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Well, ours started today. Very nice cooler that holds a 6-pack that has a netted beach bag on top. Hospital colors and logo, of course. Inside was a beach ball, a bottle huggie and a frisbee..all... Read More

  1. by   redshiloh
    Yeah, I kinda think giving overworked/stressed/underpaid nurses knives is a strange idea. My nurse manager(at her own expense) gave us each a mug, some tea and a plant. There is a celebration upstairs on Thursday. Guess which staff usually can't get away to go to this!
  2. by   psychonurse
    Since I am a correctional nurse and this week is National Correctional Employees Week we are kind of not really anything special. Yesterday they had popcorn and pop. Today we are having hot dogs and hamburgers, Wednesday it is cake and pop, Thursday is chili and Friday it is Nachos. But it is for everyone in the facility.

    The bosses brought in candy, doughnuts and pins that they got from drug reps that didn't cost them a dime. Tomorrow we are going to get pizza for ourselves to tell each other that we appreciate each other. I have a great team that I work with and I really appreciate everyone in the place. But I should say that my bosses come up and tell me many times that they appreciate me and what I do....I don't really need a special day for them to tell me that I am doing a good job although I was giving them a bad time yesterday about what they were going to bring us tomorrow.

    Happy Nurses Week or day to all and have fun at what ever yo may be doing. psychonurse :roll
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    Originally posted by ratchit
    We are not only getting nothing, we are GIVING stuff. I am shocked.

    We are having a dinner party, at which the nurses are donating money to the hospital.

    We are also having a breakfast. The nurses are "welcoming the rest of the hospital" to stop by and eat food served up by nurses.

    I'm disgusted. The pen and pencil sets and lunch bags don't mean much to me. But I can't believe that the nurses at my hospital are starting the precedent of nurses week being about what more WE can do instead of about the hospital appreciating us.
    ROFLMAO!!! What a crock of chit......THey sure got it bassackwards. I got a plastic travel cup in the facilities colors and logo-and a cookie reception in the am.The DON and the administrators gave us a little speech about how much we are appreciated...My hormones are flucuating wildly this week-I was almost in tears.
  5. by   night owl
    Oh and when it snowed so badly the weekend of presidents day in Feb and I had the chance to work all that OT with holiday pay, our facility was nice enough gave us all a $100 bonus for appreciation. I think our place is finally getting it. It's called "show me the money!"
  6. by   healingtouchRN
    our hospital gave us a CE day with fun stuff to listen to from our chaplains & a humorist. Another day we had free meals, another day we had snacks in the dept. I bought my staff cards & baked them a cake. Another day the reps brought us stuff & did inservices if we chose to take advantage of this. all optional...I thought it was nice. next week, hospital week, there are contests, & more free food, & some sort of competition (administration must be in this, since we have no time for stuff like that). happy days to all the nurses out there in NurseLand!:kiss
  7. by   moonchild20002000
    Our facility has something planned for each day this week.

    Monday breakfast

    Tuesday a gift basket for each nurse,a certificate for a facial and massage,coffee cup,pens,penlights,candy,cookies

    Wednesday pizza

    Thursday more gift bags

    Friday ice cream social

    There are posters all around proclamig us "everyday heros"

    We recieved a letter of appreciation from administration

    We have heard all week from administration and the Docs how much they appreciate us.
  8. by   nurs4kids
    cool moonchild!! Great to feel appreciated, eh?

    They've done a good job for us too..
    vendor fair with neat gifts
    a day of entertainment with various singers, etc.
    seminars offering ceu's..
    several things..
    something different every day.
  9. by   RN-PA
    I guess our official celebration was today. We got hoagies, chips, and soda for each shift, and a bunch of nurses were randomly chosen throughout the hospital to get some sort of gift-- I'm curious to know what they receive. Our hospital is having pretty bad financial difficulties for the first time ever over the past year, so I didn't expect much.
  10. by   tiger
    we got a little tiny cactus and a bandana. woo-hoo!
  11. by   Brita01
    I went and got my gifts yesterday. The first office gave us food and travel mugs that said 'nurses are heroes.' The second office gave us these huge bright green and white umbrellas with the company logo. The colors scream "look at me, I'm carrying an umbrella here!" This is the gift that was too big to mail. Afterwards I went shopping. Gifts to myself.
  12. by   wormily
    i guess one of the oxygen vendors offered to buy pizza for the nurses tonight.
    they showed up with 2.
    our night supervisor went out & bought more so we wouldn't *****. dunno whose budget that came out of.
    one of the patients saw me eating it & i'm sure there will be a negative comment in her discharge survey. we will be reprimandend & told not to eat in front of the patients.... bad nursie:imbar :imbar
  13. by   Jaaaman
    We were made breakfast burritos where I work...... They tasted pretty good...... stuffed myself because I was hungry after working all night. Felt a little ill afterwords :imbar