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About NurseCard

NurseCard has 13 years experience as a ADN and specializes in Med/Surge, Psych, LTC, Home Health.

RN with experience in Med Surge, LTC, Home Health, Psych.  Married to Dave.  Mom to two kids, two cats, and a stubborn bulldog.  Still don't have my BSN, no. 

Hi there!  I'm NurseCard, and I'm here to help you if you have any questions about the site, or are just needing advice!  Have a lovely day! ??

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  1. NurseCard

    I'm back!

    Update. LOL. Left HH again back in April and never going back... Not to a permanent position anyway. I'm now a traveler and I will never rule out the possibility of doing a HH contract, but it would only be temporary of course, and the pay woul...
  2. So I just started traveling after 19 years of being an RN. Currently doing a contract in a fairly small but very busy regional hospital. I'm not here to make friends... But at the same time... I tend to be really quiet, especially around larg...
  3. NurseCard

    I'm back!

    Well, I'm back! Back to allnurses after about a 3 year absence... And back to home health. I did home health for about 2 years about 7 years ago, then left, returned to it in 2020, left again, now I'm back for one more go at it. I've b...
  4. NurseCard

    Written Up

    Huh? Explain.....
  5. NurseCard

    Any other INFJ Nurses?

    *Hand up* yep, me too! I've been working a lot lately and am definitely feeling the compassion fatigue setting in. I feel a strong need to take off to Margaritaville.
  6. NurseCard

    Written Up

    good for you! ? I'm still waiting for mine. I think everyone on my floor has gotten one but me. Must be my sunny personality.
  7. NurseCard

    phenobarbital for ETOH withdrawal

    So true. So many of us find ourselves asking "Hey! Why is that dude's heart rate 130?"... because he's withdrawing, that's why.
  8. NurseCard

    phenobarbital for ETOH withdrawal

    You know why this is scary? This is scary, because I work in this itty-bitty hospital with one Med Surge unit, no ICU... and at night, about 8-9 people in the whole building. We do CIWA protocol and admit patients for alcohol withdrawal. Yeah. Oh, ...
  9. NurseCard

    Sick and whiny (long rant, but I'll summarize)

    Myself, I call in if my head feels like it weighs 2 tons, if I have a fever, if I just overall FEEL horrible and weak, or if I can't leave the toilet for five minutes without something wanting to come spilling out of me. Either end. I have gone in ...
  10. NurseCard

    How long did it take you to get used to a new job?

    Yeah, that. I've been at my current job for almost three years now, and am truly truly starting to feel like it's time to move on to something different, at least for a while. My goodness, I know I'll miss this place though. So, I feel for ya, in ...
  11. NurseCard

    Is this hurting my resume?

    The possible problem is... if you start sending your resume to places NOW that you might like to work in in the future... they are going to get it in their heads right NOW, that you are a possible job hopper. What you might do is include a cover let...
  12. NurseCard

    OMG ?

    Oh ugh, that's bad enough! Ugh ugh ugh I hate when I'm trying to flush a tube and all of that Jevity that's been in the person's stomach, all comes flying back out at me! Gross! I agree with Juan though, I don't think you have much to worry about ...
  13. NurseCard

    Do as I say, and not as I do.

    He's not even a real art therapist? Bogus, man! I'm sorry that you are having to deal with little man overstepping his power. Where does his "power" come from anyway?
  14. NurseCard

    OMG ?

    I still don't know WHAT exploded! Was it a giant pulsating cyst? I've seen some crazy videos on Facebook.
  15. NurseCard

    Do as I say, and not as I do.

    Stealing the thread for a minute. I envy Clark. I wish I could be an art therapist. I considered going to school for it once upon a time. Until I realized what a gigantic pay cut I would take, going from RN to art therapist!!!