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Carebear77 has 7 years experience and specializes in OR Peri Operative.

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  1. Carebear77

    Blue Urine

    I'm a hospice RN and last night I received a call from the patients daughter stating her mom had blue urine, and to prove her point she sent me a video of it, and it looks like blue kool-aid. Has anyone ever seen blue urine and if so what would be the cause if this. Obviously with her being a hospice patient we are not seeking treatment or doing any testing. She is not taking any medication or eating anything that would cause this. I have never seen anything like this before and was curious if anyone else has seen this? Can't wait to hear what you all have to say.
  2. Carebear77

    My horrible hospital stay. What would you do?

    Thanks. I think I'll try calling their on call answering service. Can't hurt. What will I be called this time a hypochondria? Lol
  3. Carebear77

    My horrible hospital stay. What would you do?

    I can understand. It is a very strong drug. I really didn't care what they gave me. I don't like feeling so drugged up I just didn't want to be in pain. Btw my dose was only 0.5 so not much but it was enough to take the edge off.
  4. Carebear77

    My horrible hospital stay. What would you do?

    Is dilaudid contraindicated for a Chole?? Just wondering? I never asked for dilaudid itwas what the surgeon ordered.
  5. Carebear77

    My horrible hospital stay. What would you do?

    Yes im home. They gave me rx for norco 5/325, 1 q4 and it isn't touching the pain. I took 2 to see if that would help but no. I'm miserable and I have a bad feeling I have an infection. I've had many lap surgeries for my endo and not one has ever looked like this. Mine is bright red approx 10xcm around my navel and very hot I'm keeping an eye on it. if I call my surgeon and need to go back I will tell him it better be a different hospital.
  6. Carebear77

    My horrible hospital stay. What would you do?

    I waited cause I don't like to constantly ask and ask. Why would they test me? I had surgery. I have 4 incisions. I think it's pretty obvious I was in pain. Every time I moved I would be in tears. The meds they sent me home in are not even working. But I am scared to even call and say to anyone cause I dont want to be treated like a druggy. I might call though cause my navel incision is burning red and hot. I think I have an infection. It is the worse pain I've ever had and I have 2 kids.
  7. Carebear77

    My horrible hospital stay. What would you do?

    I didn't know this. I might call the BON and ask them. I'd like to know for future reference.
  8. Carebear77

    My horrible hospital stay. What would you do?

    Thank you so much. I was shocked at how unprofessional they were and judgmental. They know that pain is subjective and is whatever the patient says it is. I just couldn't believe they said I was drug seeking. I don't like taking pain meds. However being in this much pain I wasn't going to suffer. It's so sad that some nurses make their patients feel bad when they ask for something. They should find another career. Thanks for the advice I plan on reporting them.
  9. Carebear77

    My horrible hospital stay. What would you do?

    I didn't think so either, that isn't something a nurse should delegate to a Cna. She had it out before I had a chance to say anything.
  10. I'm so upset. Tell me what you would do. I had my gallbladder removed yesterday and was kept overnight which I was glad b/c I was in a ton of pain and the Dr had dilaudid Q3 and vicodin Q 4. I asked my nurse for pain meds this am she said she would give me the dilaudid that was at 10:30. At 1130 my aid walks in and says she gonna take out my IV b/c I'm d/c. I say well my nurse was gonna give me meds. So she leaves the room and comes back and says they won't do the IV push med b/c you're d/c. I was like umm ok. But I asked an hour ago. So I say can I get my pill at least and she says ok. Well the 2 of them (nurse and the aid) were walking out of my room and I heard the aid say " she ant in pain, she is just fine, she keeps changing her story she is just drug seeking" they were saying some other things but I couldn't hear it all. I'm so shocked and mad. How dare them talk about me like that. I'm not a piece of crap who is here to use drugs.I was in so much pain (still am on a scale of 0-10 I am about an 8). I swear I wanted to run out there and go off on them. But I'm in too much pain. I just don't understand people. I got their names. If you were me what would you do??
  11. Carebear77

    study checklist for passing NCLEX-RN

    Thanks so much for posting this. I really appreciate you helping us. I know in scared to death of taking my boards. I failed already and have not had the confidence to retake. I think this will help tons. :)
  12. Carebear77

    Macomb CC or Bakers Program??

    Not sure where you heard baker is not accredited, but it is, I went/go there. If you have questions about it call the school and ask to speak with the nursing director who can explain things to you. Also, as long as you pass your boards and have a license it doesn't matter, you can move and no state is going to turn you down in transfering your license. But regardless of where you go make a list of pros and cons and decide from that which program is best for you. I wish you lots of luck in your journey.
  13. Carebear77

    Anyone from Baker College? Say hello!!!

    Just wanted to mention I just looked on Bakers website, to see if the LPN-Rn was on there yet. It doesn't show it yet, but if you go to the Open Classes for fall of 09, scroll down to Nursing and it shows the LPN-RN transition on there.
  14. Carebear77

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    Just stopping by to say hi. I graduated as a LPN in August last year, I have all my pre-req's done so I'm applying to OCC (a community college near me) and hopefully will begin in the summer (crossing all fingers :) ) I was origanlly going straight for RN but the school I was attending denied my 2x's because I didn't have a 4.0, so I applied to the LPN and got right in. I can't wait to finally be a RN. Good luck to everyone pursuing their RN :)
  15. I'm not in school anymore, I just finished last month, but we had to wear white from head to toes (even our head bands or hair ties had to be white). Mine managed to stay nice and white throughout school, other in my class turned a shade of yellow. My patients loved seeing us in whites LOL. So glad to be done and able to wear something other than white.
  16. hello everyone :) i'm a new lpn graduate (as of last week) so i am transitioning myself from the student area to this area. i am now preparing myself to take my boards. i am planning on doing the kaplan, i just want to make sure that i pass. any advice for taking boards? i'm so nervous. as soon as the state receives my information from my school i can schedule my exam, they already have my application. it feels so great being done. i have already finished all pre-req's for the lpn-rn that i will be starting next year. so i am one step ahead and can focus on making money and getting caught up on bills lol. i started my new job last week already as a gn and once i pass my boards will move to a lpn and my pay will increase. it is soo great already having a job. but i wanted to say hi and hope to "meet" you all.