Beanbags out? Need proof!


Hi, guys!

I was told that a local hospital has stopped using bean bag positioners in the NICU based on a study that said they were no longer recommended. Does anyone here have any information about that? The actual studies or study that said such a thing?

Do you have a developmental specialist? Would you mind asking them? We don't have one, and I am working on some in-unit education and this is the first I have heard of this!

Thank you for your ibout! I appreciate it. 😊


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We use Z-Flo fluidized positioners. We have never used bean bag type.

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We don't use bean bags underneath but we have "frogs" that we use for boundaries. For probe positioning, we use z-flos and those foam probe positioners that look like a fish. I wish we had a developmental specialist! We only have PT part time!

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We still use bean bags (frog positioners) and log-style bean bag positioners for the tiny babies in our NICU; haven't heard of anything about this study? Please forward if you find out officially :)


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Has anyone from your unit contacted this other unit? If they have actually done this, they should be able to provide the rationale for doing so.

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We use the beanbag type developmental aids for boundaries, but we generally only put the babies on Z-flow or gel pillows, if anything.

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Z-Flo type fluidized positioners are best practice and are disposable, unlike the bean bags which are an infection risk. That would be my guess as to their reasoning.

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Have had whatever came free from a conference, some type of positioning hardware bendy something,bean bags ,swaddlers,..most days just rolled up blankets.

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I think the main concern with bean bags is infection control. How well are they being cleaned between patients? Are bacteria growing on the inside around the beads? That type of thing. We switched to frog positioners/bean bags with a wipeable coved that can be cleaned with the cavi wipes between patients.