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quiltynurse56 has 3 years experience as a LPN, LVN and specializes in LTC and Pediatrics.

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  1. quiltynurse56

    LPN's aren't Real Nurses? (Whaa...)

    You will meet people who say that. Don't let it get to you. You know otherwise. When people casually ask me what I do, I just tell them that I am a nurse.
  2. quiltynurse56

    Transferring to Another Compact State

    I moved from Iowa to Texas a year ago. My Iowa license was due to expire the end of the month I moved. Since we had already purchased our home in Texas, I went ahead and applied to Texas. I did this about a month out from moving. If you don't have a legal address in the state you are moving to, then you would have to go ahead and renew in Texas.
  3. quiltynurse56

    Inclement weather conditions...mandatory to work?

    This facility did not heed warnings and evacuate. This was one of numerous facilities along the Gulf Coast last year. Most have plans. One team works at the facility or evacuates with the patients. The other team goes in and prepares for the return or if they didn't evacuate, to relieve the staff that worked. The home I worked at, had us write down at employment which we were willing to do. Also, Harvey was only to come in as a Cat 2 or so and it came in as a Cat 5. So, don't base all of the feelings on one incident last year.
  4. quiltynurse56

    Mandatory Uniforms

    When I have had to wear specific color scrubs, I actually liked it. Just went in and bought several sets in the color I needed. Pretty much in and out and didn't have to decide what I wanted.
  5. quiltynurse56

    Pets- and nursing overnight

    Do you take them out overnight now? Probably not. They should be fine during that time period I would think. When we find we are going to be out longer than we know the dog can go, she usually has a pee pad to go on.
  6. quiltynurse56

    IV pump alarms - am I the only one?

    You can count me as one who has woken up in the middle of the night hearing call bells and alarms. After a while, you don't do that anymore unless it is a crazy night with lots of them going off.
  7. quiltynurse56

    Full time vs Part time vs Per Diem

    I worked per diem through an agency like you are and it was great. I could decided where I worked and when. Since I moved to a different state, I am now working PDN through 2 agencies. One has wonderful benefits which is great. Since I have health insurance through my husband, I am not on the insurance. I enjoy working this way and it allows me to take time off when I need to do so. I say, if it works for you, then that is what you should do. It doesn't work for everyone. When your children get older, then you can re-evaluate if you want something different.
  8. quiltynurse56

    Is this LTC facility trying to take her license?

    Did she have LTC experience before working for this agency. Any good agency would not hire a nurse without experience in the area they would be sending here. Experience gives a good basis from which to build when going with an agency. I worked with an agency after having gained some experience in LTC and I usually received 1-2 hours orientation though it usually did not amount to much. Since I did have the experience, it wasn't too difficult to jump in and figure out what to do. I would usually let the residents know that I was new and once I was there a few days, I would be faster. I only had one facility where it was not a good fit. Just my 2cents worth here from one who has been there.
  9. quiltynurse56

    First job after LPN licensing & Being treated with disrespect!

    Okay, you are a new nurse and one month into your first job. Stop and listen to the other more experienced nurse. You don't know everything yet and, to be honest, you will always have things come up you need to ask about. Take direction from this nurse. Ask questions about situations. Being the new nurse also means taking your break when told. Nurses need each other to help out with situations. I find in your posts that you are having a hard time accepting the fact that you are new and don't know everything. You have lots to learn so use this nurse as a resource, not as an enemy. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but it is real life nursing. Anytime you are new in a job, you are low man on the totem pole so to speak. You need to do your job and get along with your coworkers whether you like them or not.
  10. quiltynurse56

    Medical kidnap? Discuss

    Where does CNN get off with "veiled threats" to the nursing staff of the hospital? Good for the for not relaying any information.
  11. quiltynurse56

    Where can LVN work

    Looks like you need to bridge to RN if you don't want to work in those places.
  12. quiltynurse56

    Did you leave bedside nursing?

    I have left bedside nursing for PDN Pediatric nursing. I do not feel any less of a nurse doing this than I did being bedside. It is very rewarding to be part of their total care team. You get to know the child as well as the family. You get to know the patient well and you learn what signs to watch for should they be getting ill and know exactly what to do to prevent things from worsening or when to take them to the hospital for further treatment. You also get to see any improvements too.
  13. quiltynurse56

    Fox News calls CNA a nurse

    You said you were suspicious because of her age. Well, you do know that a 20 year old could be either a LPN or and ADN/RN don't you?
  14. quiltynurse56


    Why not pay off the balance? Wouldn't that be a lot less than starting over?
  15. quiltynurse56

    I want to like my preceptor, but...

    I have had the opposite of you when starting my job. Some of the nurses seemed to think that since I was older I had years of nursing experience when I haven't even had 3 years. Once they realized this, they started teaching me about situations instead of b******g at me. Where I work, orientation was very short, but still learning about procedures and the facility idiosyncrasies. I am in my third month and finally getting settled in. Hang in there and you will soon be on your own, with the support of this nurse and others. You are right in that she is evaluating you and as you show you are able to do it, she is backing off. The goal is to get you ready to be on your own.
  16. quiltynurse56

    LVN Pocketcard issuance d/c

    Texas doesn't issue cards either. I received a letter with my number on it. I am ok with that as most employers will look you up even if you do have a card. It does make it hard to remember the number though. I have held license in 3 states and have had only one card from one of the states.