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chicookie has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Peds Hem, Onc, Med/Surg.

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  1. chicookie

    RED flags to look for when interviewing

    A big red flag is arriving at your interview 20 minutes early and have the manager come out to greet you and say, " I was getting worried about you. I hope you didn't get lost." To which I responded, "I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was late. My understanding was that the interview was scheduled at 10:30." Her response... "Yes, that is the time scheduled for it." She then proceed to whisk me away to her office and continue as if nothing happened. Worst micromanager I ever had.
  2. chicookie

    Who is your spirit nurse?

    I have been laughing about it ever since we talked about it. I really liked learning why other nurses admired certain nurses. I personally feel that we don't appreciate other nurses enough and sometimes on AN there is so much negativity I wanted to shake things up a bit. It just so happened to take a weird tone.
  3. chicookie

    Who is your spirit nurse?

    Sorry, maybe I should have been more clear. A spirit animal is meant to be a representation of the traits and skills that you are supposed to learn or have. Saying something or someone is your spirit animal is a statement that said person or thing is a representation of you or what you want to be. like if your spirit animal is a deer then you are a graceful and fast person. Something like that. When Maria heard I called her my spirit nurse, she had a what the *** look on her face.
  4. chicookie

    Who is your spirit nurse?

    On my unit we were having a discussion about all the quizzes that are now appearing on Facebook: What's your personality type? What disney character best represents you? What type of cookie are you? My favorite one is 'What's your spirit animal?' I find it hilarious. As I am telling the other nurses this, one of my favorite nurses (let's call her Maria) comes over to our side of the unit. I promptly let them know that Maria is my spirit nurse. My nursing mom (aka preceptor) is the best. Knowledgable, kind, awesome skills, loud, and the best advocate ever. She rules the floor. You have a problem you run to her and she will get it fixed before you can say anything, BUT my nursing mom to me is like an unachievable dream. Maria on the other hand is like that cool aunt you just adore. Maria is loved by all her patients yet she is the most sarcastic nurse ever. She has the skills and knowledge but never makes you feel stupid. Every shift with her is just awesome. Even the worst possible shift is made so much better when I work with her. She is one of the most down to Earth nurses I have ever met even with her 15+ years of experience. She also has the best snacks. One of my favorite memories of her is when I was having a rough shift and I was crying in the med room. She came in with her snacks and within minutes she had me laughing and feeling so much better. While I would love to be just like my nursing mom, the path of my spirit nurse just calls to me. What's your spirit nurse like?
  5. I had a patient that was on the add-on schedule for surgery. As the shift progressed, the parent was getting angry because the patient was hungry. I told the family that if we hadn't seen the surgeon by noon then I would call but to please remember that if the surgeon was in surgery and got tied up that it might be a little while before they came. The patient advocate came by and wrote me up for being rude, arrogant and not doing ANYTHING for them. Also the parent said I was letting her child suffer because I wasn't letting her eat. I didn't even know this was happening because while the patient advocate was there I was having a pow-wow with the charge nurse, attending NP and clinical nurse navigator in figuring out what to do because a certain surgeon wasn't returning my pages. It wasn't even noon. Why do I remember this, because guess who strolls onto the unit at 12:10 with her nose in the air, demanding to know why we were paging her so much? Fortunately for me when my manager got the complaint, he was like there was no way this was about chicookie. When he found out what happened he told me not to worry about it. I love awesome managers!
  6. chicookie

    New Grad/New Nurse/Feel Stuck- Need Advice

    Two things and I am going to be really blunt about it. 1) No one can force you into a job. You don't want it, YOU DONT WANT IT! I would latch on to the I need nights. Tell your manager I'm so sorry, I can't stay unless I work nights. She might give you nights if she wants you to stay so badly or say see ya(it sounds like this would more likely be the outcome). Problem solved! This one is just IMO and completely digging into your personal life: 2) if your relationship isn't going to last because your boyfriend works nights and you work days, it isn't going to last for way more reasons than just that. It's going to not last because both of you or one of you were unwilling to work past a little bump. And relationships shouldn't be like that.
  7. chicookie

    Cried at work today.

