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Faeriewand ASN, RN


Certified Medical Surgical Registered Nurse and ONS Chemotherapy certified

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Faeriewand has 11 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in med/surg/tele/neuro/rehab/corrections.

Taking my nursing career in a new direction to oncology.

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  1. Faeriewand

    My first day!

    I just finished my first day training as a chemotherapy nurse on my unit where we have many patients with cancer. I'm so excited to become a chemotherapy nurse. I've just gotten my ONS certification :) I had a great first day! So happy to learn and discover more in nursing. Any advice or comments appreciated!
  2. Faeriewand

    What's next after correctional nursing?

    I would like to follow this thread as I am new to correctional nursing, but I work in a hospital and we get patients from the various prisons in the region. I do plan to get a state correctional job in the future however.
  3. Faeriewand

    Prison nursing vs jail nursing

    Keep us updated on how it's going! :)
  4. Live and learn. It sounds like you have a good attitude so don't give up. Maybe this wasn't the right fit for you. Success is falling down seven times and getting up eight. :)
  5. Faeriewand

    Do you overspend on luxury items as a nurse?

    Yup! I bought a new car that was a hybrid to save on gas! Paid it off early and love it! I just closed on a little house, under 1,000 sq ft, 2 bdrms 2 bthrms. I enjoy the money I'm making. Next up going to spend my money on a degree-my daughter and myself. Life is good. :) Oops well maybe these aren't' luxury items.
  6. Faeriewand

    Online medical Spanish courses?

    I would like to know as well. I've been searching today and found practicingspanish.com It's Medical Spanish - Phrases, Terms, Dialogues, Anatomy, all online for doctors, nurses. It says free medical Spanish immersion. I like the free part best!
  7. Faeriewand

    Lpn & asn are are being phased out.

    I graduated in 2010 with my ADN from a community college here in San Diego. The next year their LVN program was dropped. The Director of Nursing was pursuing a goal to get future students a BSN degree from that community college. She said everyone would need it in order to get a job. In 2010 everyone was scrambling to get a job. I was previously employed so my job was tied up but even students with a prior masters degree had to look for a year before finding employment as a nurse. In San Diego County where I live all the hospital websites say BSN preferred. Very tough for new grads here to find employment, BSN or not. Here there are many schools producing new grad nurses with BSNs alongside the community colleges so we have a glut of new grads. The BSN can help one get a job but it is not guaranteed.
  8. Faeriewand

    Lpn & asn are are being phased out.

    Where did you go to school that you could pay cash? I want to do this!
  9. Faeriewand

    Thank you notes after job fair

    You are not being punk'd! You are just an awesome nurse! :)
  10. Faeriewand

    Is My Pay Really That Bad???

    RN in Oceanside CA. (North County San Diego) Make $44/hr and we are in desperate need of nurses! If you are looking to come to Southern California and make good money look here. You can rent a place for a reasonable price in Escondido. I've been an RN for 6 years (no specialty) and just started at this hospital last year. They pay extremely well.
  11. Faeriewand

    Being called in to work extra.. ALL. THE. TIME!

    I get called all the time as well however I never answer. They usually offer doubletime if they really need nurses and that's quite a lot of the time. I will accept that every once in a while but not too much. Money isn't everything. The more you work the more likely you are to get overtired and risk making a mistake. I never work if it's not doubletime. Just edited to add that I always turn off my phone before going to sleep because it's not anyone's responsibility to know when I am sleeping and not to disturb me. During the day I usually have my phone on Do Not Disturb. I can always call back.
  12. Faeriewand

    On Contract when a Hospital Strikes

    Let us know how everything went Bolt!
  13. Faeriewand

    What's the weirdest thing management has said to you?

    If you are on your break then where you are does not matter as you are unavailable anyway. It's actually against the law for the hospital to require nurses to remain in the hospital on their break in event that they need to speak with the nurse. You are on your break and that's that.
  14. Faeriewand

    How in this world do you ever get 1 year experience?

    I know two hospitals in San Diego County that would hire you right now. There are also a couple of hospitals here that have a SNF attached to them where you could start out and transfer to acute care after 6 mos or a year. It's doable. Keep on keeping on! What area of California do you live?
  15. Faeriewand

    I don't want to be a nurse!!

    Biomed Engineer sounds like a cool job and a much better option than nursing! Nursing is a **** job. Always remember that and tell your parents that too. You do not want to be a nurse for money or security. The nursing shortage is over and you won't have a job when you graduate.
  16. Faeriewand

    Cops and Nurses

    I was stopped on a roadblock to catch DUI's. I was very tired after a long shift. My badge was turned backwards so only the white showed. I was so tired I didn't bother to lift my hand to turn it around. But the cop saw my scrubs and asked where I worked, then waved me thru.