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RainDreamer has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

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  1. RainDreamer

    NICU...Now what?

    That was wild to go back and read, lol. Not sure if it will help you .... it's pretty wordy, but it was my experience. https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-student/my-preceptorship-experience-101395.html
  2. RainDreamer

    NICU...Now what?

    You sound just like me! NICU was the least of my choices, and yet I got stuck with it for my preceptorship. Here I am now though ..... over 8 years of being a NICU nurse! Hmm, I think I wrote a journal about my preceptorship experiences. Let me see if I can find it. You'll do fine! :)
  3. RainDreamer

    Thanks to NICU Nurses

    Awww, that is so nice to hear!! Glad he is doing well. I know the hospitals would love an update and pictures, if you haven't already. And thank you, for being a dedicated and involved parent ..... we don't always see those.
  4. RainDreamer

    Question for those who do head/body cooling

    36 wks and they have to meet all the other criteria.
  5. RainDreamer

    What nipple do you use for thickened formula

    We don't thicken breast milk. With thickened formula we use a fast flow or a crosscut. We also use the VentAire bottles for thickened feedings, as it doesn't take as much work to bring down the formula .... works great!
  6. RainDreamer

    I want to be a CRNA so what!!!

    If it's your dream, make it happen! Don't let others discourage you, they don't matter. Good luck to you, I wish you all the best!
  7. RainDreamer

    NICU monitor event review

    No, we have nothing like that in place. I just don't see the advantage of something like this? How do you know if these events were even real if they weren't witnessed? And also, what were the circumstances around the event (baby screaming, eating, pooping, etc.) and what needed to be done. We document every A&B. Heart rate, O2 sats, color change, circumstances, duration, and interventions. Those things can't be determined by looking through the event history of the monitor. I can see why compliance is low. Who's idea was it to put this practice in place?
  8. RainDreamer

    Hepatitis shots given to micropreemies

    What Jolie said. If they're not exposed we wait until they are 2 kg before giving them the Hep B vaccine, if parents consent. If they are under 2 kg at discharge, they get it in the peds office.
  9. RainDreamer

    Fictional vital sign charting

    I'm glad all my kiddos are on monitors that interface with the computer charting. Relying on someone else, that could potentially "fake" vitals, is a control that I don't think I could give up. Yikes!
  10. RainDreamer


    The NCLEX is recognized in all states, the states that aren't part of the compact states require additional qualifications (i.e. CEUs) for licensure in that state; so the NCLEX is good in every state. You'll never have to take the NCLEX more than once, unless you let it expire.
  11. RainDreamer

    Fictional vital sign charting

    That's good practice, but you should also take the patient's vitals Heehee!
  12. RainDreamer

    Tough day as a temp worker interacting with nurses

    I think if you were to look at each of these rude/impatient nurses personally, even outside of work, you would find an unhappy, impatient, and rude PERSON. I doubt they're a happy person and a joy to be around except while at work, where they treat the people that need the most compassion, like crap ..... most likely, they're miserable and unhappy. Don't get me wrong, nursing can be a rough job at times, which can test your patience. But, look at the majority of those that work in that office. If the majority of them are impatient and rude, then I'd move on because it's not like that everywhere. Good luck and hang in there!
  13. RainDreamer


    I graduated from nursing school in TX and then immediately moved back to AZ, where I took the NCLEX. I had no problems at all. Good luck!
  14. RainDreamer

    NELRP 2011

    Not that I recall. Everything was pretty much sent in and taken care of with the initial application. The only thing I had to do after that was have an employment verification form filled out, every 6 months, the entire time I received the award. I was awarded my initial 2 year award in 2007. After completing my 2 year contract, I was then awarded 1 additional year for my amendment award (which was an additional application process). They had my banking information for where to deposit the money because a direct deposit form, filled out by the bank, was required as part of the application. They've apparently changed this now, though?
  15. RainDreamer

    NELRP 2011

    What banking information are you guys talking about? You mean the bank account information (i.e. routing number, account number, etc) to deposit the money into? If that's what you mean, then that was part of the original application process. A direct deposit form, filled out by the bank, was required as part of the original application that was sent in along with everything else.
  16. RainDreamer

    NELRP 2011

    Yep! We were told we'd be notified in October, but I got my award letter in September, much to my surprise. I never got a single thing via email from HRSA.