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Well, ours started today. Very nice cooler that holds a 6-pack that has a netted beach bag on top. Hospital colors and logo, of course. Inside was a beach ball, a bottle huggie and a frisbee..all with hospital logo..lol. I'm impressed, though. This is the biggie, I'm sure..but just the beginning.

Anyone else wish to share their gifts????

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They haven't even mentioned Nurse's Week here yet...

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Not one word yet. No signs about it, no email, no nothing. I PRESUME it is due to Derby Fever taking over the city this week and maybe when I come in Monday we will see something, but so far nothing.


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they have a popularity contest going on " the funniest nurse - the best dressed nurse- the smartest nurse " there are about 10 catagories, then they are having a dinner for us at the LTC facility I work at Why not a nice resturant?

That's it for us deb


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We got a happy face pen that when you press to write the happy face lights up and a pocket knife with multi tools---knife, bottle opener, scissors--oh and a cork screw---in case of an emergency. The little knifes were pretty unusual for nurse's week, but they are really pretty neat.

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Nurses week has been mentioned at my facility...they are going to have a "food thing" in the back of the cafeteria for 1 day only during certain times...one yr they had oranges and nutri-grain bars for us....woopie doo!! And of course like I said it is for one day so if you don't work...of course you don't get.....big whoppin' deal!!

hospital is too cheap to give anything decent I guess...

such is life....

If they happen to shock the crap out of me I'll let you know!! (that's a laugh and a half)


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My hospital doesn't recongize just Nurses during Nurses week. It is called Hospital Employees Appreication Day. Everyone gets the same cheap little gift. Last year it was a little bitty radio. And of course they feed us!! yahoo.


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Ours is now called clinical day! We went from Nurse's Week to Nurse's Day and now since they want to recognize the MA's that I work with we are doing Clinical Appreciation Day! I never expected much but.....

Zip, nada - nothing. Has not been brought up.


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We get 20% off most items in our bookstore(I work at a teaching hospital) which is pretty good, it includes nursing books, shoes. We also all get a 15 minute neck and shoulder massage, cake one day, ice cream another day. Our NM usually does something special for each one of us, a small special gift, that is from her.

However, the best gift from here is that I am treated like a professional, I have the oppurtunity for more education, and my manager treats me with respect every day of the year, not just one week out of the year. I think that is what we all want, and deserve, for Nurses Week.

Happy Nurses Week to all you great nurses out there!

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Nurses' Appreciation Week? I didn't even know we were in the midst of such a thing. Wonder what they're trying to imply... :D

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