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NurseCard has 13 years experience as a ADN and specializes in Med/Surge, Psych, LTC, Home Health.

RN with experience in Med Surge, LTC, Home Health, Psych.  Married to Dave.  Mom to two kids, two cats, and a stubborn bulldog.  Still don't have my BSN, no. 

Hi there!  I'm NurseCard, and I'm here to help you if you have any questions about the site, or are just needing advice!  Have a lovely day! 😀😎

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  1. NurseCard

    The Future Nurse Bully- Is it You?

    I dunno, I think it depends on the kid. My son causes me way more worry and grief than my daughter does. It's not really his fault, the poor kid was born with ADHD and then when he was 8, we found out he had a seizure disorder. Plus, all in all, the kid is way more emotionally complex and sensitive than my daughter. My girl has mostly been the easy child whom I haven't had to worry much about. Carry on. Sorry to hijack the thread. 😁
  2. How do I create my own blog and/or post to it?

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    2. sirI

      sirI, MSN, APRN, NP

      Hello MotherBabyPoet, RN,

      To find Articles that you have in your Blog, click your name. That takes you to your Activity Wall. Find BLOG and click that.

      Currently, you have only 1 post on allnurses using the name MotherBabyPoet, RN, and it is an Article submitted approximately 8 years ago entitled:  Nursing There to Here...

      As for "lots pf pieces here in the past" and the "third place article win for 'She'", could you have submitted those under a different user name?

    3. MotherBabyPoet

      MotherBabyPoet, RN

      Perhaps Mermaidpoet. All of them are signed at the end with my full name...

      ”George and Martha”

      ”Mr. Albacoss”


      ”I Hate you Heart Attack”

      ”The Ballard of Knight and “Lady Gaye”

      ”Goodbye, My Friend”

      ”Pinky Swear”

      several others. My initial time was under Mother/BabyRN

      and then came back and Brian allowed me to change my username. I was also cleared to copyright my own work because I gave AllNurses permission to do so. I am attempting to compile work for a book so thank you for trying to help..

      Some other works:

      Tips on Transition from StudentNurseWorld to RealNurseWorld

      ”Some Kind of Friendship”

      ”One Good Night”

      ”Just Call Me Charlie”

      ”Ode to Labor and Delivery Nurse”

      ”It Tickles”

      Thank you

      Martha Crowninshield O’Brien





    4. sirI

      sirI, MSN, APRN, NP

      You will need to sign in with the other account and check the BLOG on that Activity Wall. If you submitted Articles under another name, they will all be listed in the BLOG under the other name.

  3. NurseCard

    Nurses Call the Governor of Tennessee

    Good post and it does make me think.
  4. NurseCard

    Nurses Call the Governor of Tennessee

    Late to the party, here... I'm on the fence as to whether or not the woman deserves to be charged criminally... I stay on the fence about a LOT of issues, unfortunately... I do lean to the side of "she should not be charged". I personally THINK that she will not be charged, or that if she does make it to court, the DA will lose. Here's why: 1. I think the evidence will be overwhelming that the nurse was working under tremendous pressure and that the working environment was all in all, unsafe. 2. She was doing a JOB. She was working. 3. The family did not even want charges brought. I don't think a jury is going to convict her. Just my humble opinion. Cathy
  5. NurseCard

    Does making the same mistake twice make me a bad nurse?

    you are absolutely not a bad nurse! Especially since you have made these mistakes and are worried enough about it to post here... You'll do fine. Like Davey said, keeping the sterile field boundaries will soon become second nature for you!
  6. NurseCard

    No More TB Tests?

    Wow... my hospital still requires them yearly. Now, I can't remember for sure, but I don't think that the home health agency that I worked for for quite some time, required them yearly. Just upon hire. I fortunately don't have to do them because I've had a positive quantiferon test, yay! 😂 So, I just have to answer a questionnaire regarding whether or not I've had any symptoms.
  7. NurseCard

    Nurses with Attitude

    I am proud to say that I am ALWAYS a "Nurse B". Mary Sunshine, that's me. 🤣 Just kidding.
  8. NurseCard

    February 2019 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Oh thank God, I'm hungry! Where are the young nurses?
  9. NurseCard

    Extreme anxiety as a Nursery Nurse

    Have you talked to the OB manager about how you are feeling? Maybe ask for a new preceptor? That's my best advice. Or, can you just go back to the tele floor?
  10. NurseCard

    Anyone else regret becoming a nurse?

    Yeah, I've regretted it a time or ten. 🙂 I started out as a graphic designer, but the pay was poor, the job was isolating... there just isn't much demand for graphic artists in my area of the country, and I had no real desire to move. I could have been an art teacher, but I found out that I simply cannot stand a whole room full of other people's kids. Really, there hasn't been much else for me to do. I wanted something that would give me a steady paycheck and a steady, comfortable living. I've had some horrific moments in my 16 years as a nurse, but I've somehow persevered... now I have a job that I've had for almost three years, and this job sucks SOMETIMES, it really does... but I'm trying to stay put and focus on what I love about this job... namely coworkers who feel like family. 🙂 And the occasional nights of lower census, when I feel like I can breathe a bit and maybe spend a little more time with each patient. My advice... like others have said, if you have an area of nursing that you think you would actually love, then go for it!!!!! There are some downright crappy nursing jobs out there, and then there are some great ones. Don't give up yet.
  11. NurseCard

    Over using sympathy card

    I work with a wonderful nurse who just lost her son unexpectedly. She came back to work WAY earlier than I expected she would.
  12. NurseCard

    Worsening Health, Considering Resignation

    My goodness, hon. I am sorry for what you are going through! Psych units can be stressful or not. MY experience; I worked 11p-7a once on an adult psych unit and it was very non stressful, MOST of the time. The patients MOSTLY slept. Psych tends to be less stress on your body, until you have to participate in restraining someone. Or, unless you work gero-psych. I worked 11-7 on a child psych unit once, and that tended to be very stressful mentally, but very little physical stress.
  13. NurseCard

    Med error . I’m devastated

    I agree. Very very important to slow.down. Always ask the patient their full name. Most psych units have a picture of the patient along with their MAR. Anyway, I think you'll be fine. Own up to this error and learn from it. 🙂
  14. NurseCard

    Med error . I’m devastated

    Calm down. Patient is going to be okay. Right? Med errors happen, especially in an environment such as the one that you are in now. I once worked on a KIDS psych unit, where we pre poured the morning meds. Each child got their own cup of meds. I somehow gave a kid the wrong meds. Kid was okay. I'm still here. I've made even worse mistakes than that, believe it or not.
  15. NurseCard

    I don’t know what to say 😩😩😩

    Just be there. Just listen. Often that is all that is really needed. I mean, sometimes family members will have questions that you will learn the answers to as you go along in your new job. They will want to know signs that the end is near. You will gently be able to answer such questions. Other times, all you need to do is be there to listen. Or, to simply allow family members to gather and pray.
  16. NurseCard

    Insulting pay raise

    Well... I'm not saying you don't deserve a raise, because you most certainly do. It seems to be pretty common, that medical facilities are generally not giving their staff raises. It seems to be a trend. Most medical facilities are pretty bad about wanting to save money, no matter who they piss off. I'll bet you aren't the only one who thinks they deserve a big raise and not getting it. Most people would say.. if you want a raise, find another job. It's the sad truth when it comes to most nursing/hospital/nursing home jobs. Edit: Again, you likely do deserve a raise and kudos to you for asking for that raise. I just wouldn't feel "insulted", you know? It most definitely, probably, isn't because you don't deserve it.