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locolorenzo22 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Ortho, Neuro, Detox, Tele.

a new nursing student trying to get the ADN then go on to BSN.

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  1. locolorenzo22

    Brian Short News

    This is so tragic. I have not been around this website for a long time, due to busy life. but I remember so many sleepless nights, triumphs only nurses would understand, long days at work, and advice needed for help. This site was always there. It will be here for so many forever. Remember the man who made it all possible.
  2. locolorenzo22

    How do I make the switch from dayshift to nights?!

    MISS NURSE! If you find yourself falling asleep at the wheel, PULL OVER! There are too many stories about people falling asleep at the wheel, killing themselves or someone else. If you kill someone else, BAM! Vehicular homicide. JAIL. FINES. YOU MAY DIE!!!! (sorry to hijack thread.) Anyways, it'll take a few months minimum. Sometimes I still have trouble. (I've been on nights since 2006.) Other options are coffee, trying to get yourself on that schedule the day before you work. Make sure your family knows when you're asleep, it's your night. Don't bother you unless a limb falls off, or if they're bleeding horribly, or the house is burning down. Get blackout shades, get a fan. Good luck!
  3. locolorenzo22

    interpreting ECG strip

    some people live with flipped t-waves. you would surely need a ekg and more information about pt history to figure out what is going on.
  4. locolorenzo22

    sweating on the job?

    i sweat quite a lot a work, usually when I have to be in a isolation room or a older patients room with the heat on. I'll just pat off when I can, run some water on a towel and mop off, dry my face/arms/etc, put on deodorant if i need to. I'll sit by the A/C with a fan on, even if everyone else is cold. I'll just ask for one unit to be on, versus all of em. I need it cool. I worked with a nurse last night who kept turning off my ac when I wasn't in the station. I could have killed her! it takes forever to cool off.
  5. locolorenzo22

    Law and Order: SVU = studying.

    when i was in school, it was Grey's first season. Remember the episode where Izzy was drilling burr holes on a MVA patient on the interstate? Yeah, i knew exactly what she was doing...and i was like, that's wrong! I love watching law & order in all forms, always interesting cases.
  6. locolorenzo22

    To those who have taken Kaplan for NCLEX

    meh, I didn't really consider it a big deal, 2 days of answering questions in a group, and it basically boiled down to do you assess or intervene. I took it because my employer reinbursed us on our first paychecks. if I had to pay for it out of pocket, i'd probably pass. but I'm a good test taker, took NCLEX in 35 minutes.
  7. locolorenzo22

    How do nurses practice giving shots?

    we used the fake skin, and that helped, but the biggest thing is to just be confident, if you willy nilly it, you'll hurt the patient. heparin and insulin are the only shots i give routinely. after that everything else is easy.
  8. locolorenzo22

    possibly going to all one color scrub tops

    i give it 6 months to a year, before they realize that it makes no difference and change back. thanks all.
  9. locolorenzo22

    Ortho Docs and pain meds

    i have had non narcotic orhto patients due to confusion or other medical issues, but if this is the case the patient should ask for referral to a pain specialist to determine how to control pain before surgical intervention is available.
  10. Hi all, my hospital may be planning to implement a universal Teal scrub top policy for nurses(don't know tech color yet, but that's universal also). What I want to know is does it seem to help your patients know who the nurse is? Did your employer pay for them? Or did you really notice no difference?
  11. locolorenzo22

    Help! Anyone else work cardiac stepdown and have no tele techs?

    I want to say that this is Ridiculous. I transferred to tele last year, and those monitors go off for EVERYTHING!. We have no tele techs, but only have a max of 14 patients(we are a post cath lab sheath pull floor). Any nurse will go read and check strips with alarms. We do the best we can although sometimes things are missed. I feel for you. There needs to be one person to check the central monitor at all times for a floor that big. what is your charge doing?
  12. locolorenzo22

    Questions, questions, questions....

    Most facilities have a set starting salary for new grads, depending on shift. Personally, I started in the summer of 2008 at 23/hr with a 5/shiff diff per hour for working nights. Doesn't matter what unit you work. They also paid for a NCLEX review class and NCLEX related expenses once you passed and started working. They don't do that anymore. What is the market like currently for new grads in your area? That's a question worth asking, and schools aren't as honest as they used to be. Post a general thread in the new grad area. It may be different in a couple years, or it may not. Also, what are your motivations for going into nursing? My school had us write a page essay for the professors on "Why I want to be a nurse". Spot essay with 1 hour to write it. No points, but it was good thought process for me. Feel free to PM me that, or any questions you have. I like to think I'm a pretty good sounding board.
  13. locolorenzo22

    Questions, questions, questions....

    Generally the associates degree requires some pre-reqs, and then 2 solid years of nursing courses. I would say that your program will not let you pick and choose to only take one class at a time(usually you have to take theory, clinicals(usually a all day thing), do return lab skills). Talk to a financial aid advisor and see if they have any grants when it comes to changing careers. Also, look into community colleges versus privates. CCs generally charge less to residents.
  14. locolorenzo22

    No more Mr. Nice Guy (New Year Resolution)

    I'm with you. We have a few that come in and EVERY AM it's "Oh, I'm not taking so and so he's mean(NM that he's been perfectly pleasant to me), the family is rude(just concerned, and very understanding if you take some time), and he's a mess(due to his dressings/IV meds/or other issues....you know, actual WORK)" Make it seem like some issue is YOUR fault. Whatever. I'm done with it, if they want to try to make it a biggie, I'll be the first to tell em, "I've done what I can. I work nights. I don't call consults at midnight unless I need something." Good for you for standing up for YOU.
  15. locolorenzo22

    Interview for Neuroscience and Spine Unit

    I worked ortho/neuro for many years. Basically, you have do know how to do neuro checks(orientation questions for person/time/place, numbness or tingling that's new or moving around, checking hand grasps and wiggling toes.), what precautions are there for spinal patients (things like checking for log roll orders, knowing how to move the patient-have them roll to side before pushing with arms as they bring legs down, no bending/lifting/twisting.) All round basic nursing knowledge. Good luck, I hope you get it! Do they get CVAs as well is a good question to ask.
  16. locolorenzo22

    RN lost her first patient today

    I had my first code a few weeks ago. Feel free to search for it. It contains ideas and thoughts that I had to get out, and the support from the other an.com ers was just what helped me pull out of a shame spiral and feeling like I was a crappy nurse. Being there and asking your coworker "Hey, I'm here, I have a few minutes, do you want to talk about what happened?" will do more than a gift.