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AggieNurse99 has 11 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Telemetry, Med/Surg, Infusion, Vascular Access.

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  1. AggieNurse99

    Forced Organ Donations from Living Donors???!!!!

    This should bring the worst global sanctions against any country that operates this way, IF and only IF, proven. Not saying the authors research wasn’t done or is incorrect. The global populace needs to start taking up this cause, to stop forcing people to donate organs because they are a prisoner or a marginalized group.
  2. AggieNurse99

    You are NOT allergic to...

    My mom's friend is really and truly allergic to brewing coffee. Can drink coffee, cannot be in vicinity when being brewed. I Took those 2 ladies through the Starbucks drive-thru and she started having stridor!!! Epi-pen then straight to the ER next door. Crazy & never believed her until I saw it.
  3. AggieNurse99

    BARD Powerglide..

    Our team stopped placing in areas of loose skin. We use Bards new dressing, securis, with very good results. Also never steeper than a 1.5 cm vein.
  4. AggieNurse99

    Unjustly fired for requesting proper staffing?

    Safe Harbor would not have protected your job. But if you had filed it, you would have whistleblower protection from retaliation if it was made in good faith. Safe Harbor would not have even protected your license or liability if something had gone wrong -- you'd still be held accountable for your actions or lack thereof. Your employment report as not eligible for rehire is legit for the company - what you can do (after talking to your attorney) is attach a letter to your HR file AND the local healthcare background check "consumer report" firm (here in DFW we have Group One). Your employment as a shared employee may have been contingent on remaining eligible for rehire, you would have to look in your paper work or the HR policies of both employers. Good luck, and hope you find a good fit - we need more pt safety advocates!
  5. AggieNurse99

    Rapid Response - primary RN

    Part of the problem is sometimes that RRT'd pt is draining too many resources on the unit - i.e. me, my tech, my charge, my mgr, staff bystanders and if that is the case after the initial 10-15 min I will go and check on my other 4-5 patients. I love our RRT RNs at my work because of the fact that they will tell me exactly what they need. One shift I had a RRT pt at the same time a fresh postop and sedation pt came off the elevators within 10 min of each other. The charge RN and I were circulating on all 3 rooms, assisting the RRT as directed.
  6. AggieNurse99

    Full Code DNR DNI DNO

    I feel really silly but about 6 months ago we changed our charting and now have to select code status for pts. I've asked and asked and asked collegues, MDs, and education but what is a DNO? Not quite gotten a straight answer, but is it do-not-operate?
  7. AggieNurse99

    NPO for surgery

    Do you give routinely scheduled PO medications? I know we have to give beta blockers, so I usually give all as I would if the pt was PO. A new grad took offense when I questioned her about holding synthroid.
  8. AggieNurse99

    Childhood diseases return as parents refuse vaccines

    As a mother of a 23 month old dd and a nurse -- DD gets all vaccines on schedule for the same reason I banked her cord blood. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if she got a preventable [or treatable - cord blood] serious illness and I hadn't done all in my power. ASD is in my family, so I didn't discount the very real fears about vaccines either. It was a risk v. benefit analysis in the end, just like all medical decisions. [The risk of penicillin?]When I was preggers, I had all the family get updated pertussis vaccines too, much to their grumbling, for the same reasons - and they were shocked when each of their doc's said that they needed it! Talk to people who lived through the diseases that we vaccinate for. Diptheria - could you imagine sitting vigil every night over your sleeping child to remove the membrane that might form over the airway? Tetnus - when did you last see someone with lockjaw? My grandfather died at 44 of heart problems caused by mumps from childhood. My grandmother was deaf after rubella in childhood. Meningococcus - I've seen 2 college kids go through the ICU for this - neither came out whole, toes and fingers missing, dyspharthrias, possible anoxic injury. With 3 close girlfriends who've fought and 1 loss from cervical cancer, DD will be getting the HPV vaccine in turn.
  9. AggieNurse99

    PRN A,B,C

    Wells Fargo apparently lists PRN as not actually employed by the hospital. I had to have the VP for HR attest in writing I was truely employed by the hospital itself.
  10. AggieNurse99

    PRN A,B,C

    Just remember...PRN is never actually guaranteed hours. You are cancelled before FT/PT staff. The 32 hours is your committment to the hospital (you agree to make yourself available for 32 hours/week). Try getting a mortgage as PRN.
  11. AggieNurse99


    Always follow your policy. In my state, the NPA reads that if the nurse is following an approved policy, it is within scope. ALWAYS FOLLOW POLICY. No matter who tells you not to. Your employer will hang you out to dry should something go amiss.
  12. AggieNurse99

    How to prepare for med-surg class?

    I know nursing school will tell you "no" but I always found having a good pathophysiology book very helpful - the 'why' of the disease process gets answered and it helped me understand. We had to do these 'textbook' pictures of a disease: A&P, pathophys, S&S, and ADPIE (minus the E). I'd add renal failure/insufficiency, total hip and total knee to ag.wade's list.
  13. AggieNurse99

    DNR POLST not signed by conservator, signed by MD

    We too have this debate at our hospital. I think the consensus was that the MD can make the pt at DNR all he wants, but without the pt's, NOK's, or POA's signature on the DNR .... when this comes up in a lawsuit, you have nothing to prove the pt/family consented to the DNR.
  14. AggieNurse99

    "You cannot have BSN or MSN on your nametag?"

    To me it is just ridiculous to have a bachelor's listed as part of your credentials. Nursing is the only group I've seen do this. Its like, "no really, I'm a professional, I went to college, SEE!" Like we're insecure about it. If my hospital goes to this I think I'll fight for my BS in nutrition to be listed - a BSN wink wink... Aggie Nurse RN, BS
  15. AggieNurse99

    Name issues--legal issue?

    On a similar note, I am a middle name child. My entire life, I have been called by my middle name. I sign my name "Aggie Nurse, RN." My social security card and license list all three names. My employer had asked me to use "X. Aggie Nurse" as my signature, but I refuse on the basis that the rest of the staff doesn't have to sign "Aggie X. Nurse." The whole assumption that people are to only use their first name is really aggravating! But it's really easy to tell when its a solicitor calling!
  16. AggieNurse99

    In response to cost cutting.

    That's great! TY! I needed the laugh. Why don't we go back to carrying lamps? It'll save that expensive electricity for important things, like the TV in the MD-call room.