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UM Review RN is a ASN, RN and specializes in Utilization Management.

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  1. UM Review RN

    Brian Short News

    I'm in shock, complete shock. How tragic - how awful - my prayers and my family's prayers going out to all their family and friends.
  2. UM Review RN

    August 2015 Caption Contest. Win $100!

    This is Harold. He used to be a retail manager, but now he's a student nurse. Because there's a nursing shortage and nurses make really good money.
  3. UM Review RN

    Travel to Tampa area next winter

    I live in FL and used to work for Baycare. Loved it! No matter where they house you in Pinellas County, you aren't more than 20 minutes from a great beach. Hospitals include: Morton Plant, Mease Countryside, Mease Dunedin, North Bay, St. Anthony's, S...
  4. conurrent review, perhaps?
  5. UM Review RN

    NS at 125 ml/hr is not an ER order

    Completely unethical and a huge waste of resources right there. But back to the original post - I'm not an ER nurse, but I completely understand and agree with the op's point. Even if that supposedly stable pt crashes suddenly, there are ways that i...
  6. UM Review RN

    Nurses using EKGs

    We used to have to share the ekg machine with a sister unit. I always wanted one that would roll faster. Lightweight would be good.
  7. UM Review RN

    Good-bye, Mrs. Meanjeans

    dang it marla, now ya got me bawlin'. Great story. I've had a few Mrs. MJ's too. they do grow on you, don't they?
  8. My apologies, first time I saw this thread. I believe that nurses should have rights, too. We're not asking to be able to come to work and sit around at the desk all day; we're asking that we have manageable patient loads based on acuity, so that NOB...
  9. replacement nurses hired at most hospitals [/url] chris williams, associated press writer posted: 6:57 pm mdt june 9, 2010updated: 3:17 pm mdt june 10, 2010 minneapolis -- more than 12,000 nurses launched a one-day strike thursday at 14 m...
  10. UM Review RN

    Made to float, when I know I will sink.

    Just remember, if the patient goes south, you get the blame--and you have to live with your share of the responsibility forever after. Legally, morally, and ethically. I don't know about you, but no job, no amount of money, is worth that.
  11. UM Review RN

    can't listen to his stories how to I get out fast?

    First: he's not the only one paying big bucks to live there. Others are too. Second: state law limits your pill-passing time to a set period, and you have to be on time for all of the residents. Third-- ok, so he's not all warm and fuzzy. Does he ...
  12. UM Review RN

    What do you do when telemetry calls?

    Never worked with this type of setup...I usually would go look at the monitor and the patient to confirm, because of a all the weird things I've found. Monitor techs can be wrong, leads can get hooked up to the wrong patient, pacers can function whe...
  13. Glad you addressed it immediatelly. Those situations are very short-lived in the minds of the perpetrators. Only thing that made me wonder if the doc meant no harm was that she apologised. In my experience, that's pretty rare.
  14. UM Review RN

    I pay for these classes and these people won't shut up

    As other folks have said: Get to class early enough to be able to choose your seat. Take the one directly in front of the prof. Sit far away from the noisy (un-serious) folks. Establish a relationship with the prof, not the other students. Because I...
  15. HA! Her O2 sats probably were not accurate with that hemoglobin. You can have 100% O2 sats, but if you have only a few red blood cells to pick it up, you're gonna be short on O2. Following the ABC rule-- airway, breathing, circulation--her immediate ...