Would you look at your friend's bottom if they asked you to?

  1. Let me explain the situation. My friend had been poorly over the weekend. I think it was something that they ate on friday night. So I'm thinking food poisoning or gastroenteritis. Bless him. He was having diarrhoea all weekend, along with the sweats so he was quite unwell. Have you got the picture. Anyway, he comes out of the bathroom saying that there is something wrong down below. I couldn't stop laughing which is very unprofessional of me but I am at home and he is a friend. Anyway I stated that "there was no way I was going to look at his bottom". But then when I put my nursing hat on and said that I would but by then he was too embarassed. I did ask him to describe it to me and it did sound like a prolapse. Not really my speciality. Anyway I advised him to go and see his GP or go to the walk in centre. My question is would you look at your friends bottom or any other part of their private parts if asked? :imbar
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  3. by   oramar
    Let me say that this is not the first time I heard of friends and family members that make request like this. I would usually say exactly what you say unless I think it is something life threatening. I think your friend should have gone to clinic or ER long before he got as bad as he was.
  4. by   UM Review RN
    No, I wouldn't. The reason being, I couldn't prescribe anything to fix it. Those sorts of exams need only be done by the doc.
  5. by   chicookie
    There are some things I don't need to see.

    My friends' bottom is one of them.
  6. by   florianslove
    A few years ago I had a mole removed from that very sensitive area. I had wound care prescribed because it became infected. At the time I was a home health nurse and my fellow nurses would meet me in pharmacy restrooms, check it out and change the dressing. I could not have done it without these incredible women. (It was really bad, they were talking about IV antibiotics). Yes, I would look at a friend's bottom, if I could help I would, if not off to the ER you go.

    Nurses are the greatest.

  7. by   Purple_Scrubs
    Any line of questioning that begins with "hey, you're a nurse, right" is T-R-O-U-B-L-E! In a case like this, I don't know what you could have done anyway. I don't mind keeping an eye on a wound for a friend or something like that, but we don't diagnose. If something is wrong, get thee to a doctor!
  8. by   JB2007
    I give one of my friends their IM injections once a month. Their MD is out of town and they do not feel like making the additional trip every month just to get a shot that takes like 5 minutes start to finish. However, I have to see the order on the bottle and draw the med up myself same as if I am at work.
    I might take a look if they ask me, who knows, but I would tell them that they needed to see their MD ASAP to make sure everything was ok.
    Now letting someone I know look at my butt, no way. I would rather a nurse that I did not work with or hang out with have that job. I just hate flashing skin for people I know in a non professional way.
  9. by   Keepstanding
    if it were a close female friend ( i am also female) then, yes i would take a look at it. if it were a male friend......no way !!

    praiser :heartbeat
  10. by   NurseCard
    I actually had to give a co-worker enemas once. She felt very comfortable having me do it and I was actually honored. =)

    I would look at my husband's butt DOWN THERE, then I would tell him that he probably needs to go to the doctor about it.

    Anyone else? Probably not, just "um, I'd rather not, you need to go have a doctor look at it!" =)
  11. by   ShayRN
    Depends on the friend and how close she is, lol. That being said, my best friend of 25 years was so excited after her breast implants, she couldn't wait to come over and show them to me, ROFL! I even got to touch them, YIPPEE! (Didn't have the heart to tell her, been there, done that, LMAO!)
  12. by   Qbert
    1. my wife

    2. I could only think of a few close friends who's butt I've probably already seen at one point or another.

    anyone else is SOL. If they ask my advice I would say to get it checked out.. or go to ER o.o.

    I dunno I guess it depends on the situation xD
  13. by   tngranny
    No Way! No How!!!
  14. by   SunRose7
    i would look, however i did have a close family member half jokingly ask me to help with getting her nuvaring in... all i could say was ":stone...uhh, maybe you should've stuck with the pill?"
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