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  1. teeniebert

    I'm running away to PetSmart

    ...and awful owners instead of irritating family members/visitors.
  2. teeniebert

    Funny things patients say !

    Wow...correlation and causation are NOT the same thing, people!
  3. teeniebert

    Report of Health Center Visit?

    Hi everybody; I've been asked to create a form to be filled out any time a camper visits the health center or gets first aid elsewhere in camp. This form will be given to the parent/guardian at check-out, presumably so that when the kid says "I had to see the nurse" the parent knows about it already and won't freak out. Of course there will be telephone contact in urgent/emergent situations, this is more for the kid who scratched open a mosquito bite, skinned their knee, or got a stomachache after eating a bag of popcorn and 3 popsicles. Do any of you use a form like this, or know where I might find one? Thanks!
  4. teeniebert

    Association of Camp Nurses

    I joined ACN in 2012. Compass Point has tons of good information, and so does the Basics of Camp Nursing book. If there's ever a symposium in Detroit or Chicago I might go, but I can't afford the travel anywhere else.
  5. teeniebert

    2014 camp work thread

    I'm hoping to go back to Camp Anna Behrens and Camp Sakakawea, both Girl Scout camps operated by Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore. 2-3 weeks training, 6 weeks at Anna B., and 3 weeks at Saki. Camp Anna Behrens is where I went to camp as a kid--it's my first home (I was gonna say second home, but I like camp better than any other place I've lived). It'll be my 6th season as camp nurse but only my 3rd consecutive season. I sometimes go off and get a "real job" but I always come back.
  6. teeniebert

    You Know You're A Nurse If...

    ...your tool box and sewing kit both have hemostats in them!
  7. teeniebert

    Hospital Errors 3rd Leading Cause of Death

  8. teeniebert

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    I knew a Justin Kace Lastname in college...It was 3 months before I realized his name was a pun...and his email sig included his full name so I saw it almost every day for a while...when it finally hit me, I felt really really stupid!
  9. teeniebert

    New assistant

    She's a boxer mix, about knee-high at the shoulder.
  10. teeniebert

    New assistant

    Meet Sasha, my new assistant for tent checks/walking rounds! She belongs to the camp's Program Director and gets bored when said Program Director is indoors doing paperwork...so I get to take her with me. We saw twin fawns while checking an unoccupied unit for wasp nests this morning, and Sasha just stood completely still and watched as they bounded away. I'm actually looking forward to tent checks now!
  11. teeniebert

    Urine laundry

    For problem odors (urine in particular) I put white vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser, then do an extra rinse. Arm & Hammer detergent also helps.
  12. teeniebert

    Tragically idiotic

    Skipping Lasix so you won't have to make so many potty stops during a 7-hour car trip--great idea! I'd rather stop every half hour than end up spending 4 days in the hospital and 2 months in a SNF 7 hours away from home, but that's just me.
  13. teeniebert

    Harlem Shake - Nursing Style!

  14. teeniebert

    Do you ever correct people about medical stuff?

  15. Great article; I love your metaphors; Please post a coffee spew warning at the top of your next piece.
  16. teeniebert

    Best one sentence handoff report

    I think this is my new favorite thread. I've worked in 2 LTC facilities. At the first I was on the subacute/rehab hall and I got used to a thorough report with dx, changes, vitals, etc. on each resident. At the second I was prn and wasn't on one hall often enough to get to know people, but the regular nurses were used to going down the list and saying, "he's fine, he's fine, she refused her shower, she's fine, she's fine, he didn't sleep, he's fine, he's fine..." I started going in 1/2 hour early to review my assignment so I'd at least know who was a tube feed, who was on O2, etc. before starting the med pass!