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  1. VM85

    Massasoit 2020 LPN TO RN

    Very disappointing!
  2. VM85

    Massasoit 2020 LPN TO RN

    Thanks for the update and may I add omg
  3. VM85

    Massasoit 2020 LPN TO RN

    Thanks. I got a 75 overall. In reading I got a 79. Waiting is tough just because it’s coming down to crunch time and at this point I just want to know for financial and life arrangement purposes. I know many people who have gone through the program. They all report they had similar wait times. I’m sure everyone is feeling this way. Fingers crossed!
  4. VM85

    Massasoit 2020 LPN TO RN

    Hello, I wanted to comment so I can be kept in the loop of when people start hearing back. I have a circle of friends that have applied as well and we have all been holding our breath waiting to find out either way of getting in or not. My degreeworks hasn’t been audited since mid august, not sure if that is a good thing or not. I got a 75 on my TEAS and have taken all prereqs and classes besides nursing and nursing trends. @kmartel if you go onto Massasoit website with your username and password for the email, you can access degree works. On the phone it is over to the left hand side- however it can be harder to use so on an actual computer is best. My degree is listed as unenrolled as I have not declared a major and just took all of my classes. Hoping that’ll change to nursing per the theory but until then, I look forward to getting updates either from comments on this thread or by my friends and I either receiving our letters. Good luck to everyone!
  5. VM85

    LPNs in FL. Please help!!!!

    Hello, I am considering moving down to Florida. I grew up there and some of my family still lives there so I had hopes of moving down to be closer to them but there is a few things that are holding me back and so I hope some of you that are LPNs can give me a broader veiw of some questions I have. I have been looking on criagslist in the jobs section and see many ads in which are titled "LPN or CNA". One of the questions I have are how are LPNs veiwed down in Florida. Are we in the same cateorgory as a CNA? That just makes no sense to me. While I respect CNAs and was one prior to going to school, I do feel that I went to nursing school to be just that, A NURSE!What is the scope of practice, in plain English- what are the restrictions? Where I am from LPNs can do just about everythign an RN can do- with the expection of hang blood and pushing IV meds. We have to get IV certified. They do hire LPNs in hospitals in the major city which is about 15 minutes away, but in my city, its LTC and Dr.s offices and also Home care. Is that the same down in Florida. I am looking to move to Ft. Lauderdale. And the next set of questions is the pay. In those same ads I see the wage as $11-$17(MAX!!!). I know the cost of living is totally different so it leaves me wondering, are you able to live comfortably on that? I am a single mom and can support myself just fine and I dont want to move down and not be able to live at the same level I am now. I am a new grad and make in the mid 20's an hour. I just dont understand the salary being half of what I make now and being able to live on that...but like I said I know there is a difference in the cost of living- so hopefully you all will be able to help me out. And my last question is, how is the job market down there? It was difficult for me to find a job, and I finally did find one, but I dont want to move down and be unemployed for months on end. I am open to any field of nursing as I can find joy in anything I do, but it does need to be full tim and offer benefits. If anyone could help me and let me know their experiences, I would greatly appreciate it!
  6. VM85

    Embarrassing question reguarding CNA classes...

    I feel for you. I am also super embarrassed about my teeth. I dont think it has anything to do with whether or not you truly want to take this course and succeed. I agree some others who say you are having dental work and have temp fillinfs or whatnot in your mouthif this issue should arise. Yes I understand they want you tobe in your patients shoes,some who may have dental issues. But you seem well aware of knowing how things may affect your confidence and comfort and I dont think it should be necessary for your peers to see that side of you if you choose not to show it. Just like a patient can refuse care, so hould the student if he/she choosesto do so. But dont let this stop you. Just speak with someone before hand, or ask when you enroll if this is common practice. I dont think it is a small issue and I knwo how much it can affect your confidence and control your choices in life. Try to not let this control your choice of bettering yourself and possibly being able to get a position in which dental may be included. Theres always "sick days" if it comes down to it! Good luck, and keep smiling- your not the only one with this hang up! Oh and congrats for being so honest!
  7. VM85

    Rok'en Sok'em in the ALF

    I would think that especially since he has a history of violence and delusions, that he would be admitted the to pysch for an evaluation and hopefully they would get him managed on medications. I am new at this but that seems like it would be proper. This rsident poses a threat to himself and others and with his history, it sounds more like he was not in touch with reality at the time of the attck- You were not in harms way and it is unacceptable to attack anyone no matter what the reason. And I would definitly set your boundaries. With the residents and with their families. It is unacceptable to get phone calls on your personal line, from family members of residents. If something needs to be addressed right there and then and you are the only person that can help, have the staff call you for the family member. You should definitly speak up, not only because its an inconvience and improper but because of word twisting and possible accusations could come up and you have no one there as a witness. Its fine to speak with family members at work and deal with them as well as residents, but there is no way I would EVER do that. I have my own life and I would never have the nerve to do that!!!!
  8. VM85

    Any Ideas???

