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Leader25 has 39 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

"Success is not final,failure is not fatal,all that matters is to keep trying". Sir Winston Churchill

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  1. Sounds like a typical bait and switched practiced by some understaffed hospitals,stay away ,it will not get better.They will abuse you in other ways also once you are hired and working there.Their orientation will be inadequate and responsibilities m...
  2. Leader25

    Transition to NICU

    The NICU is certainly not the place to recover from stress.The learning curve is intense, your certifications and learning the human infant can have challenges based on age,weight,mat history etc,the families are super stressed and some nasty,unrea...
  3. I got newsflash for you,this is happening NOW in this country USA,and no one can do anything about it.A well known top tier hospital lets a patient go home after major surgery ,to a home with stairs, she can not ambulate,no shower,no stove,some alcoh...
  4. Leader25

    Mid-Life Blues

    I hear your pain,no ..it is not your imagination.Find a counselor outside of the hospital,so you can unburden yourself,feel secure like having someone in your corner.Things happen for the best,stick it out for at least one year.Years ago it was the s...
  5. Leader25

    My Coworkers are Driving Me Nuts

    While the lazy ones who spend the day trying to hook a doctor can be annoying,unless the patient is in danger I can pass it off.It is the rude belligerent ones that are a big problem,from staff to management.Usually administration knows who they are ...
  6. Leader25

    Unions - Yay or Nay?

    Yup,it was a great learning experience,how things work,political activisim,negotiating skills,and....standing up for myself while risking job....learning about those who will betray you,put the union down but never give back the raise,LOL. Some ...
  7. Leader25

    Unions - Yay or Nay?

  8. Leader25

    How soon to start my first job after graduation?

    You have many responsibilities with family,once you start you can not call in sick,or use sick child benefits, or get vacation during Summer , only a holiday maybe like thanksgiving or Christmas (but must work new Years) you are low man as far as s...
  9. Leader25

    New nurse anxiety

    That is a tough area to be in when you have loads of experience,so I hear your pain.I think you might be getting over the honeymoon period and realizing how much you don't know and it is anxiety provoking.If you really like the area I would consider ...
  10. Bitter taste,PTSD, and great wonderful experience,co workers worth their weight in gold. Mgmt should pull their skull out of their butt and stop devaluing the bedside nurse,she is the core,the heart,and it is not a low value career or a steppin...
  11. Still chewing same curd?I would say reasonable people were shocked at the irresponsible Left,lefty,leftist, violence,free speech haters, and unreliable CNN,MSNBC,Univision,lying, every day,who are now so in love with cocaine junior and dementia Brand...
  12. Leader25

    New Grad Salary in NYC

    It is paying that because it does not want to lose nurses,and they want to keep the union out.It does not pay that out of the goodness of their soul and love of nurses.This is a mistake many make,you must look at staff turnover rates,floating nurses ...
  13. Leader25


    Million dollar view to river from some units,well stocked,many residents,PAs,cater to wealthy patients,anti union ,good luck.
  14. Leader25

    NYP Morgan Stanley

    NYP in upper Manhattan is NYSNA union,go to the website and see what their latest contract was.don't think much changed due to pandemic,but salaries have been in line with other Manhattan hospitals.don't know how old you are but retirement has become...
  15. Leader25

    Management Timing Nurses Pee Breaks

    And what do they plan to do with this information,where is the policy on this?How many were notified of new policy?Are they violating privacy by asking which nurses take medication,diuretics?Who keeps count?Where is the count written?Our union always...