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quiltynurse56 has 3 years experience as a LPN, LVN and specializes in LTC and Pediatrics.

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  1. quiltynurse56

    How important is the nurse's comfort?

    On one of my assignments, the patient's room was always cold to me and I wore long sleeves as well as a sweatshirt. Mom told me the patient needed it cool. They did have a space heater which I would position away from the patient and put it on a v...
  2. quiltynurse56

    Is my situation normal?

    If you haven't already left, I suggest you leave. Too many red flags and you are a nurse, not a housekeeper. If you want to continue to do this, find an agency to go through. There are good families out there and will let you do the job. Most agen...
  3. quiltynurse56

    I'm a nurse, not a babysitter!!!

    With the companies I work for, it is explicit that we do not care for other children in the home. Our assigned patient is our focus. I have had only one family who felt I needed to put up with their unruly child. I left that family fast for that r...
  4. quiltynurse56

    Families Saying "No" To Male Nurses?

    I have been working the home care for 1.5 years now. I only know of 1 family that requests no male nurses. The agencies I work with will ask the parents if they would take a male nurse. How many say no to that I can not say as I am in the homes, n...
  5. quiltynurse56

    Can a LVN be a charge nurse

    I worked as a charge nurse right out of school. Worked as charge when I moved to Texas. All at LTC. WE do have an RN to consult with should we need to such as the DON or on call nurse. As far as wages, they are low in Texas. I took a pay cut mo...
  6. quiltynurse56

    Suspected drug use in home

    I reported this and one other issue to my supervisor. After a couple of more days, and a couple of other issues, I did report to CPS. Don't know what happened from there, but I do hope they got some much needed parenting help. They moved, and, of ...
  7. quiltynurse56

    LPN's aren't Real Nurses? (Whaa...)

    You will meet people who say that. Don't let it get to you. You know otherwise. When people casually ask me what I do, I just tell them that I am a nurse.
  8. quiltynurse56

    Transferring to Another Compact State

    I moved from Iowa to Texas a year ago. My Iowa license was due to expire the end of the month I moved. Since we had already purchased our home in Texas, I went ahead and applied to Texas. I did this about a month out from moving. If you don't have...
  9. quiltynurse56

    Inclement weather conditions...mandatory to work?

    This facility did not heed warnings and evacuate. This was one of numerous facilities along the Gulf Coast last year. Most have plans. One team works at the facility or evacuates with the patients. The other team goes in and prepares for the retu...
  10. quiltynurse56

    Mandatory Uniforms

    When I have had to wear specific color scrubs, I actually liked it. Just went in and bought several sets in the color I needed. Pretty much in and out and didn't have to decide what I wanted.
  11. quiltynurse56

    Pets- and nursing overnight

    Do you take them out overnight now? Probably not. They should be fine during that time period I would think. When we find we are going to be out longer than we know the dog can go, she usually has a pee pad to go on.
  12. quiltynurse56

    IV pump alarms - am I the only one?

    You can count me as one who has woken up in the middle of the night hearing call bells and alarms. After a while, you don't do that anymore unless it is a crazy night with lots of them going off.
  13. quiltynurse56

    Full time vs Part time vs Per Diem

    I worked per diem through an agency like you are and it was great. I could decided where I worked and when. Since I moved to a different state, I am now working PDN through 2 agencies. One has wonderful benefits which is great. Since I have heal...
  14. quiltynurse56

    Is this LTC facility trying to take her license?

    Did she have LTC experience before working for this agency. Any good agency would not hire a nurse without experience in the area they would be sending here. Experience gives a good basis from which to build when going with an agency. I worked wit...
  15. Okay, you are a new nurse and one month into your first job. Stop and listen to the other more experienced nurse. You don't know everything yet and, to be honest, you will always have things come up you need to ask about. Take direction from this n...