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Does anyone else pick up on how there is a core set of topics that get recycled, e.g. "My GPA is 0.00001, can I handle nursing school?" What subjects drive you to distraction after seeing them... Read More

  1. by   Meeshie
    You missed 'what type of drug test does XYZ hospital or XYZ school do? Is it hair? Saliva? Why am I asking? reason....'

    Quote from Guy in Babyland
    My favorite one's are the marijuana threads:

    "I'm starting nursing school in Colorado. If I have a medical marijuana card. Do I have to stop smoking when I am in nursing school?"

    "I start nursing school in a month. How soon before school starts do I have to stop smoking to pass the drug screen?"
  2. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    PVT threads. And I'm not even in nursing school yet.
  3. by   xoemmylouox
    I hate it when a new poster posts some lame topic that has been discussed a millions times, we still are patient and bother to respond to the hard to understand novel that was posted, and then they never respond back. It drives me crazy. Why bother to post and waste my time to never respond back?!?!? Especially when we ask for clarification/details..
  4. by   NICU Guy
    Just posted 30 minutes ago.


    Message: Ethics and Nursing
  5. by   nursej22
    Any time I see the "Should I be a nurse?" title, I say to myself, "Nope", and move on.

    And for what it's worth, when people shout (all caps), or use lol.
  6. by   Susie2310
    I find the attitude of the person posting a thread on a well worn frequent topic more important than the actual topic. For example, if I feel someone is asking a question such as "What is the fastest way to become a NP without any nursing experience?" with respect and genuine naivety, I am inwardly more tolerant than I would be otherwise. The same goes for other frequent well worn topics.
  7. by   Sour Lemon
    Anything that sounds like it belongs in a thirteen year old girl's Hello Kitty diary is pretty annoying ...and there's lots of that lately, for some reason.
  8. by   quiltynurse56
    Another one is about "how can I handle being a nurse (or in nursing school) when I have children. My thought is, it is the same no matter the job. You have to be prepared. Single moms I can see the concern, but gee whiz.
  9. by   traumaRUs
    Many posters (as I'm sure it was with many of the posters in this thread) go thru similar phases in their nursing career:

    Prenursing - testing, wait lists, courses to take, pre-reqs
    Nursing school - testing, clinicals, NCLEX
    New grad - getting a job, co-worker relations
    Experienced nurse - job (dis)satisfaction, career mobility

    So - its not unusual to get the same type of questions. While I agree that the way you ask a question often relates to the answers, it is just super easy to skip over topics that you don't want to discuss. If there are posts that are problematic, ie posts with only initials of a school posts with terms of service violations in them, posts in the wrong forum, please click on the "report" triangle and we will address the issue.

  10. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    Foreign educated nurses who want to know which state has the easiest NCLEX exam and won't check education or require English competency exams and how they plan to transfer the license to their dream state once they pass the easy states NCKEX

    obvious homework threads
  11. by   meanmaryjean
    And then there's this classic:

    "Has anyone ever.....?"

    Fill in the blank- attended nursing school while (gasp) in a relationship, gotten into a program with a C in chemistry, found a job ater failing NCLEX 12 times.......I could go on and on, Celine Dion-like. But I won't.
  12. by   Wuzzie
    The ones that really frost my cookies are when they ask a question and you craft a very well-thought out response and all you get is ...crickets. Usually it's because they don't like the answers they are getting. But come on, at least give us an epic internet flounce so the work we put in was worth it.
  13. by   Buyer beware
    Quote from cocoa_puff
    "Can a male nurse work in L&D/Peds/NICU?"

    "Do females feel comfortable with male nurses?"

    "High school junior wants to be a Pediatric/Neonatal/Women's Health NP"


    "Should I be a nurse?"

    "ASN vs BSN"

    "Can I be a NP without becoming a nurse?"
    The only thing I would add is that I had an OB/Gyn tell me one time that she would like to have men do preceptorships with her but "I see a lot of women you know and I don't think they would be comfortable with a man in the exam room."
    Equality eeeschmality, Sherlock!