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  1. meluhn

    Do you ever plan on leaving the bedside?

    Soundofmusic, You put that so well, all management needs to read this. This is the problem with nursing everywhere. They have unrealistic expectations that we can never live up to because it is physically impossible, yet we run ourselves ragged trying and end up feeling like failures because we can almost never be successful. I for one would never, evergo back to the bedside in a million years, you couldn't pay me enough.
  2. meluhn

    help! a confused RN

    I started in home health almost a year ago. For me it has been a catch22. I love the flexibility,hate the hours and hours of paperwork that I bring home everyday and really hate the low pay. But, it works with my lifestyle, my husband isn't military but travels alot for work and I am solely responsable for the kids when he is gone. If I need to drive my son somewhere in the middle of the day for some reason, I can. It also depends on the agency. Mine is very family and nuirse friendly. My friend works for an agency where that is not the case.
  3. meluhn

    Jersey Shore Medical Center or Kimball Hospital

    Congrats on landing a job in these tough times. I have worked for (and did my clinical at) both of the health systems that each of these hospitals are a part of. I generally found the health system that starts with an S better than the other major one in our area that starts with an M. The M one seems to use nurses like work horses and burn them out. Nurse to pt ratios are worse than the other system. Again this has just been my experience. It all depends on your manager and the floor you are on. One thing I do like better about system M is the computer system. It is more like a windows system which I prefer and system S seems more like MAC. Good luck making your decision.
  4. meluhn

    Obtaining Urine Sample in the Home

    Recently I tried to straight cath an obese woman for ua/c&s and was unable to. I just gave the live-in a sterile cup and a peri wipe especially for clean catches and told her to do her best and call me when she got the sample. It came up negative so it was good enough.
  5. meluhn

    New Grad Home Health

    If you can tough it out for a year it will look better on your resume and you will def be prepared for home health.
  6. meluhn

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    You are working for the wrong agency. My agency would never expect that of any nurse. That is ridiculous.
  7. meluhn

    What is your biggest nursing pet peeve?

    haha. it sounds stupid to me too but somewhere on one of these threads where the subject came up, someone proved that "orientate" was actually a legit word and not just someone pronouncing it wrong.
  8. meluhn

    Nurse Indicted in Toms River Man's Death

    Me too. Im glad she got her license back but will she ever really want to work as a nurse again? I wouldn't.
  9. meluhn

    How does hourly vs per visit work out?

    I am full time. I do 6 visits/day & I make a little over $200/day. The per diem RN, doing the same 6 visits would make $50/visit = $300/day. But, I get PTO and I get the same if I do 4 visits or 7 so I think it all works out in the end.
  10. meluhn

    Wages after being in the field for a while

    That is good for a new grad. Unfortunately, you will never get rich doing HHN (or any other kind of nsg) but it is my favorite kind of nursing so far.
  11. meluhn

    How well do you get along with your coworkers?

    Up until recently, I thought I had a stellar relationship with my coworkers but it seems that they are all a bunch of backstabbers after all. I am disappointed but I still need the job and so I carry on. It disgusts me and I wish that I worked with all male coworkers. I dont think I would have the same problems. Just remember, if someone is talking badly about someone else, chances are they are doing the same to you, just not when you are around.
  12. I agree with your Aunt. This might not be a popular opinion but here goes. I have been a nurse for 17+ years. I now work in home care and love it, however; After all this time I still only make 55k/year. And more often than not through the years I have had jobs that I absolutely hated. In fact most positions I have held up until now have pretty much s*cked. In the hospital, private duty, ltc, subacute, (hated them all). I am now pushing 40 and wish that I had had the motivation and self discipline to go to med school when I was younger. I am thinking about an NP but now with family commitments and work it will be much harder to do. There is a saying, and I am paraphrasing, most people have regrets not about what they did but what they did not do. I say go for it if you really want to. :)
  13. meluhn

    Am I Babysitting or Supervising?

    Sadly, nothing in your story or the op surprised me one bit. Long term care is a very broken system. If I ran a LTC I would pay the CNAs and nurses substantially more than the going rate and only hire and keep the best of the best. I would have plenty of staff. If you make it a desirable place to work people will be less likely to jeapordize their jobs. afacility is only as good as the people staffing it.
  14. meluhn

    What do patients say that irks you?

    Eeow, Does that happen often? I would have to jump off the table and slap him, or if I was the nurse, a knee to the groin would be in order. That is so obnoxious.
  15. meluhn

    More Americans Should Skip College

    That whole "taking a year off after hs" never works out for anyone from what I have seen. For me it just gave me more time to concentrate on partying and the only thing I learned was that I needed to get an education in order to do anything even remotely fulfilling. Maybe some kids are cracker jacks and can really shine and go up the corporate ladder or whatever to be successful, but I think the vast majority do need some sort of education or marketable skill. Gone are the days when a person could work his way up from the mailroom to CEO without at least a BS degree. JMO I do think vo-tech programs are a great alternative for some but the gender issue is still stacked against us girls. Boys have auto mechanics, hvac, electician, plumber to choose from. What do the girls have? Not much in the way of comparable income producing jobs.