    So I work at an Assisted Living facility- where the residents are pretty independant. A problem I am having is that there is this resident who does not have very good sight, actually it is pretty bad. She feels her way around the facility and does ALOT of walking. So she has been gettin extremely aggitated lately and I understand why. She does not participate in activities as she can not see. She does not socialize because she can not even tell when a person is in front of her unless you say her name and she is a little HOH. She is pretty A&O and just seems like she has secluded herself. So I was talking to her the other night and she was pretty upset- I can tell she is very frustrated! So I began talking with her and basically she is just VERY VERY BORED! She does not use brail, her sight was fine at a prior time( Im not sure when- I am new to the facility and so is the other nurse). I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I can make this residents life a little more productive and enriched- I want to be able to give her something to do. She will not go into the theater for the movie- since she can not see it, even though I told her she can listen....she does like music, but says she cant just sit there listening to it for hours. She likes to stay up late and walk around the building, but since its assisted living, she does go outside and I dont want her to wander off and not find her way back(and worse), especially in the dark, but I cant restrict her, its her right.....any one have any ideas?
  9. VM85

    Southeastern Technical Institute Teas Results

    It used to be you needed to get in the 40th percentile or above. (This was within the last year and a half) Look at the top in each subject and itll say your percentile for the entire subject called the ADJUSTED INDIVIDUAL SCORE (then it will break down each subtopic of the subject to tell you how you did on each, but these arent what you need to look at to see if you got in or not*but they do make up your total percentaile for that subject). You want to focus on the percentage under the adjusted individual score that is at the top or each subject and is in bold print. At the top It will also say your percentile compared to everyone else that took the test nation wide and at southeastern. This is just to know how you did, as I said before, in comparison to every one else and it will also say what your total percentage- but that is not what is the deciding factor. You could have done really well in math and got in the 80th percentile but only got in the 25th percentile in english. This 40th percentile will only get you an interveiw and does not guarantee a spot in the program.....but if you can pass just turn on your charm lol Let me know if that answered your question and if you have figured it out. If you need me to check it out for you you can always email me it and I will read it for you or call the school and ask someone- they have your scores also so they will be able to read it also with you if they have the time and are willing. GOOD LUCK!
  10. VM85

    What is ecomony doing to first year LPN grads?

    I just graduated a few months ago and it did take me a while to find a job- and it was in an area I would have never thought I wouldve wanted to work in. But I am loving it so far, the pay is awesome, awesome benefits and I like going to work. Well Ill say like, not love, to be honest if I didnt have to work I wouldnt lol but I have got bills to pay- its all about balance. The time is gonna come whether or not you go to school and atleast you will have accomplished something, and the job outlook maybe totally different by then~
  11. VM85

    Lets get a current salary thread going for 09/10

    Massachusetts, New grad, $25 hr for 8-4pm, full benefits.
  12. I think its great to be multi-liguil BUT feel that in the work place, especially in front of patients, it is not well mannered to speak another language. They have translators for patients that do not speak the commonly used language of English- and while it is not the official language, it is the language that is used. Yes, I know not everyone speaks it, and for those that can communicate TO the patient that doesnt speak english, BRAVO!!!! But by all means it is not appropriate to have a conversation ESPECIALLY in front patients or at the workplace...obviously if you are talking to a friend in spanish and you two are alone at lunch than what does it matter. But being around anyone in w/in an earshot calls for English....and you might as well assume that you are always w/in hearing distance.
  13. Theres been a few threads about conduct and whats right to do while at work. What about speaking another language in front of patients?
  14. VM85


    Just a quick question. My employer does not offer CEU's so I was wondering, where would I go to find out where they are holding courses/classes for them?Both online CEU's and local ( actually attending in person). I am from the Boston area. Any website or advice would be much appreciated....thanks!
  15. VM85

    True or false.....eager to know

    It depends on what state your in....in massachusetts they do not have the graduate nurse title, which is a nurse prior to taking the boards....I took the boards about a month and a half after graduation since there were no dates open to take it any earlier....look up on your states BON website or ask an instructor cuz I know it varies from state to state. However there were a few facilities that would hire you w/ a testing date and pending successful completion of board(passing the NCLEX)....but those were few and far between since the economy was so bad and they have their pick....Good luck!
  16. VM85

    LPN/LVN rate of pay in your area.

    Work in Massachusetts...make $25/hr w/full benefits part time at Assisted Living....just graduated and just got this job.....so far so good!