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  1. NurseBrittney

    Scaring me!

    I can tell you that I have dealt with the drama of working on a horrible shift for almost 2 years now, but I still love nursing. The autonomy it provides, the appreciation my patients have, the pride in my work, and the public service I am able to perform give me great joy with my profession. It can be scary at times. There are times where I've nearly pulled my hair out.But then there are times when someone has held my hand, and tearfully thanked me for being kind to them. It really makes it all worth while. This is not just a job, but a lifestyle. If you are willing to embrace it wholeheartedly, and love it, then you will love it. I am still very early in my profession, so im sure my opinion will be easily swayed in years to come, but I feel that this is one small way that i can make a difference in peoples lives and in this world. We need people to do good in this world. I think nurses do good in this world.
  2. NurseBrittney

    Who does this stuff? Really, you can't make it up!

    refuse to take the assignment? I don't know. Sounds like the physician needs to tell them not to do it for patient safety. People tend to listen when they tell them....
  3. NurseBrittney

    Mobbing support - threats, hostile work environment

    as I have stated before, she was.
  4. NurseBrittney

    Mobbing support - threats, hostile work environment

    she had already called the doctor before she made those statesments. I continued to stress that I thought she was breathing ok, and that the patient stated she felt fine. I was told by charge I needed "better assessment skills".
  5. NurseBrittney

    Mobbing support - threats, hostile work environment

    another nurse involved the charge nurse, they are best friends. She thought there was an issue and that I wasn't handling it. There was never a question in my mind as to whether or not the patient was breathing appropriately. There was a question of malfunctioning equipment. When I voiced this the charge nurse, she stated to another nurse, because she would never directly address me, " I had her all day yesterday and it was fine." I had checked her on the portable o2sat multiple times, and had replaced the probes several times as well. I wanted to call the physician to ask if we could discontinue the sat monitoring, but charge and the other nurses stated that would be "inappropriate" because they felt she had respiratory issues. I asked the patient and family several times if she or they felt she was have any difficulty breathing. They told me no. The alarm sounded 6 times that I know of. 6 times in 6 hours. I attempted to remedy the problem each of those times, but apparently, not to the their satisfaction. At about the 4th hour I asked for help, because I was unable to correct the erroneously alarm on my own. Help was refused to me. She continued to insist it was not the machine and that there was a problem with respiratory status. I disagreed, continuing to site my frequent assessments and portable pulse ox reading. She refused to listen to me or acknowledge anything I had to say other than to tell me she did not have time to do my job as she sat with her arms folded chatting with the other nurses as "FREE" charge. My boss believes the other nurses over me. She had already written up the disciplinary form prior to hearing my side of the story and refused to alter it in any way. When I asked her if she asked any other nurses about the threat the nurse made to me. she stated she did not. At that point she wanted to end the conversation and told me that if I wanted to pursue the threat, I would have to do so with HR that she could not substantiate my claim. She pretty much spent as little time discussing my concern as possible, and as much time telling me how i handled things inappropriately and i should just be quiet, go with the flow, and not nitpick.
  6. NurseBrittney

    Mobbing support - threats, hostile work environment

    this is my point exactly. We have to work as a team, regardless of our personal feelings, the patient is always the priority. She called the doctor without assessing the patient herself. She went upon a previous days assessment and the words of another nurse. I don't think it is at all appropriate to call a physician and request orders without assessing the patient. It completely disregards the nursing process. While I don't want anyone to do my job, what I do want is teamwork. I want the charge nurse to take charge when she feels it is needed. I want to feel like when I need help, it will be given. I was written up at my meeting. First time I have ever had it happen in my entire life. I was told I was the problem and my personality is to blame. My concern of the threat, and harassment were disregarded. I was told that She denied it and no one else came forward and said she said that. When I asked if she asked anyone point blank if they heard her say it. She said no. She told me if I felt so passionatly about it that I was more than welcome to take it up with human resources. She basically told me it was my fight to fight and that she couldn't take my word. I feel defeated. I was forced to transfer to a night position. She refused my request to transfer to a different floor. I do not know what I have done to deserve this. This is wrong and I have been punished for standing up for myself and my patients.
  7. NurseBrittney

    Mobbing support - threats, hostile work environment

    I went to house supervisor immediately. She reported to Hr and my manager. I spoke with HR, they said my manager would handle it. In regards to charge nurses role. The instance that occurred, involved her sitting at the nurses station, arms crossed, calling physicians and getting orders for my patient when she felt they were having difficulty breathing. I did not see her assess the patient. I feel that If she as charge feels I am not handling a situation appropriately, it is her responsibility to remedy it. The patient was not having any difficulty breathing. The alarm on the pulse ox sensor was sounding erroneously. She discussed this with every nurse but me, and choose to call the physician without discussing it with me. She had him order unnecessary medication and worried and stressed the family. It is her job to take charge, and she refused, stating she did not have time.
  8. I have a meeting with my manager today. I know that she feels I am the problem. I have asked to transfer shifts as well as opportunities in the hospital in the past, only to be told explicitly now. I have expressed my concerns to my boss before in regards to my treatment and she calmly listened, and seemingly took no action. My best guess is that she assumed it would just go away. I was physically threated by a coworker Sunday when she stated to another nurse "I am about to kick her ass". This was because I asked her to work as a team. As charge nurse she has to help me take care of my patients, if she feels I am not doing an adequate job. She refused. Stated she did not have time to do my job. All this while my patient was being appropriately cared for. For a year and half I have faced challenges with these 4 women. But I can honestly tell you now is the first time I have feared for the safety of patients among these nurses. I also notice they throw other new nurses, techs, pulled nurses to the wolves and often call other departments and nurses "stupid". I fear my my safety at work as well. I don't want to go into the med room, supply room, or walk to my car at night for fear of a verbal assault. I am doing my very best to do the right thing. 2 of the nurses will be leaving in December, for different opportunity. 2 will be left. I really enjoy the patients, doctors, and care I am allowed to provide in my current position. I have so much faith in the good of mankind that I hope for these best out of these situations. I also am fearful for the safety of these patients. Not so much with them, but the patients of nurses that aren't in their social group. What can I do to make this better? How can this be fixed?
  9. NurseBrittney

