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  1. ItsThatJenGirl

    First time fired by family

    Don't take it personally. You won't mesh with everyone. I got "fired" from a patient for checking to see if he needed his brief changed. His family claimed I was a pervert. I mean that's literally my job (PCT). People are weird.
  2. ItsThatJenGirl

    When did things start to click~?

    I've also heard it starts to come together during Adult I/II, but doesn't really solidify until we're working :)
  3. ItsThatJenGirl

    Break up during school

    I'm really sorry you're going through this. I'm in the midst of something similar, though we're married with kids. I'm 98% sure we're just not going to make it through the next year and a half of school. It's been incredibly difficult. I'll keep you in my thoughts.
  4. Most of the job listings here say BSN highly preferred. If you want to do the ADN route, you might be better off going to Baptist, I think they hire their new grads often - they also have the RN-BSN program online. Where are you going now and where do you plan to go to nursing school? I'm at UT and since it's a state school, the tuition isn't bad at all.
  5. ItsThatJenGirl

    Nursing School Essentials

    A good water bottle was my biggest helper. And Advil.
  6. ItsThatJenGirl

    Is nursing school really awful?

    Maybe that's an issue with your program. I had really awesome educational experiences in my first semester clinicals. I did wipe butts and clean up vomit, too - it's part of what we'll be doing when we graduate, so it makes sense that we learn how to compassionately give that care now.
  7. ItsThatJenGirl

    Is nursing school really awful?

    I love it.
  8. ItsThatJenGirl

    A patient spit in my face

    Thank you both. I feel better having posted. Guess I just needed to get it out. :)
  9. ItsThatJenGirl

    Keep going?

    You're not throwing nursing out of the window. You gave it your best shot, and it wasn't the right fit for you. Go get your English degree. Live for yourself, not anyone else. Good luck.
  10. ItsThatJenGirl

    A patient spit in my face

    Thanks for giving me a more positive way to view the situation. Lesson learned!
  11. ItsThatJenGirl

    A patient spit in my face

    I'm relatively new to my PCA/CNA position. I work on a cardiac floor and generally enjoy it. Yesterday I was pulled to 1:1 obs for a patient. As I was changing the patients brief, he/she spit in my face. My mouth was closed, thankfully. Now, being spit on sucks big time, but the part that bothered me the most was the response from the nurse. When I told her what happened, she said "yeah, he/she does that". She didn't warn me beforehand, she didn't ask if I needed time to clean up, she didn't really seem to give a crap. I get that she's busy, everyone is. But damn. A little empathy would have gone a long way in making me more comfortable - especially since I had several more hours of sitting to do. Just venting I guess.
  12. If the drip is running 30mL/hour, then it's 0.5mL per minute. If the rate is 20 drops per mL, then you would 10 drops/min. 30mL/60 mins = 0.5mL per minute, 20 drops/mL/0.5mL per minute = 10 drops per minute. Does that help at all?
  13. I really liked this article. I'm having a really hard time adjusting at times. I went from being the "smartest" person in all my pre-req classes to being a totally average student among all the other "smartest" people. That was something I wish I had known before I started.
  14. ItsThatJenGirl

    Relationship problems

    Yeah no, 16 years with my husband and he's never made me cry. I couldn't be in a relationship like that. I'm only a student, but he is my absolute biggest cheerleader. He picked up most of the chores around here, like laundry, cooking, shopping and school stuff with the kids. He wakes me up every morning with a hot cup of coffee and my scrubs (mornings are tough for me). He makes sure I either have lunch or cash and that I have plenty of space and time to study. He makes sympathetic noises when I complain about a lab instructor yelling at me because I spoke before class started. He dropped everything this morning to bring me my name badge because you can't come to lab without your name badge. You have to find someone that improves your quality of life, while you improve theirs.
  15. ItsThatJenGirl

    TEAS 6: Can I skip questions and go back to them later on the test?

    Just to clarify, you can skip questions within the same section. You can't skip one in math, move onto reading, then go back to math.

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