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  1. Kiringat

    Mixed Units

    I can top that! I work on a digestive medicine/behavioral (detox, alzheimers, prisoners etc.) med/surg floor. Administration is discussing sending us pediatrics overflow. Where do they come up with these ideas?
  2. Kiringat

    Have your feelings about the human body changed?

    I'm just glad I don't blush horribly every time I see a penis anymore...
  3. Kiringat

    Safety syringes

    I hate those syringes as well. Did hear a rumor that a small bubble is actually intended, so the full dose of insulin is injected and none is left in the needle. *shrug*
  4. Kiringat

    Nurse/Patient Ratios

    4-6 total, 2 or 3 of those primary care. Gets a little scary at times...
  5. As a new grad, I think it's relative. Just got my W-2 and in a little under 5 months made over 17K, plus good benefits, retirement, etc. Considering that amount is about the most I've ever made in a full year until now, I'm thrilled. I'm just not sure any amount of money can compensate for the stress, disrespect, various grumpy people, schedule nightmares, and everything else negative I've seen in my job so far. But sometimes the good things that happen help things along quite a bit!
  6. Kiringat

    teddy bear blood bag for pediatric patients

    A bleeding teddy bear... not sure this is the greatest idea ever. :uhoh21:
  7. If you really want us to make this person (93, renal failure, end-stage COPD and a brain tumor) a full-code again, one of you will need to remain in the room at all times to see how horrible coding the patient will be.
  8. Kiringat

    Under-the-skin ID chips move toward U.S. hospitals

    I'd be fine with RFID bracelets or something, but no way are they injecting anything into me. Now it would be fun in the ED as an early-warning for our drug-seekers, frequent flyers, etc...
  9. Kiringat

    Should Doctors Have Guns?

    I have a concealed weapons permit, and am registered with the hospital to keep my gun in my locker during shift. Believe me, if a gun carrying maniac gets loose, my first thought will be to get to my gun. I want to maintain the right to defend myself and my patients, and would have no problem doing so. As long as the bad guys can go buy a gun pretty much on every street corner, us law-abiding citizen should be able to have one too.
  10. Kiringat

    Medical school vs Nursing School

    I never had and interest in becoming a doctor. Can't really say why. As a nurse I get to spend time with a group of 6-7 people every night and take care of them. I would see if you could spend some time at your local hospital, either as a volunteer, or see if you could "shadow" on the floor for a few hours.
  11. Kiringat

    Priming blood tubing with...blood??

    I've heard two rationales for priming with saline; (my hospital uses the y-set) 1. Gets rid of air bubbles 2. "Cushions" the blood cells from falling directly onto the filter at first to keep them from exploding.
  12. I'm a new grad on a kinda bizare med/surg floor. I was blessed to admit a detoxing homeless patient, one who periodically comes to the wound care clinic to treat a massive (you could see bone)chronic leg wound. And luckily, I had to perform a dressing change on the wound. Now this person was detoxing, and even fully medicated, it took four nurses to hold him down so I could do the dressing change. I took off all the old stuff and prepared to irrigate the wound. As I was irrigating, and getting a disturbingly comprehensive tour of the anatomy of the lower leg, ONE, SINGLE, maggot fell out of the room. Just one. It lay there on the chux pad, wiggling as I finished the dressing change. Of course, I had to go digging around to see if there were more. There weren't. Thank god. That image of the lone maggot is going to be burned into my mind the rest of my life... :stone:
  13. Kiringat


    Ok. This thread is more for personal venting than anything..... I started my first job on a med/surg floor. This is my fourth shift (I'm on lunch). My preceptor is weird. I got patients my very first night without any sort of orientation to the floor. I don't know where I'm going or what I'm doing half the time. And I was good at med/surg in school clinicals. I was the only student in my clinical group to take more than 4 patients. I hate it. I want to go home, curl up in bed and cry. I knew exactly what I was getting into when I took this job, but I feel like I made the worst decision of my life! Arrrggghhhhhh!!!!! *vent over*
  14. I have an interview for a job I really, really want next week. The HR person I spoke with told me that I "don't have to bring anything paperwork along, you can bring letters of recommendation and the like if you want, but we will have everything you need so it is not necessary." So I'm wondering if I should still bring along LORs and such (just to be safe...), or if I should just take her at her word and not bring anything? Thanks!
  15. Kiringat


    I've never had a problem with static or whatever wearing them, and they are wonderful on my feet. Plus, you can toss them in the wash with your scrubs whenever you need to. You do, however, have to watch out for the dreaded CROC STOP! :sofahider
  16. Kiringat

    How hard is it for a new grad to find a hospital job???

    I made the mistake of waiting until after graduation to find a nursing job. There is now a new-grad glut in my area and I'm having a hard time just getting interviews. It also isn't helping that I really don't have the connections here in CO that I had back home. I feel really dimb waiting, but at least I'm getting a little bit of a break.