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fulitarn is a BSN, RN and specializes in Developmental Care.

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  1. fulitarn

    Medical kidnap? Discuss

    The CNN article was very slanted in the parents perspective. Having been in similar situations, families frequently interpret medical comments and actions in a way that was not intended, especially if they are already angry.
  2. fulitarn

    5th Grade HIV teaching

    they might be too old for sesame street, but sesame street South Africa has a muppet with HIV
  3. No. And if they somehow do you can report them and would be eligible for compensation.
  4. fulitarn

    Can they do that??

    No. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, they have to make "reasonable accommodation" for you. You have a documented disability and can do the work you were hired to do. For them to say that you need to do more than you are able, espe...
  5. I'll start by saying that I have a of assault, anxiety and PTSD. Work had always been a safe place for me, until now. I was in the supply room at work one day, looking for something. This room is a locked closet at the end of a long hallway, whe...
  6. fulitarn

    Can I please get a Parking Spot!

    The hospital with an ED closest to me does this to patients too. There is a parking garage across from the ED, and the first 2 levels are Dr parking only. You have to go up to level 3 to get to patient parking. There are 2, only 2, ED patient park...
  7. fulitarn

    Nurses with SelfHarm Scars

    I wear 3/4 length sleeves at work, and I work in the NICU. I wear them under my scrub top. I haven't had a problem with it. As for other people asking/saying something, a snarky remark is usually easiest. I told my nieces I got in a knife fig...
  8. fulitarn

    Ever forgotten to feed a baby?

    I once had a dream I was taking care of a kid with osteogenesis imperfect, I was going through everything making sure he was comfortable and protected. Then I said, I need to surround him with a circle of salt, and I ran to the breakroom and found s...
  9. fulitarn

    Turning babies Every 2 hours?

    As a developmental care specialist I would say this sort of blanket policy is very contra indicated in NICU. The most fragile and sick babies should not be touched, let alone turned, but minimally. It also doesn't line up with clustered care times...
  10. fulitarn

    Neonatal Nurses with visual disability

    I have to wear very strong glasses or contacts, there's no way I could work without them. Or do anything for that matter. I think it depends on the severity of your vision issues and how well it can be corrected.
  11. fulitarn

    Prone Plus Positional Aid (Phillips)

    We use them, and just wipe them down with cavi wipes after use. We try and put the slit downward so that is baby gets sweaty/pukes/etc the inside stays clean. We have the covers which are washed by laundry, but if we don't have one available we jus...
  12. fulitarn

    NANN neo cards

    I have them, and they are good resources. I think they are worth it. Are you a member of NANN? you get a significant discount on them, and they go on sale once in a while. If you don't want to become a member find someone who is and buy them us...
  13. fulitarn

    Clinical techs or CNA's in the NICU

    I am at a military hospital and we use non-licensed medics. They have a long orientation period with both another medic and an nurse before they are allowed to take feeder growers (doing all po/ng feeds) with po meds. Once in a while they'll get IV...
  14. fulitarn

    Utter failure with my first baby that should have been coded

    From experience, it frequently feels like nothing goes right during a code, even if you have everyone and everything there. It sounds like you did things as best you could given the circumstances. Those ex 24 weekers frequently have issues like tha...
  15. fulitarn

    G/j tube spray

    It's stomach contents so basically it's vomit.
  16. fulitarn

    Any 22 weekers out there?

    NRP specifies that there are no state or legal requirements for resuscitation age.