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NICU_Nurse is a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

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  1. NICU_Nurse

    Beanbags out? Need proof!

    Hi, guys! I was told that a local hospital has stopped using bean bag positioners in the NICU based on a study that said they were no longer recommended. Does anyone here have any information about that? The actual studies or study that said such a thing? Do you have a developmental specialist? Would you mind asking them? We don't have one, and I am working on some in-unit education and this is the first I have heard of this! Thank you for your ibout! I appreciate it. 😊
  2. Hey, y'all! I saw that the ANN site has the Neonatal Radiology Basics DVD listed again in their shop. I debated buying this a few years ago for my orientees, but I have never actually seen the program itself. Do any of you have experience with this disc? How did you like it? It's priced at about $40 for members, and I'm wondering if it would be worth the investment, or would googling be sufficient? I'm leaning towards getting it, but I'd love your thoughts on it before I buy! Thanks! :)
  3. Thank you, Meeshie!! :)
  4. Hey, you guys! Has anyone been hired on at Florida Hospital (any location) or Orlando Health in the last few years? I was wondering about sign-on bonuses and relocation assistance. I have never had either and if you had these offered, do you remember the details? What does relocation assistance cover? Do you get it all at once? Upfront? For your bonuses, were those spread out over time? Do you recall the specifics? I have read about Florida Hospital in particular that they have sometimes required nurses to sign 2-year contracts and if you don't honor this or are let go, you owe them $13,500. Does anyone know any details about this? From what I have read, it doesn't seem to be related to signing bonuses and instead seems to be 'payback' for the time/effort invested in training you. Any insight would be lovely!!! Making the hard decisions now. :)
  5. Hey, everyone! I was wondering if Florida Hospital (any location) or Orlando Health required any type of testing during the hiring process, like medication exams or unit-specific exams? I am in NICU and I have worked places before that required, say, a pharmacology exam as part of the hiring process (this is BEFORE beginning orientation). One place had a NICU-specific exam, two places had 'generic' exams (that included adult medications and were not NICU or Pediatric-specifid), and one place had nothing. Anyone know? If they required this type of testing, were you expected to take it blindly, or were you allowed to practice beforehand with a sample test, study material, or even allowed use of a drug book? Any insight would be so helpful! Thank you in advance! :)
  6. NICU_Nurse

    Going back! Book recommendations?

    Hey, y'all! After a break, I am going back into the NICU. I have been away from the bedside for a while and need to brush up. ALL of my books are out of date! Any suggestions? I used to love Gomella's Neonatology (over Merenstein, but both were good) and the Menk Medication and Nutrition guide that used to be sold through the ANN. The Menk guide doesn't seem to have any new editions (the last one I could find was 2003?) and I can't find a new edition of NEOFAX (is this still being published?). Help, please! What are your bibles these days?
  7. NICU_Nurse

    What the hail is a 'capstone', anyway?!

    Thank you all. That is clearer now, and I am terrified, but I appreciate your answers. 😬
  8. Hey, strangers. I have been away from the boards for ages (I think the last time I logged in was in 2010? Can you imagine?), but I've decided to go back to school to get the long-procrastinated BSN. After being a bedside nurse for 15 years, I've finally hit my proverbial brick wall, and it's HUGE. I can't get anywhere with my current degree, despite the experience clinically. Forgive me for sounding like a fool, but it has been forever since I was in school, and back then we didn't have such a thing... Can someone please tell me what a 'capstone' is, exactly, and what it looks like in a RN-BSN online program? I need examples. What was yours? Did you go somewhere to do it? How did you figure out where to go or what to do? I've learned that the capstone requirement in the program I am leaning towards is 7 weeks long. I'm doing an online program in another state, so how does this work? What does it mean? Do I need to arrange something with a hospital or agency for the 7 weeks? I am currently not working and likely will not be working on the floor then, either, so whatever I do wouldn't be able to involve my nursing job (I'm transitioning away from bedside nursing altogether and it's already begun). Any clarification would be SUPER-appreciated. I feel like an Old. Except, worse than that...all capital letters...an O L D. Please help.
  9. NICU_Nurse

    Are the positions at Baylor real?

    I recently applied at Baylor for a NICU position in Dallas. I received an email saying that they were going with someone who had qualifications that more closely fit their needs. I have almost a decade of high-acuity NICU experience and was a sought-after preceptor at my last facility. Not to sound haughty, but what kind of qualifications could they possibly be seeking that I don't posess? I didn't even get to speak to anyone. (shrugs) Good luck to you! Hopefully you'll find something soon!
  10. NICU_Nurse

    Texas travel agencies?

    Thank you!
  11. NICU_Nurse

    Dallas NICU's: Gimme the scoop? :)

    Wow! Thank you for that list! I really appreciate that. It's so difficult, sorting through random websites when you're not living there yet! THANK YOU. :)
  12. NICU_Nurse

    Texas travel agencies?

    Hello, all. :) I am looking for more information on agencies that may either be based in Texas or have Texas NICU assignments available, particularly in the Dallas/Austin/Houston areas? I've been told All About Staffing, Pulse, MAXIM, and cctc may be helpful. Any others that you know of? Any information is greatly appreciated and shall perhaps earn you a margarita on me should we ever cross paths. ;P Thanks!
  13. NICU_Nurse

    Dallas NICU's: Gimme the scoop? :)

    Hello! :) I was wondering if anyone has any input about Dallas area NICU's? I am looking for travel contracts currently, but am aiming to ATTEMPT to move to Dallas permanantly within the next year or so. ANY information would be tremendously appreciated! Specifically, I'm wondering about the higher-acuity, Level III+ Neonatal Intensive Care units at the various hospitals, moreso than Stepdown/Well-Baby units. Have you worked there? Have friends there? If they have a referral program, I'd be thrilled to mention someone by name when the time comes. Know of anyone who's received relocation assistance? Bonuses? (I can hear you laughing now...stop that!) Etc.
  14. Hello! I saw a CD-ROM with optional CEU's SOMEWHERE online last year, and forgot to bookmark it. I could have SWORN it was on the Academy website, but I looked tonight and didn't see it. Does anyone know if this is still available online somewhere? I don't necessarily need the CEU's, but I wanted a refresher. If someone has a copy that they no longer want, I would be willing to purchase it via paypal, etc. Please let me know! I'm so disappointed that I didn't buy this when I had the chance. Thank you. :)
  15. Hi, guys! Do any of you work for units or hospitals that utilize nicu-specific or nicu-altered software programs or online libraries that are DIRECTLY RELEVANT to the nicu? I don't mean generalized 'aftercare' handouts or things that are for term, healthy babies and kids. Also, how do you personalize the nicu experience for your families? Do you ever email pictures taken on a digital camera? do they get a website that is updated by staff, or parents? Do you make crib cards, etc.? Anything would be nice. We're looking for improvements and this is really a free-flow brainstorming kind of post. Thanks! The babies are calling. ;>)
  16. NICU_Nurse

    Co-bedding in Giraffe- question if you're up tonight?

    Thanks, Sandra! I actually accidentally figured out what was wrong, and we're a-okay. Apparently, the discrepancy between the (relatively low) set temp and the (also relatively low) air temp was too large. I did the "professional" equivalent of kicking the tires there. ;>)

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