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  1. Clicked on the link so I could share it with my educator and it looks like the link is not working "It looks like the form "Academic Nurse Educators" is turned off. Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake."
  2. FWIW--this did NOT happen at a HOSPITAL pharmacy. This was an outside IV company that was at fault. It actually effected patients in several Birmingham hospitals; not just one. Thank God, my hospital does not use that company. Local reports say the bacteria was found in several places in the prep area AND that sterilization should have killed the bacteria but did not. I'm not sure this was a particular pharmacist/pharmacist tech error; sounds like a system error. As a side note of interest...the owner shut up shop the day the story broke and is said to have left town. That has guilt written all over it imo.
  3. nurs4kids

    VP shunt...yikes

    Wow!! Never, in over 15 years of caring for VP shunt revisions have I heard of that!! I would think there would be some obvious neuro changes with that drastic pressure change.