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So, I just found out that we will be wearing white uniforms next semester....white scrubs to be exact. Anyone else have to wear white? Normally I wouldn't mind, but I am the type of person that... Read More

  1. by   SaraO'Hara
    I think they make us wear white because almost none of the licensed staff will

    If you have a Trader Joe's nearby, their laundry soap in the green box has color-safe oxygen bleach and does a very nice job of keeping whites white.

    Also - wash your whites separately. Almost all my other clothes are black, so my whites end up with millions of black lint threads if I don't.
  2. by   skyblue77
    I'm really interested in what color my scrubs will be. I think they are going to be white so I need to buy a lot of tan/ nude underwear this summer.
  3. by   Chixie
    Quote from Faeriewand
    ok after seeing that I don't feel so badly now :chuckle

    Navy blue for the belt and shoulder tabs might be ok but where on earth did they get purple?

    I think an all white dress would be fine. Thanks for sharing!

    I know, its hideous, i mean purple????I think some store got stuck with a load of purple bits and my uni being tight with money got them cheap because no one else would buy them or wear them. The staff nurses think its hilarious
  4. by   AgataRN
    We have to wear white scrubs, but over that this U-G-L-Y dark blue apron/smock that makes you think the last thing we are is nurses. In one of the hospitals I did my clinicals in, the RNs all have to wear white scrubs only. I don't mind, it's actually easier since you can use bleach on the scrubs after exposure to who knows what. But the dark blue apron is where I draw the line at!!
  5. by   Acosmo27
    luckily we have navy blue scrubs, thank goodness! but ive seen other nursing students in white on our floor, i always feel so bad for them.. actually i think they are kinda cute but what a pain in the butt!
  6. by   shygoofyone
    Forthe poster concerned about her undies showing...wear a color closest to your skin tone (beige for me...and I'm super white!). for some reason, it hides under white better. And I learned that in high school (thank you, dance team uniform!)

    That said, I'll be graduating in May and have no problem with the idea of RNs wearing white. I think it really does send a visual cue to patients as to who is the nurse (versus the tech/housekeeper/xray, etc). Of course, we got grilled on that in one of my classes, thanks to an instructor who very much wishes all RNs wore white!
  7. by   I love my cat!
    Quote from jla623
    So, I just found out that we will be wearing white uniforms next semester....white scrubs to be exact. Anyone else have to wear white? Normally I wouldn't mind, but I am the type of person that spills something on themselves everytime they wear white. In fact, last time I wore white pants (5+ years ago) I just happened to sit on a chocolate cupcake. No joke.

    I guess I will just have to buy like 5 pairs incase I get some sort of lethal permanent cupcake stain.

    I like white! Just not ALL white. Anyone have anything worse to make me feel better? :spin:
    I'll say it. I like white too, but I hate all-white uniforms. And your cupcake story made me LOL! I needed a good laugh today!
    I second the use of Spray-n-Wash. I also find that washing whites with OxyClean helps, too. Also, one of the main reason for underarm yellowing/staining is from putting clothes on when the deodorant is still wet (read that somewhere).
    There is a very funny thread somewhere on AllNurses talking about fugly uniforms. I don't have time to find it now, but I think you would get a chuckle out of it.
    I really have never understood why the vast majority of Nursing schools force students to wear ugly uniforms. They almost always look cheap and unprofessional. Ours were pinstripe (blue and white). We had to wear the white pants and white shoes. We also had to wear our hair & nails a certain way, minimal jewelry, etc. The Nsg. uniform reminded me of the get-up I had to wear when I worked at Wendy's when I was 16.
  8. by   back2thebooks
    I'm 99% sure that we'll be sporting the lovely white scrubs and lab coats, as well. The only positive I could see is that I can use bleach to clean those suckers (oh, and I just learned about peroxide from White Oleander's post!). I use cloth diapers on my baby, so I usually can get anything out of white! LOL

    I second the "nude" colored undies. Find a color that is closest to your skin tone. The same trick works very well for wearing white shirts---a nude/skin colored bra looks soooo much better! Esp. if you're well-endowed
  9. by   whiteoleander5
    My uniform is all white (And its funny you should mention stains, cause my most recent post is about getting a stain out of them ), and while it isn't the optimal color choice to wear head to toe... honestly, who cares? You're in nursing school. I'd wear a garbage bag if thats what was required of me.

    I definately am very cautious when I'm in my uniform though. I wont even drink coffee while I wear them. I have to be careful of what I touch, lean against, etc. Putting my uniform on is the last thing I do before I leave the house and the very first thing I do when I walk in the door.

    Just wear the uniform, ask people for stain tips & hey... when you're a nurse you can buy those stylin' patterned scrub tops (I love looking at those in the scrubs store.... cant buy them yet though! :spin
  10. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I recently had clinical this pass weekend and my worst night mare came true ! Its 8 am... six more hours left of the clinical day. Can you guess who paid me a visit, MY PERIOD ! I was so nervous, and to top it off I was wearing thong underwear. Thank God I had tampons with me, but if I didn't I probably would've had to wear depends, with pads, and my lab coat all day. I did make it through the day with out adding red to my pretty, all WHITE, uniform
  11. by   Night Owl RN
    I haven't seen anyone else post this so I'll go on record with "I hate the polo shirt" uniform top. What was wrong with the standard "pajama top" scrub shirt? It hid a multitude of sins. The polo shirts have no pockets and if your hour-glass figure is hiding under layers of "natural insulation", the polo shirt is a real eyesore. I don't think it looks very professional either. I had to wear one as a CNA (the nurses there had to wear the same thing). If I wore it on the outside of the pants (which was allowed), the shirt ended about 3 inches above my knee. One of my coworkers observed that we all looked like we worked at a McDonald's. She was right! We wore cargo pants (for the pockets, of course) but were always pulling them up. All of the stuff crammed into the two pockets weighed them down, making them very low rise by the time we got down the hall.

    I'll be starting my RN clinicals in a couple of months and have learned the clinical uniform is white pants and a green polo shirt. That get-up is sure to have the fashion police on high alert. It will be difficult to feel confident in clinicals knowing I look like a fat dork.
  12. by   ljw04
    Hi, I graduated in 05 and we wore white uniforms from the very first day. I thought thats all any nursing student was allowed to wear. I think it's nice and when I go in to a hospital I think it's a good idea for the RN to wear white and for other nurses (aids, LPN, med. ass.) to wear a different color so that you can tell them apart. I know what your saying about white getting dirty I was always walking around with coffee stains and trying to bleach them out. I remember when my pen leaked and I had a big black stain in my pocket. I know the other most terrible thing is always hoping it's not that time of month b/c then that's real trouble. Good Luck and stay clean!!!!