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  1. oramar

    Front desk people giving medical advice

    I don't quite agree with part of the point you make. It might be helpful in deflecting a wrongful dismissal suit. However, in the case of a non licensed person giving harmful advice to a patient, I am wondering if you would still be resposible for...
  2. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11303/1185893-28.stm
  3. oramar

    Front desk people giving medical advice

    My experience is that the licensed professionals are the ones held responsible for mistakes made by a person in this position. My feeling is someone needs to show her more than the nurse practice act, perhaps something like the door. PS This is not...
  4. We have talked about this before. Delayed care frequently results in much more expensive care down the road.
  5. You can bet you are not the only one that has made this mistake but make sure you only make it once, I know I did.
  6. oramar

    Micro-Management=Poor Morale and feelings of negativity

    Thank you so much for publishing this informative article. It really gets it's teeth into some of the problems that don't get talked about much.
  7. What do you expect, have you ever known management to admit they created conditions under which errors were more likely to occur? We see it again and again, the blame seems to fall on the last person who has contact with patient and that is the nurs...
  8. oramar

    When a nursing home shuts down.

    Just to let you know I am not looking for legal advice. All I want to know is if other people get the same "this ain't right" gut reaction to this that I got.
  9. oramar

    When a nursing home shuts down.

    A ltc nursing facility gives 30 days notice that it is closing. Here are some of the demands it is making. Relocate to another facility 120 miles and take a job it is offering there or 1. lose your PTO 2. lose your severence 3. no use applying for ...
  10. oramar

    H3N2, something new

  11. oramar

    North 14 - The room where the patient died.

    This sounds like a lot of ghost stories I have heard in my career. Always something special about the death.
  12. oramar

    Elderly man commits suicide in local ER

    My first reaction to this article was "that poor man, he must have felt so ill and depressed and alone". My second reaction was, "good grief, he could just as easily been homicidal as well as suicidal". I hope management at this hospital wakes up t...
  13. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11190/1159333-100.stm
  14. This is an excellent question, I find the responses educational and insightful. Thanks for asking. I know I could just hit the kudos button but that doesn't begin to cover how interesting I find this post.
  15. oramar

    Spoke too soon...

    It was always my experience that 3-11 was the busiest shift. Remember I am not saying that because I never worked any other shift. I worked nights and days as well as evenings. All shifts are busy, all shifts work short staffed. But evening shift...