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  1. chicookie

    Must... Find... Food...

    I'm not an agency nurse but I completely understand. Last year we had such a low census I was getting canceled all the time. I'm a full time nurse too. My husband was out of work and I remember one paycheck after I paid the bills(not counting groceries or gas), I had $12 left. FOR TWO WEEKS. I cried so hard. We survived on what was left in the pantry and I sold crochet hats to help us get through that month. Bright side is that now my husband doesn't complain anymore of my stash of yarn that I buy in bulk when it goes on sale. It helped us get by during that tough time last year.
  2. chicookie

    Do Nurses Earn Big Money? You Decide.

    I have less money now than I did working at the public library. I miss working there to boot! Like my friend says the more you make, the more you spend. Nurses don't make what they deserve to be making.
  3. chicookie

    New rule could hurt for-profit colleges

    I think this is a good idea. It prevents over saturation of the job market.
  4. chicookie

    New grad looking for RN jobs in Jacksonville, FL

    Honestly the only way you will get a job is to apply to a new grad program or speak directly with a manager. At least you have your BSN so you have a little leverage but lately I just don't see new grads get hired unless they have an inside contact. I wouldn't limit myself to the hospitals either. Home health and LTC are also options. I hope you find something soon!
  5. chicookie

    Mayo Clinic and Shands: Jacksonville

    I haven't had any personal experience with either one but friends that have applied there have told me that they take a super long time. I would call and see. Jobs are hard to come by in Jax.
  6. chicookie

    What Freaks You Out?

    Old people feet. Not the well taken care ones but the ones that look like paws. They give me the creeps. My nursing instructor told us about a patient that toes shriveled up and then broke off and the nurses where looking for it in the sheets. Just hearing it, and I felt sick. Anything strong smelling. I have a very sensitive nose so those smells really overwhelm me.
  7. chicookie

    jax fl LPN schools.

    Sorry I have no idea how much it is. I would call them and ask.
  8. chicookie

    Where is the shortage??

    Not in Florida that is for sure.
  9. chicookie

    Just let me go!

    Before I was a nurse, my parents discussed what they wanted. They don't want any extreme measures taken, and at first I thought to myself who cares, I will do everything in my power to make sure everything is done. Now though, I feel completely different. I've been the advocate for the patient that wants to be an AND or DNR. Now I know that should anything happen to my parents, I will follow their wishes. It will be hard but I will stand up for them. They are aware of my wishes as well. (Plus its all written.) I know that when that time comes, I will be there, holding their hand as they go toward their eternal slumber.
  10. chicookie

    I got a job!!!! BOO-YOW!

    I'm sorry but you........ totally deserve that job! To get a job in today's' market you have to kick it up a couple notches. I am sure you will show the same dedication to that job as you did in find it. Congrats!
  11. chicookie

    Can someone review my resume?

    First off you don't want it to be wordy. People aren't going to sit there and read them. Visually pleasing to the eye while at the same time having the necessary information without being over bearing. Clear, concise, and to the point. Showing that you took the time to make it that way shows that you really are dedicated to a task, IMO. You can not say you are good with computer programs(and lets face it with computer based charting on the rise, hospitals are looking for someone that knows their way around a computer) but then your resume looks like something that someone just learning to use a computer did, that is a little contradictory. Also dates are super import. I can not tell you how many times someone put their jobs out of date order. That is not only annoying but confusing. Or didn't put when their license expired. I'm no expert but those were things that really stood out in a persons' resume. I actually would take the time to read the ones that were well written. I hate to say it but if it didn't look good I threw it away. I can only imagine what those people in HR are doing with the hundreds and hundreds they received. We got 200 and it was my task to take it down to less than 10. There was one person who had the qualifications necessary for this position, and his resume was soooooo wordy. On his application he had put that he had worked in a department like ours before so we set it to the side and forgot all about it. *shrugs* He also sounded so arrogant on paper we could only imagine what he was like in real life. My boss and I didn't even read past the first paragraph. Remember your resume is a reflection of you.
  12. chicookie

    Moving from Florida to Washington

    :) Thank you! Do you know if there is an area I should avoid? It seems like all areas are good areas. I don't see much in the way of violent areas or anything like that.
  13. chicookie

    How should I manage diffucult situations in nursing?

    You always want to do it in a professional manner. No throwing items at doctors heads when they are being stuck up jerks. And no tying family members up when they get on your nerves. Those are big no noes.
  14. chicookie

    working in jacksonville

    You can email me directly. :) chicookie@gmail.com.
  15. This is my thinking on that. When I was picking between a BSN program and an ADN program this is how the difference was described to me. The ADN program is more hands on and the focus is more tasks. The BSN program is more paper work because it is more research orientated and the focus is more on leadership and evidence based practice which is why a magnet hospital would want that instead (...and for some reason I think administration feels that a BSN nurse is smarter. But you have to remember most of administration are not nurses and don't know any better. )