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JB2007 has 5 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in LTC, Med-SURG,STICU.

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  1. JB2007

    Dr. placing added stress on nursing staff

    It is the same around this area as well. The admitting Dr puts orders in for the consult and it is the nurses job to call the consulting Dr. The admitting Dr usually does not even talk to the Dr that he wants consulted so the nurse better know why the Dr wants the consult.
  2. JB2007

    RN total patient care...

    I work in the ICU so I only have 2 patients. We do total care on our unit and I love it. I usually plan the baths around the assessment times and I can get a good look at the skin. Do my wound care at that time as well. One of the many reasons I wanted to work in the ICU. I was tired of depending on someone else to do care that I would be held accountable for. Now I know my patients are being bathed and turned like they are suppose to be.
  3. JB2007

    What would you have done?

    I would have done just what you did. The pts pain was not out of control and I would say that the loading dose was not needed at that time. I would start at the 1 mg dose and increase up to the 4 mg dose as needed. The loading dose is not always needed. Depending upon what the medication is 10 mg seems like a bit much. However, you need to take a pts age, size, and overall health into consideration as well. You never stated what the medication you was giving the pt and that can make a big difference as well.
  4. JB2007

    Reasons to Work in the Trauma ICU

    I am new to the Trauma ICU myself and love it!! I am learning so much.
  5. JB2007

    How to say no when someone asks for your stethoscope?

    I am sorry but I was getting ready to go in and assess my patient in another room. I am sure there is one at the nurses station that you can borrow.
  6. JB2007

    Have you ever lost it with a patient?

    Oh yes I have lost it with not only a patient but with family members as well. They need to be told and I was doing the telling. Why on earth do people have to act like idiots is beyond me but they do.
  7. JB2007


    I am not a very social person myself and I did fine in nursing school. Graduated with high honor to boot. I made one or two close like minded friends and we studied together. It is better not to get involved in all the drama that goes on. In addition I have been out of school and working as a nurse since 2007 and I am doing fine as a nurse. In fact I have been told by supervisors that I have a lot of leadership skills (I think they were just trying to talk me into a management position myself. No way.) I do not get mixed up in the gossip of the unit but I will talk my co-workers when time permits. I just do not like big groups of people. You will do fine in nursing school and as a nurse without being overly social. You will be way ahead of some of your more chatty classmates in one important skill as a nurse. Listening, you learn a lot about your patients and what all is going on with your patient by asking just a few important questions and just sitting back and letting them do the talking. Good luck with nursing school and soak up all the knowledge that you can.
  8. JB2007

    New Grad interested in Trauma

    Sorry to be a downer here, but personally I would start out on a good med-surg unit first. Being a new grad is very stressful and you have ALOT to learn. I have been a nurse for 5 years now and I only recently took a position on a surgical trauma ICU and I will tell you there are times when I fell like a new grad because there is so much to learn. And I have the basics down and am familar with the medications. I really do not understand what is so wrong with working your way into your dream job. You will be so much more comfortable starting out. I am like you I love the faster pace and way a pt can change in a min. Just some words of advice. Good Luck with everything.
  9. JB2007

    Rejection Galore

    I would be thinking of moving if it was a possiblity at all. There are hospitals in Northeast Indiana that will hire new grads and the cost of living is less than NYC. In addition, it is close enough to NY that you could go visit family and friends when you get a few days off. Good luck.
  10. JB2007

    Do you shower right after your shift?

    Yes, I take a shower when I get home. I stink and I know it after working all night long.
  11. JB2007

    Did I Do Something Wrong?

    I usually do not take my patient's BP before giving diuretics. The only reason I would is if there was a reason too. You did nothing wrong as far as I could tell. It was just one of those things that happen.
  12. JB2007

    HIPAA Violation-Jane Doe

    Just paranoid people going overboard like they do oh so often anymore. Don't they realize how easy it is to click on the wrong name.
  13. JB2007

    How are things normally handled when census is low?

    Where I work they rotate who they call off. They always call off the PRN and then they go by the longest downstaffed date of the full and part time employees. The employees can request to be put on the list to be called 1st if they want the day off and many people do that this time of year. If they are only down staffing you then I would have to agree that yes they are treating you as PRN. I would have a talk with the manager and ask them about their down staffing policies.
  14. JB2007

    Stupidest comlaint of the night award...

    Are you serious? These are the moments that I get the strong urge to smack someone upside the head!
  15. JB2007

    One in four RNs wants a new job

    We would be more satisfied if the employers would stop treating us poorly. Right now they have the upper hand and they know it. Personally, I am looking for a new job, but I am staying in nursing. I have career goals and I am always looking to advance myself toward those goals. I guess you would say I am one of the satisfied nurses.
  16. JB2007

    how to be invisible in nursing

    There is no way to avoid all of the cattiness. It is just there to some extent at every job I have ever had. You can avoid most of it by ignoring the gossip. My method is just walking away when my co-workers start talking about other co-workers. I am silently saying that I will not listen to gossip. I feel that this makes me a strong person because I refuse to participate in that kind of behavior. I am sure some people talk about me, but I do not care and they know it. I am friendly and helpful and I do not go out with the girls when invited because I do not want to open myself up for that kind of gossip. Basically, the best advice that I can offer is to hold your head up and keep you ears and eyes open and your mouth shut. Do not participate in the gossip. Do not become overly close to anyone person or group. Be helpful when needed. Remember you are there for the pts. Last but not least, yes they will talk, but try your best not to care. I always tell people if you are going to talk about me at least make it good because my life is very boring.