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nurs4kids has 20 years experience and specializes in Pediatric Rehabilitation.

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  1. Jeff State Spring 2016 Applicants

    Hubs got in, Shelby! Good luck to all of you!
  2. Is a physical exam required before being licensed as an LPN

    OP, I just acquired a job as a case manager....after twenty years RN experience, AND a BSN. I think others are trying to be nice, but I am going to be blunt to try to save your daughter from wasting tons of money, AND the mental anguish of nursing s...
  3. Jeff State Spring 2016 Applicants

    Feeneisha, it is already interesting! Here I am with twenty years exp as a RN, and he is only taking the basic sciences. He discusses things, or asks me questions r/t anatomy, and I look at him like he has three heads. He has photographic memory, m...
  4. Jeff State Spring 2016 Applicants

    Okay, I've read the threads on "Jeff State Applicants" from the past several years. I couldn't find one on Spring 2016. Looks like in the past, the cut-off scores ranged from 170-180. Apps are due next week. My husband is applying at both Shelby...
  5. THANK YOU, to the staff, mods, and admins....

    My heart goes out to the Allnurses community. I am rarely around here these days, but when I was told the news by a coworker, my heart broke for everyone. Brian was an amazing man who made a tremendous impact on the nursing profession. Tracy
  6. Sex in the workplace.....what do YOU think should be done?

    LOVE IT! Umm, can I get this doc's number? We all know that we don't become alarmed until it's been 45 minutes or so with multiple pages and still no call back. I've been searching for this type man for years. :/
  7. "Sir or Ma'am" when addressing physicians?

    I apologize for inconveniencing you with my insignificant post. Was not my attempt to make a "big deal" as I was simply interested to see how other colleagues felt about this insignificant, non-issue. I, too, have had MD's address me as "Mrs." and ...
  8. Just curious to the general opinion of fellow nurses. Raised and practice in the south, but ran into a funny debate this past week. While I was raised to say ma'am and sir, it is not my practice to do so when addressing doctors at work. Maybe beca...
  9. They won't stop calling me! was too funny to edit. No, not perverse my marriage, but preserve. However, sometimes I may perverse it a bit too!
  10. They won't stop calling me!

    There is a huge difference in attitude of "seasoned" nurses and the younger generations. I fall in the seasoned group, but completely understand and agree with the younger generation thought process. Nursing is NOT a calling. Ministry is a calling...
  11. VP shunt...yikes

    Wow!! Never, in over 15 years of caring for VP shunt revisions have I heard of that!! I would think there would be some obvious neuro changes with that drastic pressure change.
  12. Most hospitals will hire you as a CA after your second nursing class. There is another CA program in the Gardendale area, but I don't know the name.
  13. Lawson or JeffState

    This is probably a bit late, but I had to defend Lawson after reading the posts here. I attended Lawson back in the 90's before it was integrated (I was the token white girl). I could not have asked for a better education. I had attended Jeff Stat...
  14. How to prevnt Medication Administration Errors

    I came here searching for this exact thread. My facility is researching "Med Admin Distractions" and we will initiate an action plan sometime this year. I found the attached file and thought you may find it useful. I too would love to hear what ot...
  15. Crocs!

    Exactly! I had/have the same problem. Started out thinking they were the miracle shoe. Now I have to alternate my crocs with merrills (every other day or so) otherwise the crocs will cause my PF to flare up. Like many here, when I get tired I am...