love this thread! Ok, since I think being able to laugh at one's self is important, I'll put up my brainfarts before those of ther people. Here goes..........She did not........ask a pt. who broke tons of bones jumping from her second story window when her house caught fire how her day was. She did not drink from the stupid fountain that she later found out residents urinate and spit in her first day as a CNA. She did not screw up a subq injection by giving it slowly and intradermally(the next ten were perfect btw). Ok, time for the thank God it WASN't me ones: he did not eat a patient's food as state walked past with the door wide open. She did not let a resident choke because he's not her patient! She did not sit up a pt. while doing post mortem care and turn them into a puppet. She could not have seriously come to work reeking of alcohol and napped at the nurses station. She did not leave all those alarms off and beds up. He did not just hit on me with his fiance working on the floor upstairs. He did not just shake my hand hard enough to break it while interviewing me, shoulda taken that as a sign! She did not take a nap in the resident's bed.....with the door open...and had the resident report it to the nurse.
  11. by   setingle
    Oh no she didnt ....realize her pt with MS who is paralyzed from the waist down and is obviously incontent had a bm and asked to let her know next time so she can get him to the bathroom quickly!

    My first day as a CNA, felt so bad and stupid after i realized he didnt even know he had one!!
  12. by   setingle
    Oh no the nurse didnt. . . tell me to straight cath a pt that JUST voided!!! i wasnt not aware of this however!
  13. by   setingle
    Quote from ~Mi Vida Loca~
    I don't remember if I put this before or not,

    No she did not tell the student nurse she can take a BP around the patients neck since the SN couldnt get it from the frail little elderly womans arm.

    A CNA at the nursing home told this to one of the NS!
    OMG!!! was she serious!