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  1. LadyEJ BSN, RN

    Masters degree then FNP/DNP?

    Thanks for the input! I'm considering earning a MPH through a distance learning program and then applying for an FNP program. Although, if I get a MSN such as Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) then I could earn a post-MSN certificate in FNP. So many options/decisions.
  2. LadyEJ BSN, RN

    Masters degree then FNP/DNP?

    My BSN GPA is not the best and I am having a hard time getting into an FNP program due to the tough competition. What are your thoughts on getting a Masters degree in something other than NP and then applying to a DNP program...assuming I will get excellent grades in grad school Is it worth it? Does this make sense? Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm not really sure where to go from here!
  3. LadyEJ BSN, RN

    Fired after 16 years related to my felony

    I also live in Michigan and I was fired today from my job in a LTC for a misdemeanor-unlawful use of a motor vehicle. I thnk the best bet is to move out of this state.
  4. LadyEJ BSN, RN

    Things noane told you about nursing

    I didn't know how boring being a Public Health Nurse would be...ugh
  5. LadyEJ BSN, RN

    Do facilities care about convictions or arrests as well?

    I just interviewed for a LTC facility today. I disclosed my felony arrest (dismissed) in the interview. The application asked about convictions only, I have 2 misdemeanors: leaving the scene of a personal injury accident and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. The ADON said that the arrests shouldn't matter and the misdemeanors won't disqualify me but I am sooo nervous awaiting a phone call.:icon_roll Good luck...every facility is different.
  6. LadyEJ BSN, RN

    Please tell me things will get better!

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could have swapped jobs?? :) My community health clinical instructor helped me get my job...I didn't actually apply. BUT, I did just see a job posting on craigslist the other day for another Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP). Try it out, it may be a perfect fit!
  7. LadyEJ BSN, RN

    Please tell me things will get better!

    Thank you! I have been thinking about trying at a nursing home. I think I will look into it this week
  8. LadyEJ BSN, RN

    Please tell me things will get better!

    Thank you all so much for the encouraging words. They really mean a lot. I am in tears as I type this. I'm so dissatisfied with my life right now...I just have to keep the faith and find the strength to move forward.
  9. LadyEJ BSN, RN

    Please tell me things will get better!

    I graduated with my BSN in December 2009 and passed the NCLEX March 2010. I got hired at a huge Detroit hospital 1 week after I passed the NCLEX, the first job I applied/interviewed for. I was so happy that I thought I was dreaming...then I got a call about a half an hour later saying that they were rescinding the offer due to my criminal background results. I was charged with 3 felonies in May 2006, all dismissed. I am not eligible for expungemnet because I have 2 misdemeanors as a result of this incident: Leaving the scene of an injury accident and attempted unlawful use of a motor vehicle. The hospital knew about the misedemeanors when they offered me the job. I spoke to two lawyers about this situation and they said that there is nothing anyone can do because theoretically the charges should not prevent me from being employed. Fast forward one year: I got a job working as a Public Health Nurse for the county, primarily with the Maternal Infant Health Program. I have been working here since April 2010 and I absolutely hate my job. I don't even feel like a nurse, all I do is weigh babies and help Moms get baby supplies. I am searching high and low for another job that will offer me more clinical experience. My morale has wasted away to nothing and it is reflected in my work. I cry alot because I feel so trapped and hopeless. I will do almost anything other than what I'm doing now....home health, nursing home, sub-acute. I just want to practice NURSING and build my skills It has to get better right???
  10. LadyEJ BSN, RN

    FNP hopeful... PLEASE HELP

    I am planning to apply to a distance learning FNP program in the near future. I graduated in December of 2009 and began working as a public health nurse in April 2010. My BSN GPA was 3.24 and my overall GPA from all colleges attended is just barely a 3.0. I called University of Cincinnati and spoke with and advisor who told me I should take a Graduate level course to show that I can handle the work. I am registered in Advanced Pathophysiology (Grad) and Introduction to Statistics (Undergrad) for the Winter semester. I had an interview for a FNP program in my state and I was told that I had two problems...my grades and my public health experience (not enough clinical exposure). My job in public health would be conducive to me being successful in grad school because of the flexibility, but because it is my only professional experience it is hurting my chances for admission. I have looked at the Frontier website and they offer a Community-based FNP program. They would probably appreciate my public health experience:rolleyes:. Are there any other schools that may accept a PHN? I would appredicate ANY and ALL suggestions....thank you! I really need to beef up my CV. I have considered taking the GRE and obtaining my ACLS/PALS??
  11. LadyEJ BSN, RN

    FNP admission interview????

  12. LadyEJ BSN, RN

    FNP admission interview????

    Hi. I am a recent BSN grad (Dec. 2009). I applied for grad school this Fall and just got a call to schedule an interview for this coming Monday! I'm super excited but I have no idea what this interview will entail. The school is Oakland University in Michigan. Can anyone tell me what I can expect? What kind of things do they want to know in these interviews? Thanks in advance! :)
  13. LadyEJ BSN, RN

    Feeling called to nursing...some questions

    A nurse educator would be a great idea!
  14. LadyEJ BSN, RN

    Traffic Violations

    I seriously cannot believe that the board would deny someone a license for unpaid traffic tickets. Totally unbelievable!
  15. LadyEJ BSN, RN

    a need to vent

    canoeHEAD...nevermind...nuff said
  16. LadyEJ BSN, RN

    List your School Here if they do not Require the GRE's..

    Oakland University in Michigan if GPA above 3.2 (above 3.5 for CRNA program)