    Workplace mobbing...

    I am facing this. I actually have a meeting today with my boss to discuss a physical threat that was made to me on Sunday, whereas the charge nurse said "I'm about to kick her ass" when I asked her to work as a team. I am fearful for my safety at work, and fearful for retaliation for reporting it. It does not matter how good of care I provide to my patients, I am treated as incompetent and an inconvenience by the other nurses. They have forced out 3 others since I have been on the shift. 2 years of this nonsense. I fear for the safety of the patients because even thought they will help each other, they will not help new employees, pulled nurses, or people they deem "stupid", which is pretty much anyone not in their group. I am at my wits end, cannot afford to loose my job, and honestly just want to do the right thing. Help.
  10. NurseBrittney

    Fear of Zombies

    I have this irrational fear of Zombies. It probably stems from the resident evil video games and movies that I adore... and the silent hill games that I rather enjoy as well... but I am, in fact, afraid of the potential of the living dead. I work on the general surgery floor. We also occasionally have medical patients. Sometimes we have hospice patients. And on 2 occasions I have had a patient of mine unexpectedly die. Of those 2, I only performed post mortem care on one of them. The other a designated nurse did. Once they passed away I could not enter the room along. I could not have them face me. I had to have at least 2 other people with me and help me. I was so scared of the potential for them to leap out of the bed and come after me. Even though I know this is completely irrational, I can't shake this thought. Am I completely alone in my fear of zombies as a nurse?
  11. NurseBrittney

    Enough is Enough

    I worked in retail before entering nursing, and besides the stress of 'never being good enough', I loved my job. In retail, you always have to try and strive to be better, sell more, do more, more more more... However, I loved the customer service aspect of retail, and it was one of the main reasons I was inspired to pick nursing as a career. I knew it would be very much customer service. Nursing is a service job, not so different from a waitress, police officer, fireman, etc. I think its absurd for people to think they are staying at the 4 seasons, but I feel it is my job to smile, be courteous, and give my patients the extras. I've only ever had a few people demand I go out of my way to do things for them. Most of my patients are so thankful for a cup of coffee, how could I possibly deny them that? Personally, I am just so thankful to have a job in this difficult economic time, that I try to count my blessings. I understand that some nurses feel that they are not a waitress, but truly you are. Perhaps it is different where you work, but I've had so few patients that expect me to do cartwheels for them that it makes me want to do back flips for those who are thankful for the bare minimum.
  12. NurseBrittney

    Education vs Experience

    There are some nurses who will continue to eat their young and they are the ones who have a problem with it. I know an LPN who hates RNs and thinks that the higher level of education has nothing on her "Years of experience" and she is constantly talking about how she is the "most seasoned nurse on the floor". She has issue with new nurses pursueing further education...actually she has issue with any new RNs period, but especially those going on to get their bsn and msn. Jelousy I guess? bitterness? I'm not sure. Since she so desperatly wants to be the charge nurse, I would think she would just go to school the extra year to get the degree to do so, but she doesn't. I just don't understand.
  13. NurseBrittney

    Nursing in the US...cool skillz?

    We have a bedside picc team. These nurses were specifically trained and have a certification to do it.
  14. NurseBrittney

    How Will Universal Health Care Change Nursing?

    I'm not sure I get the point...
  15. NurseBrittney

    Required Nursing Uniform

    I would prefer something like this. It would make it so much easier in the morning. I spend so much time trying to think about the last time I wore a set of scrubs, or if the pants match the top, ext... why? because the other nurses notice it! They told me so! I would love for nurses to wear a color, techs another, respiratory another, food service another, and housekeeping another... this would make it so much easier for me and the patients! Also, please consider the fact that many times people either don't wear thier badge, its backworks, haggard, or the fact that their are many funtionally illerate and that many of our patients are older and have failing vision.
  16. NurseBrittney

    Male Nurses

    being a nurse is not about being a man or a woman. It is about being compassionate and caring. I work with a woman who you would think would be the best nurse ever. She is funny, perky, friendly, and always full of laughter. However, her patients almost always hate her. Why? Because she doesn't care. She ignores them, lets them lie in pain, lets them bleed out, doesn't listen to them... just bounces in the room and giggles all day. I also work with a man who is very masculine and keeps to himself. You wouldn't peg him for 'nurse'. However, his patients rave about him! He goes the extra mile for them and truly has concern of their welfare. Its not about what sort of toolbox you have, my friend, its about how you use those tools!