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  1. kukukajoo

    Nursing Shortage in Atlanta?

    I just relocated from New England to Southeast Atlanta. I had less than a year experience and got the only job I applied at. I put feelers out there and there were several other places I had leads on but really wanted to work at the place I was hired at so waited before applying and then never needed to apply elsewhere! The hardest was it took forever to transfer my license! All the best to you!
  2. Have you tried Henry Medical or Southern Regional? Best wishes to you on your relocation and continuing your nursing education!
  3. kukukajoo

    Last name on namebadge

    Bad idea if you ask me.We have full names on badges and What's worse is here in GA the BON posts your address for anyone who looks up your license to see!!
  4. Also many of the Boston hospitals require a BSN and it is hard to get in from what I have heard. Very expensive to live there too but a great city for someone your age. All the places you list are pretty pricey actually. Why are you considering each place?
  5. kukukajoo

    Sixth sickle cell death in BAHRAIN

    I just wanted to say thank you. I recently moved to GA from NH and had never seen a sickle cell case but here we get them all the time. I have little knowledge to treat a crisis other than the hospital protocols we enact. I appreciate you taking the time to educate and will be seeking more information on this.
  6. kukukajoo

    UPDATE on my battle with the GA LPN BON

    any news yet?
  7. kukukajoo

    Travel job offer in Valdosta. Any tips?

    It took me over 2 months to get my GA RN on a simple transfer from another state (with a complete application!). They say they issue a temporary RN but this did not happen with me and my hospital would not accept that anyhow, as it is something new evidently. This would probably be your biggest worry. Also last I looked, you have to do your fingerprinting in GA at specified locations- you can no longer mail in the cards...
  8. kukukajoo

    UPDATE on my battle with the GA LPN BON

    Good luck!! It took FOREVER to get my license by endorsement here in GA. I have never had such a senseless wait for anything ever before. I think you are right- something needs to be done to improve things.
  9. kukukajoo

    What isn't wrong with the GA BON?

    I have seen so many posts negatively here and I have to say that I think I would have thought twice about moving here had I know how hard to deal with GA BON would be! It took nearly 3 months of waiting after sending in my complete, simple- transfer by endorsement application. I did everything right and it still took that long! NO EXCUSES if you ask me! I feel like it was logged, check was cashed (right away of course!) and then it was put in a file to be ignored for over 30 business days which is forever during the holiday season! I called and asked about different things, got different answers.... But this seems common from what I see on here. Then I was told I would have a temporary RN and could work on that- AS SOON AS APPLICATION WAS RECEIVED. That NEVER happened, and anyhow the hospital I would be working at wouldn't accept that anyhow I found out later, as it is something new and nobody seems to know about it... My last pet peeve- ANYBODY can type in my name and get my address from their site!! I don't think that its necessary for that to be public information in this day and age.... I think as nurses, we need to demand better service and representation.
  10. kukukajoo

    Transferring a SC license to GA

    Good luck getting answers from the GA BON, and good luck getting your license!! I just transferred mine from another state and it took me nearly 3 months- and that's with NOTHING that would raise flags- just a straightforward, simple license by endorsement and the application was perfectly complete. I still am waiting for my actual license and afraid I may never see that! The worst part- I had a job waiting the entire time. The BON was NOT helpful in the waiting process, their temporary licenses are non-existent, and you can call three times and get three different answers.
  11. kukukajoo

    Relocating to Atlanta from NH

    Well I hope you got a good flight. I had a hard time finding a deal from MHT. I got one out of Logan for 147 RT all in and the very next day Airtran had a direct go on sale for 159 all in! Who did you book your tix with? I know MHT would be sooo much easier for me. It sounds like there are LOTS of places to apply down there and I can't wait to see the areas and all. My cousin hooked us up with tix to the Braves right behind home plate and entry into some club there called 755 Club! I have been to ballgames all over but still never to Fenway, lol! If you work at Emory do you get a break on tuition for continuing ed? How are the schools down there? I want to get my BSN and plan to enroll somewhere soon as I am settled. Its neat how they have specialty hospitals there. I was working at a 25 bed hospital up here! I will be lost in the large hospitals at first!
  12. kukukajoo

    Relocating to Atlanta from NH

    Hi Jessica, thanks for responding and best wishes in school! I have called a few places and was surprised that their ballpark salaries were actually higher than here in the lakes region by a good amount! I am hoping that rings true so I can pay off all my school debt sooner. I am down there for the last week of the month and now finding it may be too short of a visit for all I need to accomplish! Do you miss anything about NH? I have a great friend in Londonderry now, and planning on heading to their old home day celebration tomorrow!
  13. kukukajoo

    Relocating to Atlanta from NH

    Not one reply?
  14. kukukajoo

    Relocating to Atlanta from NH

    BIG CHANGES! I have an amazing opportunity to relocate to Atlanta and am going down there the end of this month to see how I like it and scout for jobs and check out the area. I will be applying to some jobs online trying to get interviews while down there as well as starting the process of getting a Georgia license which seems like it can be tricky. It looks as if being there to do the fingerprint scans is much easier and quicker, which is a bonus.... I already have family and friends there, as well as a home ready to move in to. It almost feels like I am supposed to do this the way things are falling into place for me. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for me and any leads on jobs. I am thinking about also getting a per diem at a nursing home as well as working at a hospital. I see lists of hospitals on here but none for LTC facilities anywhere. Any advice, support, assistance would be most welcome!
  15. kukukajoo

    Need help with a dillema

    Don't turn down the offer you have now (bird in hand theory). Is there any way that you can hold off on uniforms? If they are for clinical you may be able to wait a couple weeks into the semester thus saving that money if you do get the second offer and decide to switch.... The $1,000 may be worth the time and gas savings to you. I know I turned down a full scholarship with a stipend right thru to get my BSN (BHPR program) at a school an hours drive away (more with traffic) to be at a school less than five miles from my home. I only have my ADN but it worked out- my gram had to move in with me and was very sick and I needed to be closer to home and those hours of commuting to me were precious minutes I was able to spend with my gram until her death last October. Time can mean a lot when you think about it...... Best wishes with your education and future career!