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  1. ItsThatJenGirl

    First time fired by family

    Don't take it personally. You won't mesh with everyone. I got "fired" from a patient for checking to see if he needed his brief changed. His family claimed I was a pervert. I mean that's literally my job (PCT). People are weird.
  2. ItsThatJenGirl

    When did things start to click~?

    I've also heard it starts to come together during Adult I/II, but doesn't really solidify until we're working :)
  3. ItsThatJenGirl

    Does anyone use "SN" in email signatures while a student?

    I wouldn't.
  4. ItsThatJenGirl

    Break up during school

    I'm really sorry you're going through this. I'm in the midst of something similar, though we're married with kids. I'm 98% sure we're just not going to make it through the next year and a half of school. It's been incredibly difficult. I'll keep you ...
  5. Most of the job listings here say BSN highly preferred. If you want to do the ADN route, you might be better off going to Baptist, I think they hire their new grads often - they also have the RN-BSN program online. Where are you going now and where d...
  6. ItsThatJenGirl

    Nursing School Essentials

    A good water bottle was my biggest helper. And Advil.
  7. ItsThatJenGirl

    Is nursing school really awful?

    Maybe that's an issue with your program. I had really awesome educational experiences in my first semester clinicals. I did wipe butts and clean up vomit, too - it's part of what we'll be doing when we graduate, so it makes sense that we learn how to...
  8. ItsThatJenGirl

    Is nursing school really awful?

    I love it.
  9. ItsThatJenGirl

    Share your 1st day of class experiences

    Our first day was really fun. We had a lecture for a few hours - it went over basic care like bed making, hand hygiene, general safety. Then we had a lab where we learned how to do blood glucose measurements, restraint use and donning/doffing ppe. I ...
  10. ItsThatJenGirl

    Where's the Professor?

    Oh and we had our instructors cell phone, so we would text her and figure out the time frames.
  11. ItsThatJenGirl

    Where's the Professor?

    It depended on what she was doing. Our clinical group were on two different units, so if she was close, a few minutes. If she was in the other unit, sometimes we had to decline to give the med, because it would take too long and we didn't want to neg...
  12. I'm going into my second semester in nursing school, and I'd highly recommend working as a CNA. It's not necessary, but it's given me a lot of confidence and a whole new set of skills that will make me a better nurse in the long run, IMO. Plus I love...
  13. ItsThatJenGirl

    Can CNAs work one 12h shift a week?

    I got a job as a nurse extern, which is a PRN position. We're required to work two shifts per month. Right now I'm working 3-4 shifts per week because it's summer and I love money. :)
  14. ItsThatJenGirl

    A patient spit in my face

    Thank you both. I feel better having posted. Guess I just needed to get it out. :)