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  1. Leader25

    PARENTS say the darndest things

    Ill nicu baby in isolette, sleeping soundly before next care cluster,parents runs in ,sticks hand inside isolette says"does he ever open eyes,he was sleeping last time I came," I want to hold him now",waking baby ,rubbing talking,jiggling- are you able to wait til feeding time so you can hold,diaper and feed yourself? "take him out,I want to hold,it is my child and I can do whatever I want!"
  2. Leader25

    Anyone else regret becoming a nurse?

    Never regretted becoming a nurse ,but often a start is due to jobs.Heartless thankless profession. You seem very unfocused,counseling might help.
  3. Leader25

    Is this insubordination? How do I deal with this PSW?

    What is a PSW???!!
  4. Leader25

    How many of you disinfect car after work?

    Oh I had can of lysol spray in my car for years.Still keep gel and wipes.There are all kinds of critters you can bring home.Also did not share locker with someone with school age kids ,all those infestations you read about.Many of these things were never heard of years ago, no worries, wish to take back to past car.
  5. Leader25

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    This reminds me of how those nurses were treated after Katrina- had to defend themselves for disaster nursing decisions.
  6. Leader25

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    I hear your pain and distress. Unions are a good thing,but there is no perfect union,you will get out of it as much as you put in it.Many nurses are afraid to speak up and assert their professional status,to shut them up instead they are given ******** gifts on nurses Day - ah a water bottle ( that you cant use at the bedside anyway,and notepaper ,an umbrella etc. But they deny you real experience pay especially when it gets up in the 20 year mark. It goes from bad to worse depending where you live.When you stand up for your rights you must be united and do it together even if it means befriending the ass kissing snitch.Good luck.
  7. Leader25

    Are We Too PC?

    ​It is so PC that I am highly offended,just saying.
  8. Leader25

    The Grinch of allnurses.com

    Yes I agree with it all except for the Hallmark movies I find them relaxing.But watching the commercials for meds for lethal illness will have you convinced you are next or delusional or that there is something wrong with the air in your home and it is slowly killing you unless you get a DNA kit and find you are from another world. Yes I too am feeling Grinchy,very Grinchy- the bureaucracies are stressing me out,fill this form answer that email, "final notice" type mails.Everyone sickly on TV,begging for donations,sad puppies vs the disgusting Kardashian extravaganzas . I like what the old nut Timothy Leary once said :Turn on, Tune in, Drop out. nuff said.
  9. Not only the daytime hours but they also demanded we attend classes on our day off, even if they are paying you ,you do not get a day to rest fully.They can keep their money and let me rest as I have more than earned it.
  10. Sad is how the nurses were arrested and mistreated by the DA after Katrina!!!!
  11. Leader25

    Nurse Terminated For Exposing NYC Hospital's Role In Man's Death

    What percent of her paycheck does she want to give for this mans futile care !!?
  12. Leader25

    Studying for Excelsior Transition to the RN role

    That is the worst nursing program in the world!
  13. Leader25

    81 year old nurse still working strong!

    It is a disgrace that the richest country in the world is taking the bread away from it's senior citizns while we support so many lazy good for nothing having a baby every nine months breeders and many are not even legal,we send billions to stupid countries where women are mistreated, we misuse technology to save even the most futile no quality of life cases, we are creating a tax burden so great nothing will be able to save us not even working til 99.!!
  14. Leader25

    Poll: What do you love about the NICU?

    It is not so sweet and nice all the time.Lately you have to do more with less= less staff more and sicker patients AND crazier families. You could try your best with your aching swollen feet all day and it is just not good enough!I go home so tired I can not even fall asleep. Parents do not even want to buy formula for their infants after discharge,they expect to be given a long term supply.We still float , no aides to stock ,no one to really clean the beds well, you pull out a clean isolette for a new patient and open to find a bunch of dried on stool! So now you have to clean it also. Parents are so nasty they yell and threaten, so dysfunctional they do not care about their baby's needs. Alot of them pretend not to speak any english, and steal the hats blankets,shirts ,soap, anything they can get their hands on. I have stomach pains from all the stress of seeing my adminstrators just walk around doing nothing while you sweat trying to take care of everyone's neds,doctors included. Some docsare such ass kissers they will side against the nurses. Viva La France !!:heartbeat