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NICU_Nurse is a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

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  1. NICU_Nurse

    Beanbags out? Need proof!

    Hi, guys! I was told that a local hospital has stopped using bean bag positioners in the NICU based on a study that said they were no longer recommended. Does anyone here have any information about that? The actual studies or study that said such a t...
  2. Hey, y'all! I saw that the ANN site has the Neonatal Radiology Basics DVD listed again in their shop. I debated buying this a few years ago for my orientees, but I have never actually seen the program itself. Do any of you have experience with this...
  3. Thank you, Meeshie!! :)
  4. Hey, you guys! Has anyone been hired on at Florida Hospital (any location) or Orlando Health in the last few years? I was wondering about sign-on bonuses and relocation assistance. I have never had either and if you had these offered, do you remember...
  5. Hey, everyone! I was wondering if Florida Hospital (any location) or Orlando Health required any type of testing during the hiring process, like medication exams or unit-specific exams? I am in NICU and I have worked places before that required, say,...
  6. NICU_Nurse

    Going back! Book recommendations?

    Hey, y'all! After a break, I am going back into the NICU. I have been away from the bedside for a while and need to brush up. ALL of my books are out of date! Any suggestions? I used to love Gomella's Neonatology (over Merenstein, but both were g...
  7. NICU_Nurse

    What the hail is a 'capstone', anyway?!

    Thank you all. That is clearer now, and I am terrified, but I appreciate your answers. 😬
  8. Hey, strangers. I have been away from the boards for ages (I think the last time I logged in was in 2010? Can you imagine?), but I've decided to go back to school to get the long-procrastinated BSN. After being a bedside nurse for 15 years, I've f...
  9. NICU_Nurse

    Are the positions at Baylor real?

    I recently applied at Baylor for a NICU position in Dallas. I received an email saying that they were going with someone who had qualifications that more closely fit their needs. I have almost a decade of high-acuity NICU experience and was a sough...
  10. Hi, I posted recently about travel agencies and contracts in Dallas, etc., but tonight I was specifically wondering about Per Diem work available in these areas? I do NICU, and was just wondering, for those of you working at any number of hospitals ...
  11. NICU_Nurse

    Texas travel agencies?

    Thank you!
  12. NICU_Nurse

    Dallas NICU's: Gimme the scoop? :)

    Wow! Thank you for that list! I really appreciate that. It's so difficult, sorting through random websites when you're not living there yet! THANK YOU. :)
  13. NICU_Nurse

    Texas travel agencies?

    Hello, all. :) I am looking for more information on agencies that may either be based in Texas or have Texas NICU assignments available, particularly in the Dallas/Austin/Houston areas? I've been told All About Staffing, Pulse, MAXIM, and cctc may...
  14. NICU_Nurse

    Dallas NICU's: Gimme the scoop? :)

    Hello! :) I was wondering if anyone has any input about Dallas area NICU's? I am looking for travel contracts currently, but am aiming to ATTEMPT to move to Dallas permanantly within the next year or so. ANY information would be tremendously apprec...
  15. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any information on Texas-based or Texas-heavy nursing agencies, particularly in the Dallas/Austin/Houston areas? I was told that All About Staffing, MAXIM, Pulse, and CCTC were possibilities. Are there any others...