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"Success is not final,failure is not fatal,all that matters is to keep trying". Sir Winston Churchill

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  1. Leader25

    Depressed and Suicidal at work

    My dear nurse ,take immediate action,give two weeks notice,that is a nurse killer job,you deserve better.You might have to go through 3-4 other temporary jobs to find your best one but anything is better,... also getting married can throw you into depression especially if you felt torn about it.Losing freedom,getting more responsibility,worrying about future. Work is wonderful when you have stress at home, when it takes your mind about from it.Your killer job is inhumane.Save money,live frugally, so you can call your own shots. Best of luck keep us posted.
  2. Leader25

    Annual requirements and merit raises

    Merit raises are the ones that are unfair,choice is subjective and more like a popularity contest.The manager is your buddy then you get one,not your buddy? you get less or none.Where will you complain?
  3. there is one ,when the ebola crisis erupted the union got involved,I forgot the name but it is national,look it up,it is uncommon in Texas but exists.
  4. Leader25

    Nurses and Bullying: 4 Things You Can Do

    First they need to stop covering up for abusive nurse managers some can be as bad or worse than co workers.Stop giving exit interviews while you are still working there. They need to stop covering up for the real bullies,just because someone has drinking/money/family problem is no reason the rest of us have to tolerate the abuse.
  5. Leader25

    Conflict on continuing my education

    I do not think you are confused,you know what the best priority is.Education,marriage,save money ,payback loans, children.We all have the baby button, but nursing school and a young family is very difficult,that is if you get in ,graduate,find employment,night shifts,and you are not even sure that a nursing career is what you want. Grow up ,be able to provide for yourself,then you can better take care of your family.
  6. Leader25

    Feeling discouraged

    Stop ,sounds like two are one and the same.Good Luck.
  7. Leader25

    Help with Microbiology?!?

    I am surprised there is no lab requirement. I got an A in micro but I lived with my nose in the book,so fascinating.You have to know and recognize the bugs and creatures,you might get your self a tutor to help you. Good luck.
  8. Leader25

    Am I too old to become a nurse?

    looks like no one cares about age anymore,I saw a airline stewardess old enough to be my grandmother the other day. Glad you are in good financial shape because school can get very expensive.Make sure youre all paid up by retirement age which would be 68 for your generation ,I think. Carry plenty malpractice insurance,look at what happened to those nurses after Katrina.Do not risk your future retirement,you will need it after nursing gets through with you. Best of luck for your success.
  9. Leader25

    TB testing 2020, good riddance?

    My nurse friend ( one of the toughest,strongest nurses we have ever known).... caught TB while working in a "safer" area.The drugs made her sick,required hospitalization,all this resulted in developing a muscular dystrophy type of loss in muscle strength etc, could not get out of chair by herself. She had to quit nursing.It wrecked her life and that of her family.
  10. Leader25

    Webcams in Nursing Homes?

    Good places are not a dime a dozen ,so looking for a new place as suggested is not feasible or even financially possible.Who wouldn't want a whole nurse or caregiver all to themselves 24/7/365.
  11. Leader25

    Director wants to change all 12 hr shift nurses to 10 hr!!!!

    If that s what the employer wants and the nurses do not ,the only thing you can do is strike. Good luck with that...12 s were implemented as a hiring tool,since many wanted to work 12s.But hospitals always complained that 12s were more expensive to implement ,especially if there were sick calls.
  12. Leader25

    What tricks do you have for nausea?

    sit up ,drink ginger ale
  13. As a survivor of whooping cough (the vaccine ordered but did not get there on time) it is one of the worst illnesses a child under the age of one can get.I have pictures of finally making it to my first birthday looking like death warmed over.My parents have recounted how ill I was and how long it lasted. Needless to say all my children are vaccinated.
  14. Leader25

    Overturning a grade is it possible?

    agree 100%
  15. Finish your accounting degree,this is something useful to have,and then proceed to nursing school.I notice you keep mentioning that it has not cost you anything,..well would you have valued it more if you had to pay for it? You have been very fortunate but you need to settle down and be serious....
  16. Leader25

    Failed -- unacceptable reason

    The one point is not the issue,it should have been passing by more than one point,you are too poor on the subject matter, too close to the edge.You need to study more and retake stop complaining,it is not a good grade by any means.