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Faeriewand has 8 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in med/surg/tele/neuro.

Married with 4 children

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  1. Faeriewand

    What's next after correctional nursing?

    I would like to follow this thread as I am new to correctional nursing, but I work in a hospital and we get patients from the various prisons in the region. I do plan to get a state correctional job in the future however.
  2. Faeriewand

    Prison nursing vs jail nursing

    Keep us updated on how it's going! :)
  3. Live and learn. It sounds like you have a good attitude so don't give up. Maybe this wasn't the right fit for you. Success is falling down seven times and getting up eight. :)
  4. Faeriewand

    Cops and Nurses

    I was stopped on a roadblock to catch DUI's. I was very tired after a long shift. My badge was turned backwards so only the white showed. I was so tired I didn't bother to lift my hand to turn it around. But the cop saw my scrubs and asked where I worked, then waved me thru.
  5. Faeriewand

    allnurses will continue

    I did. Got it.
  6. Faeriewand

    allnurses will continue

    Was shocked to hear the news. My condolences to the Short family. Thank you all for your continuing efforts at AN Rose Queen is there a link to get to that article?
  7. Faeriewand

    Yuma, Az

    I would like to know more about travel nursing assignment in Yuma AZ at Yuma Regional Medical Center. Like what are the nurse to patient ratios in medical/surgical units and telemetry days.
  8. Faeriewand

    Hawaii Contract

    What agency are you signed up with if you don't mind me asking? I've been thinking about Hawaii every since I vacationed there last year! :)
  9. Faeriewand

    Best Travel Companies

    So what are the best travel nursing agencies? I'm looking to start traveling soon. I've done a couple of rapid response assignments and have really enjoyed the experience. :) I figured I would go with Fastaff because they are the only ones I know LOL
  10. Faeriewand

    Desert Valley Hospital Victorville

    Just wondering if anyone out that way has perspective on what its like to live and work in that area thanks!
  11. Faeriewand

    Desert Valley Hospital Victorville

    Hi Anyone work at Desert Valley Hospital in Victorville? Just wondering what it is like to work there. I'm thinking of transferring over there if they will accept me. An older thread that I've found on this hospital said the pay was very low. My pay is already low so no change for me. But they would have to pay me what I make now and not any lower. What is it like to live and work in the high desert?
  12. I tell the students all the time to get a job before they graduate. A few did become CNA's and at my hospital they are hired as a nurse if they work as a CNA. Also we need telemetry monitor techs so if they do that job they are better prepared to work telemetry. I never took it seriously in school that clinical time was like a job interview but now that I'm a nurse I can see that it really is.
  13. Faeriewand

    Job outlook in SoCal.

    Which hospitals in Victorville are union?
  14. Faeriewand

    Any Fastaff nurses?

    I've registered for Fast Staff and I really like this agency. I've never done travel nursing before but at the event I attended everyone was friendly and I liked my hotel. Many of the travel nurses had worked with each other before. I'm looking forward to working with FS and making a good paycheck.
  15. Faeriewand

    Moving to the area- have questions!

    Congratulations on passing NCLEX!
  16. Faeriewand

    Is becoming a nurse really that bad?

    The thing about nursing that you may not see is the load that you get from management, the policies, and the company line because every hospital is a business being run by a company that forgets there are real human beings involved.