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I don't normally have a lot of complaints or concerns...I'm usually more excited about school and what's going on in my life.... But today I had a few hours to sit down and just reflect on what my... Read More

  1. by   jov
    Quote from yadis572002
    I'm jealous of the classmates that have their significant other ..It would be nice to come home after a long day of stress, study, or with the good news of getting a good grade and have a special one to share that with.
    Believe me, there's married folks who are ROFLMAO over THAT one. more than likely, your significant other would be grousing that there is nothing to eat AGAIN, and then he would disappear in front of the TV while you tripped over his underwear and socks on the way to the den to study...LOL
    plus having significant others tends to include kids... a whole nutter dilemma. You don't know how many nursing school moms dream of living in a 10x12 dorm room and getting meals made for them in the cafeteria every night...
    and all they would have to do is be left alone to study, study, study....
  2. by   kukukajoo
    Jov I have kids and am single and I am sure many others on here are as well.

    There is no dorm for me, all the bills are on me and everything else. Lotta load for one person to carry.
  3. by   jov
    Quote from kukukajoo
    Jov I have kids and am single and I am sure many others on here are as well.

    There is no dorm for me, all the bills are on me and everything else. Lotta load for one person to carry.
    I'm sorry but I don't get that impression from the previous posts on this thread that they are also single moms.
    I also did not communicate (at least not to my knowledge) anything in reference to the challenges single parents face.
    So I am not sure what your post (and flame) is about.
  4. by   kukukajoo
    I wasn't flaming anyone Jov. I just wanted to say that I was both single and a mom. Not an easy task or dilemma as you call it.
  5. by   ashfost
    Glad this topic was brought up. I, too, feel the same way, no time for dating. Even though I love nursing and am very excited about the future, I still think that I'm "missing out" on opportunities to find someone. Actually, I have met someone and hes super great but Im not doing a very good job of keeping communication open and I'm afraid he'll go away. But I guess I just have to explain everything to him and hope he understands. LOL, I feel better knowing Im not the only lonely nursing student out there.
  6. by   Roy Fokker

    I kinda gave up my social life when I was in school - I needed to concentrate on working my 2 jobs and going through school. I figured once I graduate and get a job, I'd have more free time to persue a social life...

    Well. Guess again...

    .... I work five nights a week. I just moved 600 miles to a new town. I know nobody. I live with family.

    I have no social life :stone I'm trying to change that - but my "odd" hours make it a bit more of a challenge...

    Quote from Kiringat
    My dating life has mostly been with my DVD player and the first two seasons of House.
    So I'm not the only one, eh?

    I love House - despite how unappreciative and downright ridiculous the show is in its depiction of nurses.
  7. by   gemini_star
    It's heart's day and I'm not even going out because there is no one. grrr... I hate being lonely... it depresses me.
  8. by   NurseguyFL
    All depends on your learning style. When I was 25 I was painting the town red and up in all the clubs and at every party I got invited to. Then I'd come down off the weekend with the textbooks and lots of coffee and Visine, and walk into an exam the next week and totally pull it off. In retrospect, I could have gotten much better grades in nursing school if I wasn't such a party animal or spent so much time hanging out with a girlfriend, but what can I say, one needs to de-stress, and no matter what you've got to have a life!

    But that was me. I wouldn't recommend this behavior to any serious nursing student. Nursing school is very stressful, and relationships take time and can be very distracting. Better to just focus on school now. Before you know it you'll be done, and you'll have plenty of time for a relationship afterwards.
  9. by   OnaTrek
    hello single people! i am reading all your posts and it's so sad! if you really want someone in your life during or after nursing school you can do it. how many of you have tried or ? it works and it worked for so many people and it will work for you. i am newly single myself, still enjoying my time alone, but not for long. i also feel i need someone in my life, who can listen and understand what life is like for rn student. i know it's hard to find someone special, but i keep telling myself: millions of single good men are still out there!

    single and looking, silika :spin:
  10. by   Ready2BRN
    Hi fellow singles:spin: I'm 28 years old, single and ready to mingle (if I had the time)!!!! I'm a pre-nursing student and school is definitely my priority right now....just so focused on getting all A's in my pre-reqs. And that focus has my head in the books on most Friday and Saturday nights (pathetic, huh?) Well, they say you can't meet anyone sitting at home, right? When I do go out, I'm usually the single one in the group......where are all the single people my age???? I think I've scared off a couple of guys cuz they found out that I'm looking for someone to settle down with.....but isn't everyone at my age??? Oh well, the search shall continue...when I have the time
  11. by   LadyEJ BSN, RN
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEING SINGLE!!! I'm actually glad to be going into nursing school single, more time to study, less distractions.
  12. by   CHATSDALE
    bad time to start any relationship timewise
    besides most of the people you meet on a day to day basis are strung out with their own studies

    you will graduate, you will get a job, you will meet smart sensitive people that you have a lot in common with...

  13. by   krazykev
    This the first time in my life I am around females this much, but it seems everyone that I meet is either in a committed relationship, or bitter about men in general. So I actually find my situation both humorous and sad at the same time. Plus, I currently live in a small town and when I am done with school I am moving out of here to a more liberal area. Then in addition, I will not consider dating another person who is not college educated. So it is really a combination of factors that limit my dating ability at this time in my life. Consequently, I have decided to enjoy this time in my life and to make the most of the time. And I am enjoying it! Who knows, perhaps I will meet a very caring, loving, and humorous nurse. And we all know just how wonderful all nurses truly are.:spin: