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Leader25 has 38 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

"Success is not final,failure is not fatal,all that matters is to keep trying". Sir Winston Churchill

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  1. Leader25

    Management Progression Assistance

    Gee ,you must be applying at the wrong places,your lack of any relevant experience would for sure put you right up there in the top ranks in my place. Apply for nursing ED and call it a day.
  2. Leader25

    Share Policies That Have Not Saved One Life

    Only the residents may use the recliners. You must share your tiny locker with 3 people. Nothing under the sink cabinet Joint commision is coming. Free coffee only for doctors. No lock on nurses toilet,(so any parent,leaving lochia smeared seat,bloody handle faucet,stranger,can get in there)oh there is no money for a lock.(even utility room has a lock) I could go on
  3. Leader25

    Share Policies That Have Not Saved One Life

    Oh yes "sucking time and energy" the policy that only BSN grads can do fingerstick. I guess humiliation is their specialty.
  4. Leader25

    What to say to a student who needs encouragement?

    Hang on to your dream but be realistic it is hard so meet that challenge head on.There are things to give up in order to have enough time to study.Watch u tube on that Medical student and how he has it figured out down to the minute.Many life lessons coming up you will be better prepared as a nurse.
  5. No ,but that does not mean I did not want to.Even had security and police up on unit. Discharge usually saves the day. Good luck to you ,wish you the best.
  6. Leader25

    First Time Parents Asked For A Different Nurse

    I am sure the nurse manager did not handle this complaint with maturity and wisdom.There was no justification for their complaint and if the mgr had been one third of a well prepared unit leader she would have defused the situation and let you move on to another patient.Giving the nut jobs a good heave ho. Working in an area where there are parents is extremely difficult ,they are stressed,inexperienced and often ungrateful.The job is doable but with good support from management because NOT everything is the nurses fault.And that old jive jingle that "their perception is their reality" is really getting old. This too shall pass but don't let her make you her scapegoat whenever she is ineffective in running the unit.Be professional,work hard,do not comment with co workers.If she puts crap like that in the eval,take her to HR,or union rep,she will badmouth you to them ,but she will remember for next that you are no fool.
  7. Leader25

    How Long Do You Expect To Be a Nurse?

    Til the day I am no longer part of this world.
  8. Leader25

    Sabotaged at Work

    Yes, I went through a time in a unit with an abusive, nasty, lazy Head nurse. Every week she would pick on the meekest, attack, deride and make them cry. Yell and scream, pull on their uniform. I had never seen such a turnover in staff, yet the administration continued to turn a blind eye. She abused residents, Chiefs of staff. One time a patient complained of hunger and this HN told the patient that she was too fat anyway. She would remark on other workers' ethnicity. Eventually, threat of being sabotaged was quite evident so I left, but the exit interview was while on duty, so one could not speak up honestly. I did overhear the VP asking her "so,...why is this nurse leaving?"
  9. Leader25

    Yale Nurse Replaces Fentanyl Vials with Saline

    She did a horrid thing repeatedly,deliberately,hurting the vulnerable.No excuse is acceptable,deserves consequences and social stigma.It is a lack of profound repulsion by society that appears to encourage evil criminals since lax laws are of no consequence to them.
  10. Agency nursing could be a way to find your best job,you get to sample a variety of places on your own terms,I did a stint in with various assignments,and when I didn't like the supv I could refuse a repeat assignment .It was nice to be tapped on the shoulder and told to go to lunch,and even leave on time.It is better than floating at a place you dislike anyway.
  11. Leader25

    Why am I asked to fix things that are NOT my job?

    Maybe if you are really handy you could be a lifesaver sometimes by finding why that chair won't recline or the thermometer needs batteries,but it is not your job and if you help out it is because you have free time,enjoy problem solving and on your terms.Someone might take vitals for you if you help get the computer running but toilet unclogging is NOT ever in your job description or good will.Look at what insurance the hospital has if you get hurt or sick doing something out of your scope of practice. Many times I refilled soap dispensers, or emptied garbage because it was overflowing ,falling onto the floor and the housekeeping dept was on an emergency call.If there is a union then they should come handle the problem,some might blame you as taking their job away. don't know what else to tell you.....
  12. Leader25

    My new nurse manager is driving me crazy

    Sounds like a real beast,uncaring selfish,that unit needs a walk out strike.You can not fight this monster alone and I doubt even if a group complaint could improve things,you might have to use up your sick time then kiss them adio baby.They don't deserve loyal caring workers.
  13. Leader25

    Should I stay or should I go?

    I once worked for such a place and if you were not from that school you were an outcast,mistreated,bullied management knew there was a clique but ignored it.The last straw was when I saw them yell and threaten a pregnant nurse and continue it out in the street. Turns out one of the ring leaders was an alcoholic and mgmt was well aware she was trouble. I put my time in and left as soon as I could give proper notice.
  14. Leader25

    Burnt out after only 6 months

    My heart goes out to you,feel your pain,but a year is not a magic number that will have you suddenly feeling better.Growth is painful,but you have support,you are not an expert by any means but you have your foot in the door.Seek emotional counseling from an outside source it can really help with your anxiety.it is a tough job but you might learn to embrace its challenges and love the pace and excitement. Best of luck to you.
  15. Leader25

    Bit Off More Than I Can Chew

    Walk away ,don't look back,if you burn your bridges.Proper notice with some sweetheart excuse won't hurt but take stock of what you did to yourself.Goodluck.
  16. Leader25

    They think I’m an ‘Undercover Boss’

    I have had family in Texas hospitals and medical follow up ,care,for many different things.I can tell you not everyplace is like that.There are pissed off nurses there like anyplace else that tramples on their care. Do your research and go to a better place,they will fire you for stirring the pot.Get out.