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  1. ItsThatJenGirl

    What Did Joe See?

    Perhaps I should have made my post a little clearer. I welcome prayer/good vibes/blessings - it all boils down to the same for me. I don't really care for prayers that I'll find my way or let Jesus in my heart, but I'm not the prayer boss Edit: I know not all Christians are the same, and I hate that I grouped everyone in together in my previous post. Also, being agnostic/atheist doesn't mean I'm "anti" any religion. I would hate for anyone to think I'm anti anything.
  2. ItsThatJenGirl

    What Did Joe See?

    While I won't speak for elkpark, I will say that it's tiring that Christians often treat non-Christians as if they just don't get it - like we're not special/enlightened/whatever enough. It's really insulting, though I hope it's not intentional. I mean, how would you feel if these things were said about you/your beliefs: Disagreeing with what is being said isn't born from anger or frustration. Turning a disagreement into this is pretty dismissive. It's in the vein of "you can't see what's right because of your anger". Again, this is really dismissive. It's not that I don't understand, I do understand. I just don't agree. This feels really passive aggressive and insulting, at least to me. It's insinuating that if you don't believe what's being presented, you're stuck in one of these stages. I understand that part of being a Christian is wanting everyone to know what it feels like and experience it for themselves - but the comments really get out of hand and become insulting all too often. The "I'll pray for you" or "God still loves you" implies that I'm just not spiritually mature enough to handle the reality of things, or that I still have lessons to learn - rather than my beliefs, while different, are valid. Again, only speaking for myself and my impression of this thread. I respect that other people feel differently and have their own truths. But it's rarely reciprocated.
  3. ItsThatJenGirl

    What Did Joe See?

    That ship has sailed. There are plenty of people at peace with the thought of nothing after death. I'm one of them. I'm not certain, none of us can be. But I certainly don't think I'm in any position to speak on the matter as if I do know.