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  1. florianslove

    Just Another Manic Monday

    I haven't been on this forum as much as I used to, but reading your post reminded me of how much I've loved your posts. How lucky your patients, coworkers and families are to have you there.
  2. We just had a similar article in the palm beach post, Nurse accused of stealing from elderly patient. This "nurse" was also an HHA. Why can't they get it right. In one small section of the article it was mentioned she was an HHA.
  3. florianslove

    Lets get a current salary thread going for 09/10

    24.48 per hour as UM in South Florida LPN for 7 years
  4. florianslove

    I passsed the nclex pn!!!

    Congratuations. That's quite an achievement. Good luck in your new career
  5. I did start anti-depressants after nursing school, not during. I really feel my issues were not related to nursing, though the stress surely exacerbated it. My meds allow me to lead a full, happy life in and out of nursing. I still have trouble setting boudaries when I'm not working. My husband gets upset because I accept calls from my unit at all hours (I'm the unit manager). But I did the same thing when I was a home health nurse. I feel if I can learn to set boundaries, maybe I wouldn't need the meds, who knows?
  6. florianslove

    Ten Things A Nurse Doesn't Want to Hear

    Mara: As usual a great post. I really look forward to them, you are funny, intelligent and someone I wish I worked with. Keep up the good work:yeah: Roxann:redbeathe
  7. florianslove

    I'm back!

    Good luck, sounds like a great place, keep us posted Roxann
  8. florianslove

    How often do you visit allnurses.com?

    since I've found this site, I'm in love. I've found inspirational stories (yes, you Marla) and a wealth of inormation. I check it at LEAST daily. Thank you guys, nurses ROCK:yeah:
  9. florianslove

    Should I be a CNA -- I'm 44yrs old!!! Is it too late for me?

    You are never too old. I didn't discover nursing until late, I became an LPN at 40 yrs old and work with many who started late and are excellent nurses. If you didn't go for CNA, LPN or RN you would still be as old as you would have been had you gone for it. GO FOR IT. Best of luck.:heartbeat
  10. florianslove

    11 Things Your Nurse Thinks (But Will Never Tell You)

    Marla: A great post, as always. How about, No, I am really not paid to clean up your ****. An actual statement by one really challenging resident. Roxann:yeah::redbeathe
  11. florianslove

    so what was your life like before u became a nurse?

    I joined the navy right out of high school, spent 4 years there, then had secretarial positions, went back to school in my late 20's, got a bachelor's in political science (thought of law school, but being a single mom with no law schools in my immediate area forgot that idea). Was offered a graduate assistantship at my university, took it and studied for my Master's in health administration. Became a staffing coordinator for a nursing/CNA staffing agency, made great money, really stressful though. After talking to a lot of the nurses I placed I decided to go for my LPN, graduated at 40. Am now a Unit Manager in a long term care facility, love it, love nursing and only wish I would have started earlier. Sometimes I feel my previous education was a waste, but it does help me with day to day decision making and problem solving at my job now. Nursing is where I belong. Also, my 24 year old is an LPN going to school for her RN. Very interesting stories, have a great weekend.:redpinkhe:redbeathe
  12. florianslove

    Glory to God.... I passed my nclex pn !!!!

    Congratulations. Best of luck in your career, way to go:yeah::yeah::yeah: Roxann
  13. florianslove


    My first job after getting my license was in LTC. It is really challenging but you can learn a lot. I always carried a nurse's drug book with me for reference, it really helped. Remember the 5 rights, and do the best you can. A good friend of mine once said "if you do the right thing, you'll never be wrong". Just try your best, pay attention, and remember you are there for the residents. Roxann:yelclap::redbeathe
  14. florianslove

    can the family reverse a patient's decision?

    Just today we had a 96 year old whose family wanted hospice, "I don't want mom going to the hospital for blood tranfusions", hospice consult, yes we're going to hospice, now say, mom's not the same. Our medical director, who seems afraid of his own shadow, ordered stat CBC's and other blood tests. In the mean time this lady had a severe hypotensive crisis, BP 70/40, unresponsive, O2 sat of 84% on oxygen. Bottom line is we sent her out 911, this poor lady will most likely be intubated, have a blood transfusion and a myriad of other tests. The daughters' can't let go. The patient is ready to let nature take it's course. However, our MD is afraid of his own shadow and will do everything possible to cover his **s. All we can do is wait and see what happens to this poor lady. Roxann
  15. florianslove

    Ten Things I Love About Nursing

    Marla: I feel like an idiot, I read the posts but didn't check THE TOP post, written by you. Another great post, and one of the reasons why I really miss you when I don't see you. I'll look closer next time. You are an inspiration. Love, Roxann