    What I have found works for me when it's something like that is two things: 1) I would calmly explain to the family that while I understand their concern, I can not call the attending for that. After hours are for things that can not wait till morning. If you have a white board in the room, I would write it on there and say so that it can be a reminder when the attending gets here. I would also say something along the lines of if something comes up that I would have to call the attending, I will let the attending know that you are requesting this. I'm assuming you are night shift, so I would tell the family even if I had permission from the attending to call the specialist they will not be here till the morning anyway. 2) when talking to the attending, first I would ask the important stuff and then latch on oh also FYI, the family is upset the specialist wasn't requested. I have learned to do that with certain MDs that way they don't think you are the one pushing it. Sometimes when the MD starts getting upset I say hey just doing my job, that's what the family wanted me to tell you so that's what I'm doing. A lot of not people really back off when you say that. Not just MDs but I've had social workers, dietians, physical therapist back off too. They still get upset but it's usually not directed at you.
  8. chicookie

    Be honest, what pt behaviors do you find annoying?

    It annoys me so much when at the end of shift I walk in with the oncoming shift and the patient or the family member says "oh by the way, *insert event that I should have known about * happened this morning" (-_-) my favorite one was "oh my IV has been hurting since this morning." (Even though I consistently checked it throughout the day.) I've also gotten "I forgot to tell the MD or social worker this important fact this morning during rounds and I need something done about it ASAP."
  9. chicookie

    Are nurses unwilling to help each other out?

    It should not be the norm but it does happen. There are some units I have floated to where no one helps each other out. I always look out for my tech and help out as much as I can because I have had techs that have saved my behind. It always annoys me when nurses A) monopolize our techs time with things the RN can do or B) don't bother to help other team members. My advice is to get out if it's an unsafe environment. Also remember what annoys you and when you become an RN, don't do those things.
  10. chicookie

    Patient to nurse ratios

    Peds heme/Onc is supposed to be 1:3, regularly have 1:4. Rarely have 1:5 but it has happened. Those days suck!
  11. chicookie

    Busiest Day

    Thursday is procedure day for our Onc patients so we always admit a bunch on that day. Everyone knows it so they try to avoid it like the plague
  12. chicookie

    Must... Find... Food...

    I'm not an agency nurse but I completely understand. Last year we had such a low census I was getting canceled all the time. I'm a full time nurse too. My husband was out of work and I remember one paycheck after I paid the bills(not counting groceries or gas), I had $12 left. FOR TWO WEEKS. I cried so hard. We survived on what was left in the pantry and I sold crochet hats to help us get through that month. Bright side is that now my husband doesn't complain anymore of my stash of yarn that I buy in bulk when it goes on sale. It helped us get by during that tough time last year.
  13. chicookie

    New grads in specialties without the basics

    I somewhat agree unless we are talking about peds. To me peds is a different beast altogether. If you know you want to do peds, do peds. Personally I feel like 90% of what I learned on the adult side was completely useless when I started peds. They way you do everything is different, so the first couple months I had to rewire my thinking.
  14. chicookie

    This week, I learned (7/18).....

    I didn't learn this but it was reinforced this week: all parents are crazy. Some more than others, but never underestimate the things parents will do for their sick kiddos.
  15. chicookie

    First job while pregnant?

    I'm not sure about the hiring process while pregnant. What I do know is that most places have a time limit as to how long you have to work before you can use benefits usually just the 90 days. Also you don't have to wear a business suit. Nice dress pants with a nice top and jacket is sufficient. My favorite outfit for interviewing was gray dress pants with a flow-y pink/white top (between you and me it's actually a maternity top but I really like it and I have a lot around the middle) and a white blazer.
  16. Agreed! We do some crazy stuff on our floor. From the whole staff running into a room to sing let it go for a sad patient, to holding prom on our floor, to dance offs, you name it, someone has probably done it