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gemini_star has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology, Medical.

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  1. gemini_star

    AHPRA Registration

    Hi Rachi, don't keep your hopes up. Start counting the three months when they charged your credit card. It usually take 3 months.
  2. gemini_star

    Acute Nursing or Rehab/Aged Care Nursing?

    Thanks ceridwyn. I am all new to rehab nursing as I am an overseas nurse. It sparks an interest on me so far. I will read into that more. Is it as stressful as in an acute medical ward?
  3. Hi guys, hoping for your thoughts on this. Which has the most future in nursing career in Australia between the two? What are the main differences in roles of rehab nurse and aged care nurse?
  4. Hi cioman, what part of Sydney are you working now?
  5. gemini_star

    BMT and Haematology Units

    Is there any cancer facility in Queensland?
  6. wow it took you almost three months. thats quite slow
  7. Hi cioman, Congratulations! You have been an inspiration. Hope you will continue to the others. What state are you going to be work?
  8. Hi guys, I'm choosing between the two public hospitals on which one is better in terms of hospital rotations? Any ideas? Flinders is way too far from me but I don't mind it as long as I will get good experience and education. Hoping to hear from you.
  9. Hi cioman, I think it's very nice of you spreading the information about working in Australia but I think too much of it would be easy feeding to them. I think sometimes people here try to just get the information here and do not research on it. Even about the bridging schools are still being asked when one can e-mail them right away or call them. It's so easy to do that if one has initiative. I find it very lazy to ask some easy questions when more than 80% of research are being provided by you. Two years ago these info were not available here and there are many of whom still managed to become a nurse back then.
  10. Hello, did you submit the required CV as well?
  11. gemini_star

    New Grad Programs in Australia?

    What is the basic rate for new graduate nurses?
  12. that was fast, kuri. all of your processing took only 2 days to enroll with them. maybe not many are applying to them. You still have plenty of time for the 456. good luck!
  13. Hi bekimon, i dont think its too late. They will start late September. If you have your papers and money ready, you can still make it. The visa only takes a week for the processing of 457 if your medicals are already done.
  14. I hope you will find one soon cioman. If its harder for you to find one what more for those who don't have any experience. I think getting a job in Australia is getting harder. Keep on applying. Maybe the rurals will be accommodating.
  15. hi rn, are there many jobs in adelaide for those no experience?

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