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  1. RainDreamer

    23 wkrs suffering?

    Yeah, it's cruel and unusual punishment. We have one neo that is blunt and to the point, but he's good in these situations becuase he'll basically tell the parents "Your baby is going to die. He/she can die hooked up to tubes and wires and flat on a hard bed .... or he/she can die in mom and dad's loving arms".
  2. http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm256253.htm?sms_ss=email&at_xt=4dda9142a9bc1f75%2C0
  3. RainDreamer

    NELRP 2011

    My ratio was about 220%. I was accepted for the award and received it for the two years, along with the amendment award (separate application process), for a total of 3 years. If you have any questions regarding the application process, let me know. I applied for it twice and then for the amendment award, so I'm somewhat familiar with the process. Good luck!
  4. RainDreamer

    Response to Pregnant Friends

    If they don't ask, then just keep quiet. If they do ask, then tell them not only what you think, but why you think those things. I know what you mean though, because I'm in the same boat ..... no kiddos of my own, but I have a lot of friends that are having babies. I also work in a big level 3 referral NICU and therefore get asked things by friends that I wish they wouldn't ask! You know, ignorance is bliss in some instances
  5. RainDreamer

    NELRP 2011

    As someone who received NELRP for all 3 years (just finished my last contract in September), I just wanted to say it can happen! Good luck to each of you, I wish you all the best!
  6. RainDreamer

    I need nclex study buddy

    Just wanted to say good luck to you both!!
  7. RainDreamer

    Living in Arizona

    I agree! I'm an AZ native and have always lived in the valley. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Lake Havasu is "Freakin' HOT!". Yeah, I know the valley is hot, but for some reason Lake Havasu is just insanely hot to me .... probably because of the high temps AND high humidity.
  8. RainDreamer

    Orientation length??

    Our new grad orientation is 12 weeks, with didactics each week also.
  9. RainDreamer

    Nursery and NICU

    I can see it from both perspectives, as I'm now a NICU nurse, but I started out in a well-baby nursery at a different hospital. In the well-baby nursery I worked in we didn't do any IVs or anything of that sort. We kept all the well-babies in the nursery while mom was sleeping, or if she was a recovering c-section and couldn't keep the baby. We also kept all the borders that didn't have a mom in house (e.g. the prisoners, etc). We had phototherapy and methadone kids too. Then we had to transition all the new kiddos that came in. It was very overwhelming at times. At that place the NICU nurses looked down on us. They felt like we weren't "real nurses" and that all we did was babysit all night. Sometimes it felt like it, but sometimes it'd get crazy .... when you have a kid trying to die during transition and you've got all of this other stuff going on at the same time (your other 5 babies all went to eat RIGHT NOW!), it could be incredibly stressful and hectic. We always had 6-8 babies in our assignements. I never ran my butt off more than when I worked in that nursery. Yeah I have some real crazy nights in NICU, but I've always been able to at least take a bathroom/snack break if I need to and I sit on my butt a lot more now than I used to! So now (working in the NICU) when I hear comments about the CCN nurses having it easy, I just realize these people don't know what they're talking about. And it makes me more understanding. I haven't had to deal much with the CCN nurses in my current hospital ..... only one time that I can remember. I had a baby that came up to NICU for transition as she was having a slow start, but then transitioned fine so I was given the OK to send her down to CCN. I called CCN to give report and the nurse that would be taking the baby said she was swamped and asked if I could call back in 20 minutes so she could finish some stuff. I told her no problem, that I would go ahead and feed the baby, and then she could call me back when she is done. She was so thankful for that and she just called back when she was done. Both units are busy and can be crazy at times. But they're so different too. I've noticed in the NICU we help each other out more because we have more resources (than in the well-baby nursery that I worked at anyway). If someone has a lighter assignment they help out with the sicker kids/admits. We also have a charge nurse that doesn't have an assignment, and that wasn't the case in the well-baby nursery. Whereas in the well-baby nursery we all had pretty heavy assignments and admits were coming to us CONSTANTLY. On the rare occasion that I've had to float to the nursery, usually I leave from that shift and just want to run to the parking garage screaming! I have the utmost respect for those nurses, as I could not do that every shift!
  10. RainDreamer

    open visitation/ 24/7

    We tried this in the past and it didn't work too well. We have an old unit with limited space, so the parents can hear everything going on around them. Because of this we ended up going back to how it was before, which is having the unit closed for 20 minutes during each shift change. Unless there are private rooms or a guaranteed way to keep parents from hearing report, I think it's ridiculous to not just ask them to step out for 20 minutes. Hopefully your 24/7 open unit policy ends up like ours and you switch it back before long lol. Good luck!
  11. RainDreamer

    frustrating coworkers

    We had a couple of incidents like that a few years ago (where nurses were posting pictures of patients on Facebook .... STUPID!) and they were terminated. That is in direct violation of HIPAA and should be immediate termination. And people are taking pictures with their phones?!?! YIKES!! This needs to be brought up to the unit manager ASAP. I would be horrified if my baby was in this unit and these things were being done.
  12. RainDreamer

    OT/PT/ST in the NICU

    Our PT/OT gals are AWESOME! We're all (nurses and the therapists) pretty much on the same page with positioning, so we don't really have any problems there. They're also a great resource for the parents. They'll come in and do tons of one on one teaching with the parents. The STs are great too, but sometimes I think they get ST involved and it's not really needed. I've seen a resident write for a speech consult on a kid that wouldn't eat, yet he was only 34 weeks! When the speech consult is warranted and the kid truly has an oral aversion and needs extra help, then yes, they're wonderful in helping us find a nipple/bottle system that works for that particular kid. Or if it's a kid that they think may be aspirating, they'll advise for an MBS and figure out the consistency of what we need to thicken the feeds to. They've also been a big help in getting our docs to transition over to infant-directed feedings (whereas before they'd write an order for a specific feeding schedule - PO each feeding, PO every other feeding, etc; so now it's nice to just have a "infant directed feeding order).
  13. RainDreamer

    Nestin Noggin, Head Positioning Devices

    We use gel pillows and just rotate their positions. If they start getting a toaster head, I'll rotate them to supine more often with each care (i.e. left, supine, right, supine, etc.) BabyLady - That would drive me nuts, too, if PT came and messed up my bed like that, yikes!! Especially if they're in an isolette, they're not going anywhere too soon, so they most likely still need some developmental aids, right? Once our kiddos move to the intermediate unit, we take their nests out just to prepare them for going home, and so the parents see how it should be at home.
  14. RainDreamer

    Bedside Code Sheets

    Yes, each baby has a code sheet taped to their bed. The HUCS print these out for us in RCO.
  15. RainDreamer

    **Positive Thinking for the NCLEX!**

    I know this is a really OLD thread (I can't believe it's been over 5 yrs since I took the NCLEX, wow!), but I still remember so vividly all the stress that went into studying and preparing. Keeping a positive attitude helped me SO MUCH! I went in there with the attitude that I was going to pass it the first time, and I did! And you will too! Just study and keep your head up ...... the RN behind your name is coming soon! Please add any words of encouragement and tips to keep up the positive thinking. Good luck to each of you!!