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  1. fulitarn

    listserv for Developmental Care?

    Does anyone know of a listserv, group or blog for Developmental Care? I am looking for one just for DC. Or, if I were to start one, how many people would be interested?
  2. fulitarn

    Cycled Lighting in NICU

    We don't have actual lux levels we follow, but lights are dimmed between 7pm and 7am unless needed
  3. fulitarn

    NICU visitation policies needed

    NICU Level-- III private patient rooms-- some number at bedside-- 2 (excluding siblings) Who can visit-- up to 2 people at the bedside at a time, one must be parent (or banded support person). In regular season parents can bring any adult in, no one under 18 except siblings. when can you visit-- 24/7 siblings-- must have up to date vaccinations verified rsv guidelines-- Only parents and grandparents, no siblings. Discharged multiples are able to come in back with parents.
  4. fulitarn

    Developmental Strollers

    My unit is looking for a stroller we can use that can be easily wiped down and cleaned per Joint Commission standards. Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas?
  5. fulitarn

    Vaccine controversy

    I ask them why they think the government wants a population full of persons with autism, MS, diabetes, cancer, etc. (not that I'm judging any of them). But why does the government want a population full of sick and disabled people?
  6. I'll start by saying that I have a of assault, anxiety and PTSD. Work had always been a safe place for me, until now. I was in the supply room at work one day, looking for something. This room is a locked closet at the end of a long hallway, where nobody goes unless they are going to the supply room. As I was in there, a male coworker came in and saw me. I gave a cursory hello, and went back to looking. He then said "you look like you're waiting for one of my famous back rubs," and started rubbing my shoulders uninvited. I froze until he stopped, then grabbed a random item and left. I was terrified and very upset. I spoke to my manager and he has been counseled about it, (he says it was a misunderstanding). But I was assigned patients in the same room as him the other day for the first time since it happened. The first part of the shift I was very busy and could not think about anything else, but then things slowed down and he tried to talk to me, making light conversation. He walked up behind me a few times to ask questions. He came and looked over my shoulder at my computer screen. I was very uncomfortable, and wanted to run. Several days later and I'm still having issues with it. I almost had a panic attack in the med room (another small, locked, enclosed space). I honestly don't know if I can continue working with him. I don't know what to do at this point. Please give me some advice.
  7. fulitarn

    Can I please get a Parking Spot!

    The hospital with an ED closest to me does this to patients too. There is a parking garage across from the ED, and the first 2 levels are Dr parking only. You have to go up to level 3 to get to patient parking. There are 2, only 2, ED patient parking spots on the ground level. It's really kind of pathetic.
  8. fulitarn

    Nurses with SelfHarm Scars

    I wear 3/4 length sleeves at work, and I work in the NICU. I wear them under my scrub top. I haven't had a problem with it. As for other people asking/saying something, a snarky remark is usually easiest. I told my nieces I got in a knife fight with a monkey. Something clearly ridiculous that conveys the fact you don't want to talk about it. I gave myself a really bad black eye once and told people I had been a spy, I was protesting at the world economic summit, I was learning to juggle monkeys, and other things. It made people laugh and changes the subject at the same time.
  9. fulitarn

    Ever forgotten to feed a baby?

    I once had a dream I was taking care of a kid with osteogenesis imperfect, I was going through everything making sure he was comfortable and protected. Then I said, I need to surround him with a circle of salt, and I ran to the breakroom and found some salt. As I was pouring a circle of salt around him I said, "wait, that's not for OI, that's zombies. But I guess if he has OI he doesn't need problems with zombies too."
  10. fulitarn

    Beanbags out? Need proof!

    I think the main concern with bean bags is infection control. How well are they being cleaned between patients? Are bacteria growing on the inside around the beads? That type of thing. We switched to frog positioners/bean bags with a wipeable coved that can be cleaned with the cavi wipes between patients.
  11. fulitarn

    Vaccination Health Concerns

    I work with a nurse who has a severe allergy and can't be vaccinated. We work in critical care and she just needed medical documentation, and what vaccines she had received. She does have to wear a mask during flu season. The hospital can do titers to see what you are and are not immune to as well.
  12. fulitarn

    Turning babies Every 2 hours?

    As a developmental care specialist I would say this sort of blanket policy is very contra indicated in NICU. The most fragile and sick babies should not be touched, let alone turned, but minimally. It also doesn't line up with clustered care times. Rather than refuse to do it, I suggest trying to change the policy to be NICU specific. State that infant will be turned and repositioned with care times, skin and pressure points will be assessed and massaged as tolerated, always back to sleep in open crib, etc. My hospital also tried to enforce blanket hospital wide policies and we have to gently remind them that we are a very specialized unit and do things differently.
  13. fulitarn

    Neonatal Nurses with visual disability

    I have to wear very strong glasses or contacts, there's no way I could work without them. Or do anything for that matter. I think it depends on the severity of your vision issues and how well it can be corrected.
  14. fulitarn

    Prone Plus Positional Aid (Phillips)

    We use them, and just wipe them down with cavi wipes after use. We try and put the slit downward so that is baby gets sweaty/pukes/etc the inside stays clean. We have the covers which are washed by laundry, but if we don't have one available we just use a t-shirt.
  15. fulitarn

    NANN neo cards

    I have them, and they are good resources. I think they are worth it. Are you a member of NANN? you get a significant discount on them, and they go on sale once in a while. If you don't want to become a member find someone who is and buy them using their membership number.