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RainDreamer has 17 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

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  1. RainDreamer

    Texting with Flo

    This is great!!
  2. RainDreamer


    Thanks for posting this, I'm wondering the same things! Also wondering what made people decide to take this certification? I've been a NICU nurse for 8 yrs and just need a challenge, I guess ..... thinking of getting this certification.
  3. RainDreamer

    Please help with Delee suctioning :(

    We don't routinely delee suction. And when it's necessary, the NNP or neo usually does it. You're right in asking for someone else to do it if you don't feel comfortable. It's more than "you just insert the tube". What kind of answer is that?! If...
  4. RainDreamer

    I want to be a CRNA so what!!!

    If it's your dream, make it happen! Don't let others discourage you, they don't matter. Good luck to you, I wish you all the best!
  5. RainDreamer

    NICU monitor event review

    No, we have nothing like that in place. I just don't see the advantage of something like this? How do you know if these events were even real if they weren't witnessed? And also, what were the circumstances around the event (baby screaming, eating,...
  6. RainDreamer

    Hepatitis shots given to micropreemies

    What Jolie said. If they're not exposed we wait until they are 2 kg before giving them the Hep B vaccine, if parents consent. If they are under 2 kg at discharge, they get it in the peds office.
  7. RainDreamer

    is it considered abandonment if no call no show?

    A no call/no show was automatic termination at the grocery store I worked at in high school. If they don't have the courtesy to call in, because they're fed up with the way they're treated, then they need to move on and find a new place of employmen...
  8. RainDreamer

    Hospital Reputations in Phoenix

    Having those ideals would be hard to have working at any hospital in the valley, especially PCH, MMC, St. Joes, etc. I wouldn't take my child to PCH, but not for those reasons lol.
  9. RainDreamer

    NELRP 2011

    Correct. When I received my award, I was notified in September that I had been selected. It was actually a nice surprise because I wasn't expecting to hear anything until October.
  10. RainDreamer

    NELRP 2011

    My ratio was about 220%. I was accepted for the award and received it for the two years, along with the amendment award (separate application process), for a total of 3 years. If you have any questions regarding the application process, let me know...
  11. RainDreamer

    open visitation/ 24/7

    We tried this in the past and it didn't work too well. We have an old unit with limited space, so the parents can hear everything going on around them. Because of this we ended up going back to how it was before, which is having the unit closed for...
  12. RainDreamer

    frustrating coworkers

    We had a couple of incidents like that a few years ago (where nurses were posting pictures of patients on Facebook .... STUPID!) and they were terminated. That is in direct violation of HIPAA and should be immediate termination. And people are takin...
  13. RainDreamer

    OT/PT/ST in the NICU

    Our PT/OT gals are AWESOME! We're all (nurses and the therapists) pretty much on the same page with positioning, so we don't really have any problems there. They're also a great resource for the parents. They'll come in and do tons of one on one t...
  14. RainDreamer

    Nestin Noggin, Head Positioning Devices

    We use gel pillows and just rotate their positions. If they start getting a toaster head, I'll rotate them to supine more often with each care (i.e. left, supine, right, supine, etc.) BabyLady - That would drive me nuts, too, if PT came and messed u...
  15. RainDreamer

    Bedside Code Sheets

    Yes, each baby has a code sheet taped to their bed. The HUCS print these out for us in RCO.