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Leader25 has 37 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

"Success is not final,failure is not fatal,all that matters is to keep trying". Sir Winston Churchill

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  1. That is misleading,it will not help,and there is no bandaid to rip off because we never had a chance to put one on before being tricked by WHO withholding of critical information.
  2. If one group is more affected by this demon of a virus then it behooves science to find what ails them.
  3. Leader25

    Mom with Twins in NICU Pleads for People to Wear a Mask

    NN's Brooke Baldwin shares a story from her friend and coworker Chelsea McGinnis, who recently delivered premature twins but can't take them home because of coronavirus. Source: CNN Typical CNN bs headline ,the truth is she can not take them home yet ....Because they are premature and still require specialized care.Premies are fragile and can not be rushed to mature,suck ,swallow ,breathe , on a exact timeline.Usually if all goes well and they do well enough,eat,digest,sleep with normal breathing patterns, then the team begins to consider discharge.
  4. Leader25

    The road not taken. my RN midlife crisis.

    Name them ,the short easy ones......
  5. Leader25

    The road not taken. my RN midlife crisis.

    Huh ,whaat,you say you want a family in the middle of all this??.You need to sit down and make a priority list and a plan,it seems your thoughts about careers are all over the place,and yet you just bought a house together and you are not even married yet,do you realize the legal implications if your relationship takes a dive? Perhaps some counseling might help you streamline your plans and goals and merge them into a plan that works for both, check if your employer ins covers counseling because they have really gotten very expensive lately.Good luck best wishes.
  6. out of context,no valid point noticed,good laugh though,..
  7. Better late than never.....
  8. ????????I don't speak abbreviation ....
  9. Of course itis high and climbing....after allowing huge event is it any surprise. They have been better at coping than NYC,better food supply and kroger market was into safe spacing and cleaning way better and sooner than NYC and other Markets. It is a shame the vulnerable will pay the price .
  10. Leader25

    Misconceptions/truths about specialities

    Good question, I was once given a tiny portable tv as a gift, and I was taken aback by how many thought this gift was for me to take to work since I worked night shifts. Myths: Nursery is where all the dummies go. NICU is a happy fun area ,you hold and feed babies all day long. Noooooooo....[if they only knew how many times you held a dying infant or cried over one after struggling all day to save him]How parents take their anger and frustration out on you,where your best , short of cutting your veins is never good enough. All psych nurses are crazy-
  11. Leader25

    Bullied in the NICU

    Well said ,very good advice. Suggest you do a topic on bullying of the RN by ancillary staff ,it is every hospitals dirty little secret.
  12. Leader25

    Failed nursing school(technically)

    I am so sorry for your troubles but when life gets in the way you speak up or see if you can withdraw,forget sympathy ,they have none. If you are working as a nurse and you have these same issues ,what are you going to do?If you make a mistake in meds,or iv infiltrates you are in a worse situation,you can get fired,sued by the family etc. You can get help to support your efforts to cope or put off school until you clear your table.This is not a happy call,but if they let you graduate and you later under same circumstances fail to meet standards of care it could be worse for you,even jail time. Think about it and make your plan and then do what you have to do,hope it all works out for you,many blessings.
  13. Leader25

    Job change decision

    the raise is almost 10,000 a year,you can not ignore that, cope out say your feet hurt nah,hide the horse.
  14. Leader25

    How to handle gossip

    Do not ever discuss your personal problems with anyone at work,you never know how it will be used against you, you can be civil and give a general idea that things are getting sorted out and hope for future to do better. She probably is unhappy herself,or thinks you have it easy,whatever,CYA and look away ,do the best job you can.

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