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  1. NurseguyFL

    West Coast vs East Coast nursing

    As much as I love New York, I wouldn't move there to work as a nurse. Some of the hospitals are terrible there! And as for the poster who said that you make more money in NY, I don't know about that. Maybe its different now but travel pay in New York City used to be low compared to the outrageous cost of living there.
  2. NurseguyFL

    Los Angeles housing

    Depends on the deal you have with the agency. Some people take the housing stipend and find their own apartment. Last time I was there the agency put me up at the Oakwood apartments, and it included everything---linens, utilities, etc. http://www.oakwood.com/corporate-apartments/furnished/US/CA/Los-Angeles/prop22/showDetail.html But LA is a pretty large area. Depends on exactly where you will be going. If you've never been there then do some research into the particular area where they're planning to send you. Certain parts of LA are REALLY bad, and if you'll be living in or traveling to those parts then having a small apartment is the least of your worries. Wherever they plan to house you should also be reasonably close to the hospital because the traffic in LA is horrendous!
  3. NurseguyFL

    Nurses not following doctors orders

    What do you mean by "a trend"? Exactly how many nurses in your hospital are doing these things---one, a few, all? Its difficult to believe that there is actually a 'trend' among nurses anywhere, to arbitrarily ignore doctors orders or protocols. Unless this is a hospital where the nursing care is generally sloppy, no one does quality control, no intervention from the risk management people, no clinical nurse specialists doing rounds with the staff, and the doctors themselves failing to follow up so as to demand to know why the tests they ordered weren't done, or why their post-surgical patients aren't wearing the SCDs, or what that CHFer's weight was done this morning. Sounds like there's plenty of blame to go around. You also have to consider that some of these incidents aren't necessarily intentional, or even errors at all. Maybe the patient isn't wearing SCDs because the hospital either ran out of the 'boots' or there's no one in central supplies to bring the machine. I've seen both happen. Maybe the doctor filed the chart back on the rack after writing the order, then the patient went off the floor for a procedure with the chart and nurse missed the order. I've seen that happen, too. Maybe the order was called in as a verbal to the charge nurse and she forgot to write it down. Maybe that CBC wasn't drawn because the patient was off the floor in a precedure when the lab staff came to get the blood. Maybe the nurses didn't intentionally NOT do certain things but were so busy during the shift that they ran out of time to do it all before the shift ended. Yes---a lot of maybes, but I have worked in places where all these things (and more) happened, and its not always the nurses' fault. But I've never seen it so bad that I would call it a trend. If this sort of stuff is commonplace where you are working then I'm surprised the manager hasn't done anything about it. Its difficult to believe that it could be as bad as you say and the manager is completely unaware of it. No staff meetings to discuss the problems? No write-ups for sloppy nursing care and serious mistakes??? One day something bad will happen, and when the lawyers come knocking everyone will held accountable.
  4. NurseguyFL

    travler looking to move to south florida

    Thank you so much for this perspective. I was recently talking to a recruiter who was REALLY trying to sell both these locations to me for my next travel assignment. Both are offering travel pay that is higher than they normally do, and now I know why? There's never smoke without fire.
  5. NurseguyFL

    Do FL schools take NC credits?

    Will they will accept your credits as long as they are coming from an accredited school? Yes. Will they accept ALL of your credits, as long as they are coming from an accredited school? Not necessarily. It depends on the school that you are transferring to. The private universities will be more willing to take all of your credits than the public ones. If you are transferring into a Florida state college from any private school in the state or from any out of state college, their requirements are a little different. They are notorious for refusing to accept certain credits in math and the natural sciences because according to them, the coursework is not necessarily the same. And, if the credits are more than a certain number of years old they will require you to take them again. So, go to the FACTS.org website and research the school that you are planning to apply to, then call and speak to an admissions counselor about whether or not specific credits will transfer. When I was in nursing school in Florida, I had a friend who had transferred into the program from a college in New York. And at the end of the program when we were getting ready to graduate, they audited her records and told her that she had to take microbiology and chemistry again. She fought them for months. But they prevented her from graduating with our class, and went into this whole thing about asking her old school to send information about the coursework, etc. It was all for nothing. She HAD to eventually take THEIR microbiology and chemistry classes to get her diploma.
  6. NurseguyFL

    Took Job on Telemetry Floor...what's Telemetry???

