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ktwlpn is a LPN, RN and specializes in Med Surg, Homecare, Hospice.

married for 18 yrs-1 son (soon to enter the USMC

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  1. "Fixin' to die"

    I have been a nurse for 27 years .My mother was from Virginia.Now my credibility is being called into question (yes,I really am a nurse) and I am being called prejudiced,too..( 50% Italian American and 50% southern myself) The article's headline...
  2. "Fixin' to die"

    It's so funny that the majority of you disagree.The members of this board have slammed posters for spelling and grammar to the point that they left.And to call me names because I hold a differing opinion just proves your own ignorance. I stand b...
  3. "Fixin' to die"

    I did read the story,I also know that terms such as "fixin' to die" "circling the drain" etc.I also know it is "regional".My point is it makes her sound ignorant.We nurses continue to strive to be recognized as professionals.I would th ok no anyone ...
  4. "Fixin' to die"

    Anyone see the story regarding the school nurse who thought one of the students had a routine stomach virus when the teacher summoned her only to discover the kid was showing signs of a stroke?In interviews she is quoted as saying she thought he was ...
  5. Sundowning?

    Unless the brain is not developing normally? Any thoughts on that?
  6. Meal times

    I know meal times and snack times are regulated( meaning the numbers of hours permitted to lapse between them) I have worked in LTC' s that changed the shift times to accommodate (6a to 2p from 7a -3p) Resident were permitted to attend the dining roo...
  7. Does Death Have A Smell?

    Oh,Lovey-it's not you.It's stuck on you and you need a fresh breeze to blow it off.And a prayer .Smell coffee beans or fresh ground coffee,lavender,peppermint,orange...Or vanilla extract. We humans are so dependent upon technology now that we tend to...
  8. This may sound odd... Home funeral?

    Sounds like a great business plan to me.And low cost start up.Caskets can be bought on line and many people are going "green" and using a cardboard box.If it flies and you franchise I would open one in this area.Take it to Shark Tank!
  9. Does Death Have A Smell?

    Yes,there are smells,there is also a "look" you'll learn to recognize.One of my patients worked with dogs-he says we humans have evolved so much and become dependent on our electronics that we now ignore our intuition.Dogs and cats still have that.We...
  10. Patient threat and HIPAA

    Does not sound like the nurse shared any protected medical info.
  11. Boldness to Speak

    So what if another of her patients is falling on the floor while she is praying with this one? It's called " delegation" She will be on duty to NURSE. Not MINISTER
  12. How do I report a HIPAA violation and not loose my job?

    They likely have investigated the situation but will never share the details.Ask yourself these things-Is this worth ME loosing my job and possibly being blackballed in my community? And think about the situation- is the patient aware of the possibl...
  13. Bending and Breaking the Rules in Nursing

    After hospice came on board why in the world were her diet restrictions continued?????
  14. HELP: In Need of a Nice Tote/Bag for Clinicals

    Go to a craft store,they have a number of WASHABLE canvas totes in various sizes and colors...You can embellish them if you wish.I have several -small ones I use as lunch bags and larger ones that hold my lap top.....
  15. LTC is Great

    Can't "like" this post enough.For all my whining and complaining g here I will admit I remain where I am because I shelve in our mission and we do a great job.I would leave if I was not proud to work there.