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  1. Sash123

    A question of ethics

    You have every right to be concerned. She is being very unprofessional and if it was me I would feel obliged to do something about it. In our hospital trust we have a Fraud Prevention Team which could be informed anonymously. Or you could just talk to your line manager. At least then you have told someone else your concerns.
  2. Let me explain the situation. My friend had been poorly over the weekend. I think it was something that they ate on friday night. So I'm thinking food poisoning or gastroenteritis. Bless him. He was having diarrhoea all weekend, along with the sweats so he was quite unwell. Have you got the picture. Anyway, he comes out of the bathroom saying that there is something wrong down below. I couldn't stop laughing which is very unprofessional of me but I am at home and he is a friend. Anyway I stated that "there was no way I was going to look at his bottom". But then when I put my nursing hat on and said that I would but by then he was too embarassed. I did ask him to describe it to me and it did sound like a prolapse. Not really my speciality. Anyway I advised him to go and see his GP or go to the walk in centre. My question is would you look at your friends bottom or any other part of their private parts if asked? :imbar
  3. Sash123

    My most critical patient

    Sounds like you did a fab job. I think if you keep to the ABCDE approach with any patient that you come across, especially those that you are concerned about then you cant really go wrong. Well done you. Great experience for you to have within the start of your career
  4. Sash123

    Nursing Dilemma

    You are correct. I am based in the UK. I have applied to work in the oncology field but will probably involve doing shifts again, however there is a day unit. They do say a change is as good as a holiday. Would love to go in to the community but feel that I need to gain a little bit more experience first.
  5. Sash123

    Nursing Dilemma

    That sounds like a good idea. I'm going to google it. Its probably just my frame of mind that I am struggling with. Being a woman and hormones and everything .........
  6. Sash123

    Nursing Dilemma

    There are several research units throughout the UK. They are normally attached to hospitals so its good to have a look at your local hospitals and see if there is one attached. I think I'm being a bit thick or its early in the monrning. Whats BSN?
  7. Sash123

    Nursing Dilemma

    Thats a very good suggestion. I already do agency work every other weekend but still find myself craving the patient contact. Would love to do half and half but I dont think my present job would let me go part time. I dont know whether I just need a change completely. What would be ideal would be the same hours but on a ward but thats never ever gonna happen. Thats just the job of nursing, I suppose .
  8. Sash123

    Nursing Dilemma

    I am not quite sure where to start so I will start at the very beginning. I have been an adult nurse for 6 years now. I started on a very busy acute medical ward but due to short staffing and ward pressures I had to leave or I was going to go completely mad :angryfire or end up seeing a counsellor. I left that ward behind and have been working as a research nurse. I do enjoy the job but miss the patient contact. The hours are lovely but I just need stimulation as I feel that I am doing the same things week in, week out. Therefore my dilemma is whether I should stay or should I go. I have applied for 2 jobs but on less busier wards. I suppose I have been spoilt with the hours thing but just dont know whether the pros will outweigh the cons. Please help !!!
  9. Sash123

    Should I stick with this?

    It sounds like you are a very good nurse and very thorough in what you do. Don't give up on nursing completely. There are so many different nursing fields out there. You just need to find your own little niche. Remember its all about the PMA (positve mental attitude). :)