    Recall the stuff you learned during your cardio rotation in nursing school---the patho, the rhythm strips, the drugs---that's the basics of tele nursing. If the unit manager knows you don't have tele experience and she still offered you the job then it is reasonable to assume that she has plans to send you on a telemetry course as a part of an extended orientation. This will turn out to be a good thing for you because you will learn new skills, which means more opportunities will be available to you later on. I encourage you to go for it!
  7. NurseguyFL

    travler looking to move to south florida

    If you want to go to Miami try to get into one of the Baptist Hospitals there, or if you're into peds try for Miami Childrens. If you're looking for a huge level 1 teaching hospital, then try for the University of Miami/Jackson. I wouldn't recommend any of the other hospitals in Dade County---not Mt. Sinai on Miami Beach, certainly not any of the Tenet hospitals, and the only HCA hospitals that's halfway decent are the ones in Kendall and Coral Gables. If you decide on the Fort Lauderdale area, neither the North nor South Broward District Hospitals are using travelers now, but this could change when their busy season starts at the end of October. Except for the District hospitals and Holy Cross in Fort Lauderdale, I would not recommend ANY of the others. Pretty much all the others are owned either by Tenet or HCA and none of them are great places to work. The Cleveland Clinic hospital in Weston seperated from Tenet some time ago, and I've heard its not so bad now. However, they do require that you wear all-white all the time, and if you're a smoker you cannot work there (even if you only smoke while you're off work). These things may not be issues for you, but just letting you know. As far as the Boca/West Palm Beach area hospitals go. I would not recommend ANY of them---at all! Now thats for travel assignments. If you're planning on moving permanently to the southeast Florida area. Do more research first. I've lived here most of my life and I'm telling you that this place isn't all sunshine, rainbows, and lollipops the way some people make it seem. It is EXPENSIVE to live here, and even though home prices have come down a bit they are still high. On top of that the property insurance and taxes are also very high. Crime is also on the increase all over the Tri-county area--even in areas where you hardly used to hear about criminal activity at all. Robberies, assault, and murder are on the rise, and the criminals are becoming more brazen. During the past year there have been more than just a few incidents of them getting into shootouts with the police, and just a couple weeks ago another cop was gunned down on the job in Fort Lauderdale. But, what can I tell you, we have a mayor here who is more concerned about running gay people out of town than he is about the crime situation! As a staff nurse here you will be making mid to high 20s/hr. You can make more doing agency work, but there's not much of that available except during the busy winter season. The hospitals may offer big bonuses to go on staff, but the short of it is that whether you plan to buy or rent a home, it will be a challenge to keep up with the cost of living here unless you regularly do overtime. I feel that areas like Tampa and Jacksonville are generally better places to go to than south Florida, but that's just my opinion. The southwest coast is nice if you prefer a more laid back and less congested environment but that area is also very expensive.
  8. NurseguyFL

    Mount Sinai Miami FLorida Pay

    The pay for the Boca area is similar to what Narcan posted above for Miami. You may be able to get a bit more with shift diffs, but not that much more. Also, the hospitals in that Palm Beach County area aren't such great places to work. Most are owned by Tenet and HCA, so be forewarned. In fact, I can't think of even one that I would recommend.
  9. NurseguyFL

    Dont move to florida

    "Half-backers". I love it! LOL. I also own a home in Florida and wish I could unload it and get out of here permanently. Unfortunately, now is not a good time to try to sell a house in Florida because there just aren't any buyers out there. I have a lot of equity, and so far I'm doing ok, but I haven't seen any decreases in the insurance costs, despite declining property values, and the proposed property tax cuts are a joke. I've done the math and found that this tax cut scheme being pitched by the governer will actually INCREASE my taxes in the long run! I pray all the time that we don't get hit by another major hurricane any time soon. That would truly finish off a lot of Floridians, many of whom are now hanging on to the edge with a fingernail.
  10. NurseguyFL

