I am thinking about becoming a travel nurse. Advice Please


I am a RN with over nine years of experience. The past 4 years of which has been in the Surgical, Trauma, Neuro, ICU. I am divorced and my youngest child recently graduated high school. I am about to be an empty nester. I am seriously considering travel nursing. I think that it would be interesting to see how other hospitals are ran compared to the hospitals that I have worked in locally. I think it would be fun to see and experience new places and different cultures. I find the differences in people completely fascinating.

However, due to my divorce I have no real savings, so I'd really have to hope that everything would work out. Traveling is something that I have considered doing for several years now but the time was not right until now.

So if any of you experienced travelers would please share any words of wisdom or share something you wished you would have known when starting out on your adventure I would really appreciate it.


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I'm confused. Did you post an identical thread a couple days ago?

If so, and the responses were not what you hoped for, try a more focused question. I for one didn't bother replying to the prior post, but I did see a couple replies. Your post asks for an unlimited open-ended response. Specific questions are much easier to answer or render an opinion on.

Have you read any threads here? Have you talked to any agencies? Research on travel nurse websites? Where is your starting point? What words of wisdom do you already know?


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No one can talk you into it other than yourself. Just do it. It will be a fun new adventure where you could possibly end up starting your new life.....


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Sorry about the mention of the prior post. I found it and it was someone else.

I agree with Argo. You probably won't find members lurking here who think travel is not for everyone. It is not, but there is only one way to find out! Read a few dozen threads here for some starting out advice. That question gets asked at least twice a week.