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  1. Argo

    Any insight on Centura?

    I was offered jobs in Frisco and Durango in the Centura system. I took a job in Vail.
  2. Argo

    Any insight on Centura?

    I was offered a job at two of their facilities. The organization seems good. They did not pay very well compared to where I ended up... im getiing $11/hr more where im headed.
  3. Argo

    Do OR nurses do surgery tech duties also?

    A good part of the country uses scrub nurses. There used to be no scrub techs..... a scrub nurse makes a much more well rounded circulator.
  4. I don't think anyone outside of NE cares about the prestige of nys hospitals... I would get a job where ever you can get hired to get your first year or two of experience., new york or colorado.
  5. Argo

    Ekg Leads in all the wrong places

    Everywhere I have worked we roll the patient in the room, put all of our own monitors on which includes the 5 or 6 lead EKG. Whats the big deal with putting on these pads? Even on our hearts we put on our own leads(two different 6 leads and another 3 lead, total 15 pads)..... We have anesthesia techs around but I see them about once ever 4-5 cases...... I mean really, It is a matter of seconds.
  6. Think what you want. I will be living on the side of the resort in 4 weeks..... its all good.
  7. it is only $300-500 more a month for a fully furnished, all bills paid(including cable and inet) condo on the side of the mountain..... that is not that much more a month.... You can pick up a decent 2 or 3 bedroom condo for $300k too. These are not what I would consider super high end condos for sale but they are also not a dump, the lease condos are very nice high end places in vail compared to the ones in denver though. I would not call that a significant increase in cost compared to pay. Durango paid pretty well, St Anthonys facility in Frisco paid about 25% less than both of these, Grand Junction paid about 15% less, denver paid about 30%.
  8. I hate the every kid is a winner nonsense. When my son comes home with anything other that a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place type trophy.... I throw it in the trash and tell him to try to earn 1st place next time. He is 11 and pretty competitive now but not a sore loser. I don't think its any certain generation though.... I know lazy 50 year old entitled people. I also know so.e in their teens/twenties that are friends of my daughter.
  9. I know 2 anesthesiologists and 3 surgeons that worked as RNs through medical school. All of them worked nights on the weekend.
  10. Argo

    Okay, why do ER nurses think they're so cool?

    Lol.... irrational rationalizatios.... states and joint com mandate that there be one RN per patient in OR. I challenge any of you m/s tele guys to do sedation on these sometimes quite critically ill patients in gi/cath lab with a physician in the room that usually can't even work an ambu bag much less a lifepak 20. Lol. I would also challenge you to come work in the OR but that is an entirely different skill set. However try some pacu nursing for a day or two.... I have worked in all of these areas and m/s is nothing in comparison to them.... you loose an airway real quick in these settings anyour patients crash real quick, you always have to be in a code mindset and on top of your game or you can have someone die real quick.....
  11. Argo

    Okay, why do ER nurses think they're so cool?

    Sorry but I have to change your theory a bit to agree with it. Not a M/S nurse but a GOOD nurse can SURVIVE anywhere and a GREAT nurse can THRIVE anywhere. Unfortunately the majority of the M/S nurses I have ever dealt with in my 15 years of hospital work have not been GOOD nurses and could not survive past a few weeks of training in surgery..... I have invited many M/S and ICU nurses to come do some open heart with me and not a single one thought they could survive in it or thrive for that matter.... I have worked on the nursing floors and SICU... have had plenty of offers to go full time in the settings... its not my thing, I dont WANT to do it.... I am sure ER nurses feel the same way, why take a step down into M/S or ICU out of your own specialty area(im talking pay in my case).... Either way I have seen unit nurses come up with plenty of BS reasons not to take a patients report, MEAL TIME is a BS excuse.... rooms not clean, so freakin clean it, the unit nurses get kinda mad when they tell me that and I go and clean their room and 10 minutes later I am giving them report at their nurses station.... The whole time they have not left the nurses station because they were "charting", not sure how you do that while on your cell phone.....
  12. Argo

    Okay, why do ER nurses think they're so cool?

    :uhoh3:yeah, your right, MEAL TIME is much more important than having patients that need urgent or acute care sitting in a waiting room because the ER is backed up.... Or the patient in the ambulance that has to drive another 30 minutes while having a stroke or a heart attack because the ER is on diversion since it was MEAL TIME upstairs and the nurses on the unit cant take 3-5 minutes of time to take report.... Dont try and kid yourselves, do your job, take report and get your next patients.... quit sandbagging with silly excuses/comments like "its meal time"
  13. Argo

    Okay, why do ER nurses think they're so cool?

    Lol.... that's all I have to say about the op's rantings....
  14. There is an online nursing program in the us. http://Www.eline.delmar.edu I went to it... I had no problem with nclex or anxiety as a new RN. I think its an individual issue that seems to be more of an issue in todays world than in the world 20-30 years ago.... too much gloom and doom around making everyone worried about every thing. Good luck with the anxiety. I wish you the best.... all of you.
  15. Argo

    Need help, please. I dream of being an OR nurse.

    If the or is what you want then go for the job. Honesty is always the best policy but yes your still a new grad. Don't quit your current job until your accepted to the new position.