    Dont move to florida

    I don't doubt that its possible to make that kind of money in FL, provided you are working an average of 72 or more hours per week, and willing to put up with just about anything at all. All the power to you! I could never do it---especially not with the way nursing has become in many parts of Florida. I agree with the OP, and also with Tweety and Carol. Florida is very, very different now than it used to be. And, I'm not talking about the 'good ole days' because I'm not old enough to know about those. What I can say is that its now just as expensive to live in some parts of Florida as it is to live in some of the big cities in the Northeast and on the West Coast, and most of the hospitals don't pay nurses all that well. In many areas of FL, even the middle class are struggling to get by, and as Tweety already mentioned, a lot of them have either left the state or are planning to leave. Glad to hear you found a situation that works well for you.
  11. Burnout is possible at any time. I've known people who quit altogether after only a few months. You are right that most people don't really understand what nurses do, and I can't think of too much that has ever been done to correct misperceptions about the nurses' role. For the most part, we accept it and say and do nothing. The hospital TV dramas may be fun to watch, but they all stereotype nurses as go-fers and make it seem as if doctors are the only ones who do all the important work. Now, if someone were to produce a true-to-life drama about what hospital work is really like, it wouldn't be very interesting to most people because there's nothing romantic about it and it might actually scare everyone who sees it away from the hospitals. What is really killing us now is the corporate shifting of nursing care from health care to 'customer service'. Now patients and visitors just can't seem to get beyond the 'hotel' mentality, and if they don't get the pillows fluffed and the pitcher iced, they are on the phone complaining to administration about you within minutes. I'm sure we all have our own collection of stories to tell about this, and its just ridiculous. Sometimes you can even spend more time catering to the whims and fancies of the visitors than you do taking care of the patient, which is silly. As for doctors, I don't take their crap either. When communicating with the ones who are rude, I just stick to the facts about the patient's care and then I'm done with them. If they decide to get snippy with me I politely let them know that I will be documenting, verbatim, whatever they tell me into the patient's record. That alone usually changes their attitude. Even the most arrogant of them know that nurses notes are fodder for a nasty lawsuit. Its too bad that some of us let them get away with abusing us. To Commuter, I didn't think your post was negative. It describes the situation exactly the way it is. I won't burn out because I don't put up with foolishness or unreasonable demands from anyone, and will not let any doctor, patient, or their family members stress me out. I love and respect myself too much to let other people destroy my body and mind that way.
  12. NurseguyFL

    they don't tell you EVERYTHING!!!!

    Hey, NurseCyd, This is an old thread, but I strongly suspect that the agency you're asking about is the same one the OP was complaining about. I suspect this because the things she mentioned sound very similar to stuff that company did with me also. You are right to be very cautious. They quote very high pay rates but what they don't tell you upfront is that they don't pay for most of your utilities, and their furished apartments are not really furnished. As the saying goes, all is not gold...
  13. NurseguyFL

    dcotor asked me to leave room

    You guys have got to be kidding! Whatever is going on with the patient ought to involve the nurse because if and when things change, how can the nurse maintain quality control of the patient's care if information about the patient is being hidden. What is the point anyway? The rationales for whatever a physician is doing for any patient can easily be gleaned from the progress notes, and, unless the physician is going to stay at the bedside and execute all the orders himself or herself, then such secrecy is just silly. The only exception I can think of when this would be appropriate is if the physician is a psychiatrist who is doing a highly specialized evaluation of the patient that involves very personal stuff that the nurse really doesn't need to hear. Otherwise, nursing needs to be involved. How else do you know when a development thats usually 'expected' for most patients is not what the physician wants for this particular patient? I wouldn't take it personally but it is still a 'dis' to nursing. And proof of this is seen in the fact that whenever physicians show up on a unit to evaluate a patient with a group of medical students, privacy is hardly ever an issue, and no one says anything. Maybe its the white coat that makes the diff.
  14. I doubt that what your friends told you about making the same salary in FL as they did in NY is entirely true. Florida pay has never been high, but you can make more if you do agency instead of working staff. However, in most cases its like comparing six to a half dozen because staff positions come with benefits and most agency work doesn't (unless YOU pay for it). The way some nurses do it is that they take a full-time staff position and then either work in-house registry or pick up extra shifts at another hospital through an agency. The extra hours can definitely get you more than $60k but it won't be the same because you'll obviously have less time off available to do other stuff.
  15. NurseguyFL

    PICC line certification

    There is a school that specializes in continuing education for nurses in North Miami that does PICC line training and certification. Its called Nursing Unlimited. They have a good reputation in the area and I've taken some classes with them in the past. All their courses are taught by very experienced RNs, and I like their no-stress approach to teaching. Here is a link to their website http://www.nursingunlimited.com/CE/CLASSES.htm
  16. NurseguyFL

    Fastest way to make the most money?

    As Suzanne said, local agency nursing is not 100% reliable in terms of the financial outcome you are seeking. If nursing in your local area is the way it is in many other areas during the summer, then the hospitals may not always as busy as they are during other times of the year, and whenever the census drops the local agency nurses are among the first to get called off or sent home. I remember that while I was doing agency work, there were some weeks when they called me every single day, and then there were times all of my shifts were canceled. I do not recommend relying only on local agency work if you need those hours. If your financial situation is such that you HAVE TO earn a lot of money real quick and you need guaranteed hours then you might want to consider doing a contract with a company that specializes in short term assignments with a guaranteed number of hours each week. I know some nurses here are not fans of some of these agencies, but if they are offering something that suits what you need for the short term then they may be worth looking into. I know that Fastaff and Nurse Choice usually have 4 and 8 week contracts. Sometimes On Assignment has them, too.