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ashfost is a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. Hey guys! I too am interested in applying to this program. Currently, I am preparing to take the GRE in Nov or Dec. Anyone else preparing for the GRE?
  2. ashfost

    Home Infusion- Per Diem?

    Thanks for the feedback. Are there designated shifts in Infusion nursing? If so, what are some of the common ones? Thanks!
  3. ashfost

    Home Infusion- Per Diem?

    Hey all! I have a few questions about Home Infusion- Per Diem: -Is the per diem status based on how many days you work in a certain time period or is it based on how many patients you see in a certain time period? -Does the flexibility of the job come from being able to choose the days YOU choose to work or are you able to schedule the actual infusions at times throughout the day that YOU choose? -Are you able to pick a certain pt population to work with? (I.e Pt's needing IVIG vs pt's needing Remicaid vs pt's needing antibiotics) If anyone can answer these that'd be great! Thanks!
  4. Wow. I feel better knowing I'm not alone. I actually made it to 1030 last night. I also started back takin a multi vitamin and I exercised later in the evening so one of those things (If not both def helped)
  5. Hello all. I would first like to say how much I enjoy my new clinic position. M-F 8-5 ROCKS! What doesn't rock, is that my body still functions like I'm working a highly stressed 7a-7p shift. What I mean: I STILL shut down at 9pm every night! Even on weekends! It's like my body cannot stay up a minute longer even though I'm not as tired AND not as stressed after work. Anyone else have this problem? What did you do "re-train" your body?
  6. ashfost

    Vanderbilt ACNP Program

    I am currently preparing to take the GRE. Im not sure what semester I am applying because the future hubby and I will be moving within the next year for his job and probably will have to move again the following year. But thanks for input!
  7. ashfost

    Salaries at Northwestern, Rush, Children's Memorial?

    Thanks for the info. I agree, exploring is probably the best way but with so many neighborhoods available, I'd like to have a few narrowed down :-D Thanks!
  8. ashfost

    Salaries at Northwestern, Rush, Children's Memorial?

    The "vibe" of each neighborhood. We are in our mid and late twenties and are looking for a safe yet fun and trendy neighborhood. A little diversity would be awesome too. Also, I love public transit so I'd like to be able to utilize that too!
  9. ashfost

    Salaries at Northwestern, Rush, Children's Memorial?

    Anyone have any info on Wrigleyville or Lincoln Park? Relocating from ATL in another year and those were the areas we were told to look into.
  10. ashfost

    Nurse Agency Help/ Chicago Job Market

    Thank you Ann. I will keep The Nurse Agency in mind when I begin looking for work. I am now in the procress of applying for licensure in IL.
  11. Hey all. I am looking to relocate to Chicago next summer (July 2013). At that time, I will have just under 3 years exp in a Level I ER. Can anyone list reputable agencys to work with? Also, how is the job market looking in Chicago for experienced RN's?
  12. ashfost

    Vanderbilt ACNP Program

    The best way is to apply online. Also look out for any Nurse Recruitment Job Fairs. When I was a new grad I went to one and I had an interview on the spot. I would advise you not to move from your current location until you have a start date.....and that's with any hospital you choose to work at. Also, its best to have already passed NCLEX and GA License # in hand. Hope this helps!
  13. ashfost

    Holy Cross Hospital, Taos NM

    Hey Everyone! I am currently an ER RN living in Atlanta,Ga. Theres a chance I will be relocating to Taos, NM next year. The only hospital I could find located in Taos is Holy Cross. Can anyone give me any information on this hospital? And I would also like info on the town. Ive heard it has that "small town" feel and great ski country, which is fine with me. But would I need to drive into larger cities for groceries, shopping, etc? Is it a retirement town or are there young faces as well? Any info or experiences you guys would like to share, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
  14. ashfost

    ER to Cardiac Stepdown?

    Hello all. Just wanting advice or anyone's two cents. While I was in school, I precepted on a Cardiac Stepdown Unit and loved it! Pt's consisted of sheath pulls, post-MI, POD #1 CABG, etc. The manager did not have a new grad position available when I graduated so I took a Nurse Resident/RN position at a Level I Trauma center in the ER. I have finished my residency and have been working about 8 months in total (since being out of school). I recently emailed the manager from the Cardiac Stepdown Unit looking for PRN work. She only has FT available which she offered to me contingent upon interview. So now I am trying to decide whether I want to leave my current FT for this FT position. My ultimate goal is to work in the CVICU so in my mind, a cardiac stepdown unit would be perfect in getting there after solid experience. Or I could hold out and wait for an actual CVICU position to open up and apply w/ ER experience only. (I don't know of any at this time). Anyone switch jobs before their first year was complete?
  15. ashfost

    August 2010 NCLEX-takers Support Group

    Congrats, Siegrad! I too have PASSED! Yay! I have job lined up but I can't go any further with the paperwork until I get that RN#. But Hooray! :thankya::balloons::cheers:
  16. ashfost

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I just took my exam at 8am today. Got 75 questions and the "good pop-up". I've been doing it over and over again just to make sure. Im trying to wait the 48 hours but its soo hard. I just hope the PVT is accurate!!!! LMAO!