Co-bedding in Giraffe- question if you're up tonight?


Hey, guys!

I've got twins co-bedding in a Giraffe isolette and am having problems keeping the temp alarm from sounding over and over again. I know it automatically shuts off "baby" mode, but it keeps saying "High air temp" for some reason. Any ideas? How do you guys set yours when you're co-bedding?

I'm at work tonight and will check this periodically. Thanks!:bugeyes:

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I don't have any ideas, I'm assuming none of your co-workers do either. Is there a Biomed person on-call? If not, break out the operating manual. No answer? Look for the 1-800 tech support. I did that once, and, surprise, someone was there 24/7. :jwdrp: Worth a shot...

Let us know how you do!

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Thanks, Sandra! I actually accidentally figured out what was wrong, and we're a-okay. Apparently, the discrepancy between the (relatively low) set temp and the (also relatively low) air temp was too large. I did the "professional" equivalent of kicking the tires there. ;>)


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You can also use the dual isc probes unless of course they are on air control.....

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I can't say I've ever seen any babies in our unit co-bedded in a giraffe.

Let us know what you find out though!

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