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  1. oramar

    Nursing nightmares.

    I have been retired for about twelve years, the night mares have finally gone away. But I rememer being a young nurse and dreaming that my manager walked into my bedroom and demanded to know why I was sleeping when evey light was on down the hall. I actually jumped out of bed and ran down the hall trying to answer them. My husband chased me and woke me which I believe saved me from being hurt. Gives you some idea of the sever stress I was under as a new nurse. It has all been over for a while but I still thank God every night when I go to bed at 10pm instead of going to work.
  2. oramar

    Front desk people giving medical advice

    I don't quite agree with part of the point you make. It might be helpful in deflecting a wrongful dismissal suit. However, in the case of a non licensed person giving harmful advice to a patient, I am wondering if you would still be resposible for the serious harm a non-licensed person did to a patient. I can just hear the lawyer making the statement, "my client would still be alive today if this person had been removed from their position at the first hint of trouble". Changes are the jury would be thinking, "yup". PS The person who wrote this is a professional and if they are comfortable dealing with it by issuing a warning it is OK by me. I just have a tendency to think of worst case senarios. Like I said this happens all the time and people for most part get away with it. I just pity the poor patient that suffers serious harm from bad advice.
  3. oramar

    Front desk people giving medical advice

    My experience is that the licensed professionals are the ones held responsible for mistakes made by a person in this position. My feeling is someone needs to show her more than the nurse practice act, perhaps something like the door. PS This is not an isolated incident, I see people who are not properly trained taking way to much responsibility on themselves all the time.
  4. We have talked about this before. Delayed care frequently results in much more expensive care down the road.
  5. You can bet you are not the only one that has made this mistake but make sure you only make it once, I know I did.
  6. oramar

    Micro-Management=Poor Morale and feelings of negativity

    Thank you so much for publishing this informative article. It really gets it's teeth into some of the problems that don't get talked about much.
  7. What do you expect, have you ever known management to admit they created conditions under which errors were more likely to occur? We see it again and again, the blame seems to fall on the last person who has contact with patient and that is the nurse. Study after study has show that a series of errors usually occurs before the error is committed by the nurse but the body under the bus usually belongs to a nurse.
  8. oramar

    Schools replace three RNs with nursing assistants

    There have been articles posted here about improperly trained school staff making big medication errors which resulted in the death of a child. If there has been actual deaths I suspect there has been injuries and near misses related to non professional school health staffing.
  9. oramar

    When a nursing home shuts down.

    Just to let you know I am not looking for legal advice. All I want to know is if other people get the same "this ain't right" gut reaction to this that I got.
  10. oramar

    Patient Data Posted Online in Major Breach of Privacy

    These same facilities would fire an employee in a instant for sneaking a peak at an unauthorized chart. I wonder if all the managment in the place will fire themselves for permitting such an outrage to occur.
  11. oramar

    When a nursing home shuts down.

    A ltc nursing facility gives 30 days notice that it is closing. Here are some of the demands it is making. Relocate to another facility 120 miles and take a job it is offering there or 1. lose your PTO 2. lose your severence 3. no use applying for unemployment because you were offered another job and you did not take it. This is the short list of the dirty tricks they are pulling but I am wondering if these items can be contested.
  12. Sounds to me like they are not coming down hard enough on MDs and pharmacy in these instances. Every physician has a responsibility to check what other meds a patient is on before ordering a new one and every pharmacy has a responsibility to call the doc for a serious interaction. Why were these things not done?
  13. This is so obvious to everyone but healthcare management. Why is it necessary to point out the obvious to people who should be the first to know not the last?
  14. oramar

    H3N2, something new

  15. oramar

    "It isn't your mother; it's the disease"

    I can tell you have been through a lot. I actually admire you because I think you are a survivor. It sounds like you are doing your best. What else can you do. By the way, my mom is in a home also with dementia and the big A. She has been pleasant most the time but there has been periods of agitation. She was a loving mother and did everything right and she still ended up in a home. She is there not because I am a bad daughter but because she needs to be safe. Anyone who has any opinions about "how I could possible do that" please keep quite about it. This is difficult enough for me and my family, all of us doing our level best with her, without remarks from people who have no skin in the game. PS Thanks for reminding me what a lucky person I was to have hit the jackpot in the mother lottery. If there is one thing we can not do it is pick our parents. I advise anyone who got less than perfect parents do what Ruby does and survive and prosper as best as possible. PS Don't be to hard on staff that make the text book approved statement. It is what all the EXPERTS tell you to say.
  16. oramar

    New York State Closes Fake Nursing Schools

    I am glad to hear someone is putting a stop to this. I heard some reference her on this site to what was going on with these fake nursing schools. I could hardly believe what I was reading.